Cleaning The Dog Bed With Steam

cleaning the dog bed

Fed Up Cleaning The Dog Bed? Try Steam! When you have a dog, cleaning the dog bed is part of the daily routine particularly if you want to reduce any doggy odors as much as possible, and the smell of damp dog is the worst – so finding the best way to clean dog beds […]

Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaners – Should You Bother?

cordless handheld vacuum cleaners

Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaners – Are They Any Good? At the moment this is a rhetorical question and not one I’ve fully answered myself, but I’m thinking hard about the value and use of cordless handheld vacuum cleaners because we’ve decided it’s the right time to get another dog. You can see the lateral thinking […]

Simplehuman Soap Dispenser Still Dispensing Soap

sensor soap dispensers beat slime

The Simplehuman Soap Dispenser Is A Winner! Looking for an automatic soap dispenser that works? Well I’m absolutely delighted to report that now more than six months on, the Simplehuman Soap Dispenser is still dispensing soap to order and has not shown any signs of willfully shooting soap out as soon as one’s back is […]

Handheld Steamers For Cleaning

handheld steamers for cleaning

Handheld Steamers – Once You Start You Can’t Stop! It’s true you know, once you start dirt busting with them, handheld steamers for cleaning are incredibly hard to put down and the first time I used one I was at it for hours. Even the plants got it. Don’t do like me – my hand […]

Cleaning Stains From Carpet With A Steamer

cleaning stains from carpet

Cleaning Stains From Carpet Without Marking Carpet stains and how to remove them with a handheld steamer is the informative if not witty subject for today and for a very good reason – I’ve had to have a bit of a clear up and cleaning stains from carpet without either marking them or rubbing the […]

The Best Automatic Soap Dispenser For The Kitchen

the best automatic soap dispenser for the kitchen

Banish Smelly Soap Drips Forever I’ve been waiting for years for this, being able to write a review of what I consider to be the best automatic soap dispenser for the kitchen – or anywhere else for that matter. In fact it’s been a revelation finding one that worked. Let me just preface this glowing […]

Best Handheld Steam Cleaners

best handheld steam cleaners

Best Handheld Steam Cleaners For Fast Kitchen Hygiene Probably because I’m known to dislike cleaning yet have a dog and kids, I’m often asked how I go about fast sanitizing in the kitchen, and how to do it with as little effort as possible –  well the answer is handheld steam cleaners, a Bissell handheld […]