gadgets for the kitchenHello and welcome to Gadgets For The Kitchen,  its good to have you call around.

About Me

Friends say I’m gadget mad which is probably fair, but who do they come to for gift ideas at Christmas time or birthdays? I’ve got my uses then!

Kitchen gadgets are the most wonderful things and without them, how would we peel vegetables, roll pastry or dice onions, what about grilling fish and rotisserie chicken?And just you try to core apples and pears without the right tools – no nails Nora in a flash.

So yes, I have to admit a passion for ‘things’ that help me to work faster and or better, a passion shared here with you.

No, I’m not a professional chef, just an enthusiastic amateur who adores cooking both plain and exotic spicy food from all over the world, so some recipes might sneak in here too.

It’s always great to have company when you’re cooking and there’s usually a little greyhound helping me. At 0 – 40 mph in 5 seconds there’s no competition – she wins anything tasty that falls off the chopping board and can pick out meaty goodies from raw veg at 100 yards.

If you are looking for reviews of products then you’ll find them right here at the Kitchen Gadget Gossip.

About You

I’m not the only gadget crazed loon out there – you’re reading this after all :-)

Anyway, I’d truly value your opinions about kitchen gadgets. Whether you’ve had a great experience or bought a pup, I’d love to know – not least to avoid making the same mistake!

Please feel free to leave a comment and contribute on my Contact page and I will get back to you just as soon as I can!