Cleaning The Dog Bed With Steam

cleaning the dog bed

Fed Up Cleaning The Dog Bed? Try Steam! When you have a dog, cleaning the dog bed is part of the daily routine particularly if you want to reduce any doggy odors as much as possible, and the smell of damp dog is the worst – so finding the best way to clean dog beds […]

Part Cook Food Before Barbecuing For Better Results

lazy hazy summer afternoons

Do You Part Cook Food Before Barbecuing? Lazy hazy fun afternoons with an outdoor barbecue are the best way to spend free time in the summer. At the beach or in the garden, charcoal grilled food can’t be beaten for flavor, especially if you marinade it overnight first and then part cook food before barbecuing […]

Avoiding The Farmers Market Scam

farmers market scam

The Scam At Your Local Farmers Market We’ve been going to our local farmers market for years and until I saw it on the news last night it never crossed my mind there even was a farmers market scam – well, you live and learn. The farmers market scam isn’t that you are robbed, not […]

When To Repair Or Replace Kitchen Appliances

repair or replace kitchen appliances

Replace It Or Repair It – The Kitchen Appliances Dilemma Why do kitchen gadgets and white goods always go wrong at the least convenient moment? That’s life I guess and we deal with it. But the reality is it’s what you do about it going forward, and the problem is always should you replace or […]

Make Herb Infused Olive Oil

herb infused oil recipes

Make Your Own Herb Infused Olive Oil One of the easiest ways to add extra pizzazz to just about anything from salads to roasted vegetables or meats, is to make herb infused olive oil using your own selection of flavorings. You can use them to jazz up salad dressings, add character and backbone to a […]

Getting Ready For The Glut

apples dried in food dehydrator

Our Food Glut’s On The March I’ve mentioned in a couple of posts that before the preserving season really gets going and swamps me with zucchini, some preparation, planning and strategies have to be put into action or things never go smoothly. Having mentioned it, quite rightly you’ve asked how and what can be done […]

What Can You Do With Green Tomatoes

what can i do with green tomatoes

What Can You Do With Green Tomatoes – Plenty! It’s a bit early in the season for green tomato uses to be under the spotlight, but every year as the strength goes out of the sun keen home growers ask themselves the same question – what can you do with green tomatoes, err lots of […]

Which Is The Best Oil For Deep Frying

the best oil for deep frying

And The Best Oil For Deep Frying Is? Today I want to tackle the question of the best oil for deep frying, not least because since posting on cooking with olive oil, you’ve let me know how much bad information there is out there – plenty of good as well but picking it out is […]

Olive Oil In Cooking – When To Use It And When Not To

uses for olive oil in cooking

When Is Olive Oil In Cooking Safe? There’s a lot of confusion and worry generally about how and when to use olive oil in cooking and when you should use an alternative like canola or grapeseed. Some of these worries are about health and the negative impact of overheating olive oil. Other concerns are about […]

Mandoline Food Slicers And Safety

Mandoline Food Slicers

Mandoline Food Slicers And Safety – Precautions To Keep Those Pinkies Safe Kitchen mandolines are one of my favorite and certainly most used kitchen gadgets – in my view mandoline food slicers are safer than knives, so the last thing I want to do it put you off. But if you don’t use your slicer […]