Bread Knife Slicing Guide Abducted

Bread Knife Slicing Guide Gone And I’m Hissing Mad

bread knife slicing guide vanishesI wouldn’t believe it could happen but it did, my bread knife slicing guide was drying on the front porch and it vanished, leaving just a damp mark where it was set down.

It was an expensive Elite Bread Knife Guide made from a chunk of gorgeous heavy wood, it didn’t move at all when you use it and I loved it for its elegant simplicity and excellent functionality.

Thank you very much is all I can say, now I have to buy another.

If you’ve never used a bread knife guide for cutting homemade bread then your loaves probably look like mine does today, a mess as soon as you get near them with a knife.

As gadgets for the kitchen go they are invaluable for home bread bakers, leveling wayward knife strokes which with me always bend to the left leaving plenty of loaf at the front but nothing at the back.

The ever practical husband who managed to wreck my bread slicing rack MK l (he put it in the dishwasher) can’t see what all the fuss is about, when he wanted toast this morning he just switched on the meat slicer machine and made short work of evening out what I’d left of a once beautiful soft sandwich loaf.

A huge number of folks including my friends and mom use their home meat slicer for cutting bread – and so do I if slicing a lot. But for one or two sandwiches there’s something old fashioned and very comforting in holding a warm and fragrant loaf as you rhythmically slice it, breathing in the yeasty aroma as you prepare food for your family.

Besides which I always leave a mess of crumbs with the machine, not so with the bread slicer guide and a hot sharp knife. And don’t forget to cut bread efficiently the blade needs changing from a smooth to a serrated version – see, hassle already  – and I’d have the slices cut before he’d gotten the blade out!

bread knife guide neededThere’s a post written about a year ago now (around when the dishwasher incident happened!) on the best bread slicing guide for homemade bread, so I’m going to go read it over, check and see what else is on offer and then update the post.

In all honesty though I’m a sucker for trying new things, this time chances are I’ll replace my much loved Elite Bread Slicer, which someone else is now using!

But if your loaves look like the one on the right (mine) and you don’t want the fuss of changing blades in a meat slicing machine, then come take a look at which bread slicing guide will save your loaf from an early end.

And I won’t be drying things out on the front porch again, not ever.

Posted by Meggy
March 15, 2014