Aloe Vera Gel For Minor Burns

Aloe Vera Burn Treatment For Minor Kitchen Injuries

aloe vera gel for minor burnsOver years of cooking and caring for kids, you learn a thing or two about first aid, particularly for those self-inflicted kitchen wounds! Well, I long ago gave up on creams or other drugstore help and largely rely on Aloe Vera gel for minor burns and scalds.

Why? Because the truth is, I’ve never found anything else to match it never mind beat it – my Aloe Vera burn treatment is literally priceless!

Cooking has its hazards one of which is minor burns and scalds, and over the years I bet you’ve had a good few of those thin red line stingers on wrists and fingers, you know – the ones that hurt for a day and then again the next morning in the shower, until they heal then scar for weeks! Well mine don’t – not anymore.

You can buy a tube of Aloe Vera cream or gel, but again they don’t seem to have quite the healing power or speed of the simplest solution ever.

Keep a plant on your kitchen windowsill and snap off a leaf as you need it, you won’t damage the plant but it will seal the wound, stop the pain and repair your skin faster than you could believe, and that’s a promise.

Using natural remedies and herbal treatments fascinates me and none of us can deny the power of morphine, which is probably the biggest human plant benefit relationship we have, but there are so many others.

The problem with a lot of plant remedies is the preparation of the remedy or cream, I made Calendula cream regularly years ago, but it is time consuming with all that steeping and draining then  potting up – great fun if you’ve got the time, but the first thing that gets dropped if you haven’t. Happily the Aloe Vera gel comes in its own germ free easy leaf, no potting into jars necessary!

With burns the first thing to do is get them under cold water or even ice – up to ten minutes if you can. Burns don’t stop because the skin is hot it keeps burning and the burn keeps growing for up to ten minutes, chilling it quickly stops the added damage – cold water and ice saved my life, so do it!

Once you’ve done cooled the burn down, with a minor injury, snap off a leaf and the gel will come dripping out – you can help it along by gently squeezing, or alternatively split the leaf with the tip of a knife and scrape the gel out. There’s more about the plant’s uses in the short video below.

What Else Can You Use Aloe Vera For?

Occasionally my husband has to take large doses of steroids and one of the side effects is thin skin, he’s not alone this is real common on steroid treatment. Anyway the skin on wide patches of his forearms just splits and then gets infected – it can take weeks, even months to heal.

These wounds are very difficult to apply plasters or dressings to, as the plasters split the skin they are stuck to – a real Catch 22. Out of options and with a very frustrated husband, one day I suggested trying what we did with burns if he was willing to give it a go – I think he would have tried mostly anything!

Because this was an open sore I really didn’t believe it would help, other than to cover it and shut out the air which always helps reduces pain or discomfort as the exposed nerves are sealed in again.

Well Wow! Wow was about all we could say the next day – of course it wasn’t totally healed, Aloe Vera isn’t a miracle cure, not quite! But the wounds had sealed and stopped weeping with signs that healing was already starting – and that in itself was the miracle.

Since then I’ve used it half a dozen times with the same rapid success. Actually for spots and pimples, cuts and grazes, anything you would put ointment on, try this instead.

And that folks is my tip of the day – beg or buy an Aloe Vera plant and keep it lovingly in a window somewhere bright out of direct sunlight, water only when very dry and what you actually have is a brilliant self-contained first aid pack. By the way, for minor cuts or skin irritations, it works with dogs and cats too.

When To Seek Medical Help

Having tipped a kettle full of boiling water over myself years ago, I can say with certainty that there are some things beyond a leaf or two of Aloe Vera.  Mostly common sense will tell you when to self treat and when to get help but wound size and pain are also good guides.

  • If you have what you think is a ‘minor’ burn, apply the fresh gel and give it an hour. If the pain is still at the front of a persons mind and hasn’t receded, get a medic to look at it.
  • If the size is bigger than a square inch and deeper than the first two layers of skin or you have a blister with it, get it looked at professionally – contrary to popular belief the blister does need popping and cleaning or you risk nasty infection.
  • If the patient is a child and you have any concerns, get professional help, period.
Posted by Meggy
February 07, 2014