The Snow Cone Machines Sale Is Always On

choosing the right snow cone maker

Snow Cone Machines Sale Offers Year Round Bargains This is one kitchen gadget you can always get an offer on – the snow cone machines sale is a perpetual year round thing, probably because somewhere at least, its always hot. Snow cone makers aren’t expensive to buy at the lower end of the market anyway, […]

Guaranteed Food Free Phone With The Lug Beanie Chair

lug beanie chair

Guaranteed Food Free Phone With The Lug Beanie Chair Have you seen these unbelievably simple iPod and mobile phone holders yet?  Absolutely perfect in the kitchen, garden or bathroom or anywhere you want to safely prop up a phone, the Lug Beanie chair is a cute purse sized bean bag which holds mobiles and iPods […]

Bread Knife Slicing Guide Abducted

bread knife slicing guide vanishes

Bread Knife Slicing Guide Gone And I’m Hissing Mad I wouldn’t believe it could happen but it did, my bread knife slicing guide was drying on the front porch and it vanished, leaving just a damp mark where it was set down. It was an expensive Elite Bread Knife Guide made from a chunk of […]

Lime Green Kitchen Accessories Add Pizazz

lime green kitchen accessories

Add Fresh Pizazz With Lime Green Kitchen Accessories Kitchen décor tends to be either old fashioned farmhouse style with plenty of warm wood or trendy sleek lines with shiny stainless steel reflecting light back and plenty of white. The one thing they all have in common is a good marriage with lime green kitchen accessories, […]

Home Snow Cone Machines

Hawaiian Shaved Ice Snow Cone Machine

One Home Snow Cone Machine Sought Cleaning kitchen cupboards (actually cleaning anything) is not on my list of fun things to do, but occasionally you have to woman up. It’s hot, the crowd are screaming for snow cones and the darn machine has vanished. Home snow cone machines don’t walk off on their own so […]

Sushezi Sushi Made Easy

sushezi sushi made easy

Sushezi Sushi Made Easy – Don’t Bother Looking Any Further? I may as well say right at the start that I had no expectations of the Sushezi Sushi Made Easy, it looked like any other kitchen gadget, a lump of white plastic with knobs on. But we love sushi and would have make it more […]

Bread Slicer Homemade Bread

DB Tech Compact Foldable Bread Slicer

Bread Slicer Homemade Bread – An Essential Gadget For My Kitchen! I’ve haven’t bought a loaf of bread for about twenty years now and was possibly one of the early pioneers of bread machines, way before bread slicer homemade bread guides were available. And yes, slicing up loaves to make sandwiches was always a wrecking […]

How To Make Sushi At Home

how to make sushi at home

How To Make Sushi At Home It’s only fair to say right at the start that if this post fully answered how to make sushi at home, I could turn it into a cookery book and get published. There are three day starter courses that don’t cover anything like everything – cooking the rice is […]

Yonanas Frozen Treat Maker

yonanas frozen treat maker

Tried The Yonanas Frozen Treat Maker Yet? Have you ever come across the Yonanas Frozen Treat Maker before? These frozen fruit treat makers turn out the most delicious iced fruit desserts combining all the flavors you want and love – and they’re made in minutes! Until about two years ago I hadn’t heard of a […]

Sushi Chef Sushi Making Kit

sushi chef sushi making kit

Sushi Making Kit Makes Yummy Sushi Possible At Home Having watched a food program where the presenter and guest delighted in eating raw fish, I swore sushi would never cross my fridge door, never mind land on my plate. I didn’t even know you could buy a Sushi Chef Sushi Making Kit (did you?). Sure, […]