Finding The Best Spiral Slicer For Vegetables

spiral slicer for vegetables

Find Your Perfect Spiral Slicer For Vegetables It’s funny how really useful kitchen gadgets catch on and let’s be honest, anything which even threatens to save prep time in the kitchen is a must have. However, with so many different styles to choose from, finding the perfect spiral slicer for vegetables has become more complex […]

The Best Apple Peeler Really Rocks

the best apple peeler

The Best Apple Peeler? Honest, It’s Not A Toy! I know, it doesn’t look like anything that belongs in a kitchen, but this really is the best apple peeler I’ve ever used, and at the price everyone should get one especially if it encourages them to eat more fruit. Rare is the day when anything […]

Mandoline Food Slicers And Safety

Mandoline Food Slicers

Mandoline Food Slicers And Safety – Precautions To Keep Those Pinkies Safe Kitchen mandolines are one of my favorite and certainly most used kitchen gadgets – in my view mandoline food slicers are safer than knives, so the last thing I want to do it put you off. But if you don’t use your slicer […]

My Must Have Kitchen Gadgets List – What Would Be On Yours?

Which Must Have Kitchen Gadgets Are On Your List? The funny thing with kitchen accessories and gadgets is how many of them do the same job in a different way, I mean how many ways are there to slice a tomato? Yep, plenty! The trick with equipping your kitchen particularly when space is tight, is […]

Garlic Peeler Roller Is Sheer Genius

garlic peeler roller

I Just Hated Peeling Garlic! This might seem like a rambling post about growing garlic rather than the garlic peeler roller, but until I got one I nearly gave up growing my own – it’s measurably harder to peel home grown garlic because even when dried properly, it’s still a lot fresher than store bought. […]

The Best Mandoline Slicer

Paderno Spiral Vegetable Slicer

They All Slice Or Curl And Some Grate – Which Should You Choose? If you’re looking around to find the best mandoline slicer for home use and are worried about safety issues too, you should find enough information here about the most popular models to get you started on the right track – buying a […]

High End Kitchen Gadgets Versus Going Cheap

Still Buying Cheap Kitchen Gadgets? A good friend and neighbor appeared at my back door a few weeks ago, holding the remains of her mandoline in two fingers as though it were infected. “You were right about buying high end kitchen gadgets, this is a piece of junk and I shouldn’t have bothered with it, […]