Gadgets For The Kitchen

gadgets for the kitchenAre You A Kitchen Gadget Lover? If So Then You’ve Found A Friend!

For me, gadgets for the kitchen are like top quality chocolate to a chocolatier – essential. We use gadgets all over the home don’t we?

From remote controls through to children’s night lights, gadgets just make life easier and the chores faster.

They make great gifts for any occasion and the funky stuff is perfect for stocking fillers. Come on be honest, what on earth would you do with without a vegetable peeler!

Are you beginning to see why I consider myself to be a genuine kitchen gadgets lover – I mean, who wouldn’t be?

The kitchen is the hub of our homes and where most of the time-consuming tasks connected to nourishing and nurturing the family takes place.

Consequently, the kitchen has more whizzy time saving tools invented for it, than any other room.

Only Super Studs Allowed

There is one quality check that all gadgets in my kitchen and featured here must pass — they have to work!  You might be surprised at just how many cheap and cheerful kitchen gadgets don’t perform the task they were designed to do, or maybe work for the first time you use them than fall apart when you’re cleaning them, or despite your best efforts and half a pint of bleach, you can’t clean them at all!

Quality check number two is easy cleaning.  There can’t be many of us who have escaped being reduced to using a toothbrush in order to clean an appliance of some description – equally I bet you never used it again either.

Our friends spent $300 on a juicer they never use, because it takes so long to clean out every time – she should have read the post on how to compare juicers first! Personally I’m just not doing that anymore – if it refuses to be cleaned, then out it goes.

There is no two ways about it, having the right tools to help you fillet, slice and carve or chip and chop your way through cooking daily family meals, makes the difference between hard graft and having quite a lot of fun as you speed through the prep work.

Checkout the finer points of using professional kitchen gadgets which truly do save time in the prep of meals, like a meat slicer. Manufactures have been making deli meat slicers for home use for years, but only recently have budget models become common and consequently an overall fall in prices seen – now they are widely affordable. Alternatively using a  mandoline slicer will save you time and effort, plus produce uniform thin slices of veg – most have attachments to julienne them as well.

Once the peeling and prep is done, kitchen cooking gadgets come into their own – I can’t imagine big family dinners or dinner parties, without at least one of my two favorite kitchen assistants, the halogen oven and my beloved fancypants digital touchpad rotisserie oven. One or other of these two will take care of the meat or poultry, leaving the (by now probably stressed) chef with two hands free.

Choose you gadgets for the kitchen wisely and they will become indispensable friends – and yes, some really are worth the extra money but you really don’t need to buy many or clutter your counter top, to make a difference and really cut your prep, cooking and cleaning up time, back to the minimum.

I truly hope you enjoy looking around and find something useful to help you out.

Finding Your Way Around

The kitchen gadgets are kinda split into groups, depending on whether they help you prep food or cook it, and you can find the links below for convenience.

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