5 Of The Best Food Blogs To Follow

5 Fabulous Food Blogs To Inspire You

best food blogs to followAll over the net the best food blogs are showcasing their owner’s love of cooking, and inspiring us to try new flavors and new food.

From those just beginning the journey to those seasoned experienced cooks with a passion for gourmet creation, these are the food blogs follow along with and learn from – and for me the biggest most beautiful thing of all is the sharing of skills, knowledge and ideas.

Here are a few of my favorite blogs, ones I visit daily for news, views and awesome recipes – I know you’ll find at least one or two that grab you and I hope you find at least one recipe to inspire a flurry of activity in your kitchen this weekend.

Running a food blog is incredibly rewarding and it makes you cook more, better and with passion – you also get to learn how to use a camera!

But it is hard work, so if you find something you like, why not take a minute and say so, you’ll make a hardworking cook who shares their passion with the world, very happy indeed.

The Italian Dish Blog

italian flavorsReading this delightful blog by Elaine McCardel makes even newbie cooks believe they can do it. Her recipes are so well explained no matter how new you are to cooking, you’ll find delicious success here.

Mostly of her recipes have Italian cookery and flavors at their heart and no-one does desserts or ice creams better. You’ll discover new ways to use herbs and maybe some new ingredients to try in your own kitchen.

One recipe I’ve used last year and saved because its awesome, is this recipe for Chocolate Zucchini Cake  With an enormous glut of zucchini looming in the vegetable garden, believe me this is yummily perfect way to use them.

Love And Lemons

blackberry crostiniWritten by Jeanine (and on at least two occasions Jack) Love And Lemons is full of beautiful images and a lot of wit plus plenty of food to cook.

The pictures of food that make you want to pull out the pans and get cooking, even when you feel lazy or tired enough for a takeout. Entirely vegetarian, you’ll find some really different recipes like pickled chard and the brightly colored chili orange veggie bowl – so tempting for a healthy lunch, though I serve with fresh warm crust brown bread, and butter of course.

For desert try this incredibly light blackberry and lemon zest crostini recipe – I have to say I used raspberries – no blackberries available – and they were very moreish indeed, would you have thought of adding thyme leaves? Now I’m just waiting for the blackberry season again.

If you’re looking for bright summer food without using meat then visit. Oh, and if you want a vegetable accompaniment to your meat, then visit, because these recipes work however you serve them. Great blog Jeanine

The Vintage Mixer

green tea cake recipeTaking inspiration from her grandmothers era, Becky Rosenthal is a woman after my own heart and uses fresh ingredients in season where possible. If you follow the seasons and cook what’s at its best, you’ll benefit from lower costs, locally produced ingredients and a very varied diet.

Her ethos is food and family centered and to me her recipes have a wonderful rustic appeal and this French inspired Coq Au Vin dinner exudes all the warmth, comfort and family feel of meals at their best.

Other recipes you and your friends will love is this green tea cake – I added filling and some almonds to mine plus a topping. Go on, get your apron on.

Green Kitchen Stories

vegetarian food blogAnyone looking for vegetarian inspiration should visit Green Kitchen Stories.

David Grenkiel and Luise Vinduhl create the most wonderfully tasty meals using whole foods, nuts, berries and a range of herbs and spices – plus a lot of fruit.

If you’ve never visited them before, you must take a look at this frozen pink cheesecake – though one of my personal favorites are these turmeric breakfast muffins. If you want to put more healthy ingredients into your diet, this is one you have to read.

Joy The Baker

I love home baked bread and regular readers will know that although I utterly depend on a bread machine, there are times when only getting your hands into dough will satisfy that craving to bake your own bread.

baking your own bread and cakesAt such moments, JoyTheBaker provides the most inspiring and creative of flavour combinations – ones I would never have thought of yet inevitably, they work.

Don’t miss her brown butter banana bread with rum and coconut – out of this world if you like tropical flavor combinations, and I do.

A self taught passionate cook, Joy has posted a long list of awesome savoury as well as sweet recipes for everyone to enjoy – within this plethora of her outstanding recipes, you’re sure to find something you want to try.