Silicone Spatulas Heat Resistant And Colorful

silicone spatulas heat resistant

Heat Resistant Colorful Silicone Spatulas As you can see I managed to break yet another spatula this week and while searching around online to replace it, found these, cheap silicone spatulas heat resistant and colorful – all priced at well under $10. And no, there was absolutely not any unreasonable or inappropriate use of the […]

The Orka Oil Mister Has Hot Competition

best rated oil mister

The Orka Oil Mister Or Misto? If like me you use or want to use a cooking oil spray bottle to spritz rather than glug, you’ll discover looking around for the best oil mister is a minefield of differing opinions. I’ve sworn by the Orka Oil Mister (made by Maestro) for years, but a recent […]

The Make Bread Bread Machine Revolution Gathers Pace

home baked in the bread machine

There Are Some things Too Good To Give Up Making homemade bread in a bread machine has taken off big time this winter and I wondered if come spring it would drop away, but in fact this make bread bread machine trend is rising and seems to be intent on gathering pace. Getting up in […]

Your Essential Food Dehydrator Buying Guide

food dehydrator buying guide

Your Essential Food Dehydrator Buying Guide If you’ve gotten as far as looking for a food dehydrator buying guide then you’ve already figured out at least some of the benefits and had a look at any drawbacks of a home food dehydrators, of which to be honest there are none I can think of including […]

How Good Are Halogen Ovens Really?

how good are halogen ovens

Sure, Halogen Ovens Cook But Are They Really Worth Bothering With? I’ve had a recent flurry of questions from folks asking about halogen ovens. Which is the best halogen oven, how good are halogen ovens to cook with, which model do I currently have or recommend – and basically are halogen ovens worth the space […]

Bargain Price Kitchen Accessories Can Cost In

gadgets for the kitchen

In a post-Christmas end of season clearance, bargain price kitchen accessories are on offer everywhere right now, and there are some awesome deals to be had if you’re looking for Crock Pots or slow cookers, food vacuum sealers, deep fat fryers and just about anything for cooking winter style meals or giving as a gift. […]

Stop Saucepans Burning Or Sticking With A Stove Top Heat Diffuser

how to stop saucepans burning

Stop Your Saucepans Sticking With A Heat Diffuser It’s never so much having to clean the burned bits off pans is it? Oh no, it’s the wrecked meal which if you’re careful you can still serve from the top half of the pan – which is why I’m so starstruck with my new cooktop diffuser! […]

Crock Pots And Slow Cookers

set forget slow cooker by hamilton beach

Crock Pots And Slow Cookers, The Best Buy Is…? It’s the time of year when alongside the golden yellow and burgundy red fall leaves, winter food and root vegetables take over from salads, which in turn for me means crock pots and slow cookers come into their own. For winter meals and people who are […]

Masterbuilt Butterball Fryer Beats Off Competition

masterbuilt butterball fryer

Masterbuilt Butterball Fryer Beats The Rest With seasonal preparations at full tilt and the weather already set to make Thanksgiving a challenge for anyone traveling to family, now seems as good a time as any to look at which is currently rated the best turkey fryer – this was another wedding present that came to […]

Useful Kitchen Gadget Gifts For Diabetic Friends

Healthy Gift Ideas Diabetics Will Love When a close friend or family member is diagnosed with diabetes, a whole lot of changes have to happen more or less at once, and the transition can be traumatic especially in terms of diet. Diabetics and those who care for them have to make some seismic changes in […]