Fruit Drinks Recipes For Hot Afternoons

fruit drinks recipes

Stay Cool With These Luscious Fruit Drinks Recipes Does nature scream strawberry crush to you when you see this picture? If not the heat has finally gotten to my head – either way it had me running for fruit drinks recipes faster than the heat’s climbing. On a melting hot day, (the sort that has […]

Healthy Gift Ideas For Diabetics

healthy gift ideas for diabetics

Healthy Gift Ideas For Diabetics & Diabetic Friendly Snacks I know a thing or two about healthy gift ideas for diabetics and the diabetic friendly snacks that are safe. Living with an insulin dependent husband has honed both cooking and gift giving skills to a high level, I mean who do you think always gets […]

Healthy Fun Snacks For Kids

healthy fun snacks for kids

Cool Ideas To Get Them Eating More Fruit One of the questions I get a lot of emails about is how to get kids eating more fruit and other healthy snacks, which is something I used to struggle with – making them ‘fun’ snacks was the issue. Actually with some cheap popsicle molds and an […]

Steam Juicer – Your Questions Answered

steam juicer questions answered

Considering A Steam Juicer? Your Questions Answered Making or extracting fruit and vegetable juice using a steam juicer is a traditional and very efficient method, with several advantages for a particular set of people. For those who want to make a lot of jelly, juice or wine or have decided to bottle and store their […]

Useful Kitchen Gadget Gifts For Diabetic Friends

Healthy Gift Ideas Diabetics Will Love When a close friend or family member is diagnosed with diabetes, a whole lot of changes have to happen more or less at once, and the transition can be traumatic especially in terms of diet. Diabetics and those who care for them have to make some seismic changes in […]

Set It Forget It Rotisserie Ovens

george foreman rotisserie oven baby george

Set It & Forget It Rotisserie Ovens If you found your way here looking for advice on the best set it forget it rotisserie ovens, you’ll find plenty of information here to get you started, and to give you some idea of which models to consider first. We adore rotisserie cooked meats and years ago […]

Vacuum Sealers For Food

foodsaver gamesaver deluxe

Vacuum Sealers For Food  – Versatile & Inexpensive Preparing and freezing meals to use later with a vacuum sealer for food saves a lot of time and money – and it sure beats the heck out of the old way! Getting the air out of the bag prior to freezing used to be a case […]

Can You Dehydrate Zucchini Easily?

can you dehydrate zucchini

What To Do With Too Many Zucchinis Zucchini are incredibly versatile fresh or dried – there are plenty of different recipes you can add them to, being basically bland and buttery in flavor is what makes them work so well in bread and cakes – which is just as well. I just spent the day […]

Helpful Kitchen Gadgets For Healthy Eating

rotisserie recipe lamb with redcurrant sauce

Use These Helpful Kitchen Gadgets To Improve Your Daily Diet Nutritional values in our diet is something we could all pay a bit more attention to and for some folks, using helpful kitchen gadgets for healthy eating is a life saver. Whether you should – or whether you have to watch what you eat, it’s […]

Yonanas Frozen Treat Maker

yonanas frozen treat maker

Tried The Yonanas Frozen Treat Maker Yet? Have you ever come across the Yonanas Frozen Treat Maker before? These frozen fruit treat makers turn out the most delicious iced fruit desserts combining all the flavors you want and love – and they’re made in minutes! Until about two years ago I hadn’t heard of a […]