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Kitchen Gadget Lover? Then You’ve Found A Friend!

Welcome to Gadgets For The Kitchen, where anything that saves time and effort is like top quality chocolate to a chocolatier – essential. We use gadgets all over the home don’t we? From our remote controls through to children’s night lights, gadgets just make life easier and the chores faster.

Kitchen gadgets in particular make great gifts for any occasion – come on be honest, what on earth would you do with without a vegetable peeler! Can you see why I consider myself to be a genuine kitchen gadgets lover – I mean, who wouldn’t be?

Here at, you’ll find news, in depth reviews, safety tips when using kitchen gadgets and recipes, plus a few rants to spice things up. So get yourself a nice long drink and choose from the post groups below, or go straight to Kitchen Gadget Gossip to catch up on the latest posts.

Kitchen Gadget Reviews

Product ReviewsOftentimes all you want is a solid kitchen gadgets review from someone using the product you have an eye on – well here they are!

You might be surprised at just how many cheap and cheerful kitchen gadgets don’t perform the task they were designed to do, or maybe work for the first time you use them than fall apart when you’re cleaning them, or despite your best efforts and half a pint of bleach, you can’t clean them at all!

When that’s the case I’ll say so.

If what you want is straight talking kitchen product reviews on popular cooking accessories, you’ve come to the right place. Help yourself to a good read right here, with recipes and plenty of safety advice included.

Mandoline Slicers

kitchen mandolines and slicersThe most popular post here every day is about kitchen mandolines and vegetable slicers, closely followed by this post on meat slicers for home use, a gadget which is getting real popular.

There is no two ways about it, having the right tools to help you fillet, slice and carve or chip and chop your way through cooking daily family meals, makes the difference between hard graft and having quite a lot of fun as you speed through the prep work.

Have you ever tried using a mandoline slicer? They will save you time and effort, plus produce uniform thin slices of veg – most have attachments to julienne them as well.

Safety an issue? You’ll find plenty of hints and tips on using a mandolin slicer safely here, plus the lowdown on how to choose the best mandolin slicer for home use.

Fun Kitchen Gadgets

fun kitchen gadgetsIf fun and funky are top of your list, then this selection of fun kitchen gadgets is for you. Brilliant for getting kids cooking and always well received when given as a gift.

One thing to keep in mind with the fun stuff is quality, kitchen timers being a great example of cows that don’t moo and ducks that will never quack again, so beware!

That said there are some great novelty kitchen gadgets like the Tea Ducky – and others which produce fun and funky food, like the Yonanas Iced Treat Maker, so go check em’ out.  For all the posts filed in Fun and Funky, click here.

Juicers And Juicing

juicers and juicingThere sure is more than one way to get juice out of your fruit and vegetables and enough different opinions on which is the best, to make your head spin much faster than any centrifugal juicer!

Did you know you can get steam juicers for making jams and jelly? Well you can – you’ll find them in the Food Preservation category below.

Read the demystified plain speaking post on How To Compare Juicers or skip to the juicers review page where you’ll find my thought processes as I narrow down which is the best juicer to buy for family use. It’s quite a daunting process to buy a new juicer, and I really hope this helps.

Diabetic Solutions

diabetic solutionsTo the uninitiated, a diagnosis of diabetes may not seem too terrible – you can treat it after all, can’t you?

Actually it’s life changing in many ways – none of them pleasant – food restrictions being the worst for my husband, and he’s not alone in this struggle.

However, there are some kitchen gadgets which I can recommend from the bottom of my heart as diabetic friendly solutions, because they’ve helped make a sugar free, salt and fat reduced regime possible and yes, healthy food can be very tasty too.

If we had to pick one, it would be the Yonanas Frozen Fruit Treat Maker (click here for the review), which has transformed dessert opportunities.

The next brilliant buy has been our home rotisserie oven, which has reduced salt, sugar and fat for both of us. We went for a digital touchpad rotisserie mainly because it’s easier to clean! More about them in the next section.

Kitchen Cooking Gadgets

kitchen cooking gadgetsOnce the peeling and prep is done, kitchen cooking gadgets come into their own – I can’t imagine big family dinners or dinner parties, without at least one of my two favorite kitchen assistants, the halogen oven and my beloved fancypants digital touchpad rotisserie oven.

One or other of these two will take care of the meat or poultry, leaving the (by now probably stressed) chef with two hands free.

There are plenty of other kitchen cooking gadgets in this category which save you time and effort, like indoor griddles with snap in waffle plates – truly a great idea which really works. Click here to go have a rummage through the relevant posts and there’s more here about Professional Kitchen Gadgets if that’s more what you’re looking for.

Bread Makers The Best Buy

bread machines best buyThinking about getting a bread machine? Then this post has been written just for you and is your essential guide to compare bread machines in all price brackets, so you end up with perfect bread machine at a cost you can afford – really you don’t need to spend out much to make great bread!

Since that first taste of home baked bread, I’ve been hooked on it and like most loaf lovers, not gotten store bought since. Though hand baking is the perfectionist route, time is precious – but with a two hour bake your bread machine won’t let you down.

Very affordable, they start at around $50 and for bread lovers with no time for baking, bread machines are a delicious solution. Recipes for bread machines just below.

Kitchen Gadget Gifts

kitchen gadget giftsMore and more people are cooking from passion not duty, fueled up by awesome cooking shows, folks are rolling up their sleeves to make exotic alternatives from sushi to home smoked salmon – so easy with a home smoker which adds flavor in minutes, not hours.

In fact there are so many kitchen gadgets that many of us don’t even know about – those of use who don’t spend too long looking at them!

So If you’re looking for something to feed that special person’s passion for food, check out this thoughtful collection of the best kitchen gifts.

Recipes For Bread Machines

bread machine recipesWant to try a different recipe in your bread machine today? These home bread machine recipes are tried and tested in several different models and brands and come out perfect every time.

They’ll work great in most if not all bread machines and are designed for the short bake cycle, so if like me you get impatient foe a fresh loaf, you don’t have long to wait.

Just a click away, try Cheese and Onion, or Black Pepper and Parmesan, plus other tasty favorites too.

Sourdough recipes and sourdough starter (the recipe) can also be found here.

Recipes – General

recipesThere’s not much point in cupboards full of gadgets if you don’t cook with them and some recipes just have to be passed around.

Whether you want to be inspired after a long hot day at work, or you simply want a recipe to make apple jelly, you’ll find plenty of choices here, including links to other awesome websites with tantalizing recipes to get you cooking.

Checkout the Dinner Ideas Tonight page for more great ideas.

If you fancy a good read and want to pick and choose from posts, Kitchen Gadget Gossip is the place for you – plenty of great recipe ideas there too.

Food Preservation

food preservationOne of the easiest ways to save money is to dehydrate, freeze or vacuum seal  fresh or cooked food – and there are some great kitchen gadgets to help you.

Food dehydrators and food vacuum sealers are taking over from where freezing left off, because the end result is better. Having frozen down both plain bagged and vacuum sealed I can categorically say there is no comparison, the vacuum sealed food wins every time.

Dehydrating your own produce or a shop bought glut is probably the easiest and most productive thing to do, you don’t need much space to store dried veggies either, so click here or on the image to go have a read.