Stop Saucepans Burning Or Sticking With A Stove Top Heat Diffuser

how to stop saucepans burning

Stop Your Saucepans Sticking With A Heat Diffuser It’s never so much having to clean the burned bits off pans is it? Oh no, it’s the wrecked meal which if you’re careful you can still serve from the top half of the pan – which is why I’m so starstruck with my new cooktop diffuser! […]

Aloe Vera Gel For Minor Burns

aloe vera gel for minor burns

Aloe Vera Burn Treatment For Minor Kitchen Injuries Over years of cooking and caring for kids, you learn a thing or two about first aid, particularly for those self-inflicted kitchen wounds! Well, I long ago gave up on creams or other drugstore help and largely rely on Aloe Vera gel for minor burns and scalds. […]

Cleaning Stains From Carpet With A Steamer

cleaning stains from carpet

Cleaning Stains From Carpet Without Marking Carpet stains and how to remove them with a handheld steamer is the informative if not witty subject for today and for a very good reason – I’ve had to have a bit of a clear up and cleaning stains from carpet without either marking them or rubbing the […]

New Kitchen Gadget? Read The Instructions First!

new kitchen gadgets read the instructions

How To Make A Bad Situation Worse! Absolute proof that when you get a new kitchen gadget you should always read the instructions first, was handed to me by myself recently, ultimately saving hundreds of dollars! I’m a computer specialist by trade and now a high school teacher – you’d  think old and wise enough […]

How To Make Apple Jelly

how to make apple jelly

How To Make Apple Jelly The drop in temperatures signalling the end of summer aren’t far away now and apples are finally swelling and ripening ready for harvesting and storing – if you don’t know how to make apple jelly, now is a great time to learn. Making apple jelly (or any fruit jelly) is […]

Preserving Fresh Tomatoes For Winter Use

preserving fresh tomatoes

Fancy The Taste Of Summer In Winter? There is something utterly luxurious about picking a ripe tomato, all warm from the sun and eating it right then, as fresh as it could possibly be. I’ve never managed to replicate that special summer sun flavor any other way – I don’t think you can, but some […]

Can You Dehydrate Zucchini Easily?

can you dehydrate zucchini

What To Do With Too Many Zucchinis Zucchini are incredibly versatile fresh or dried – there are plenty of different recipes you can add them to, being basically bland and buttery in flavor is what makes them work so well in bread and cakes – which is just as well. I just spent the day […]

How To Compare Juicers

greyhound juicing heaven

Top Tips On Choosing Your New Juicer If you’ve landed here because like me, you need to know how to compare juicers properly to get the best choice for your family’s needs, then like myself you’re looking for a robust quality juicer that produces great juice, dry pulp, doesn’t cost the earth – and is […]

Easy Homemade Dog Treats

dog bone maker quality control

Easy Homemade Dog Treats From Bake-A-Bone Being adventurous with gadgets in the kitchen and a dog lover meant it was inevitable I’d look for a way to bake tasty, easy homemade dog treats – and at the time with two retired greyhounds who were hell bent on making up for lost time in the treat […]

Dehydrated Food Storage Tips

add dried herbs to oil

Plan Your Dehydrated Food Storage In Spring It’s funny the things that pop into your head, planning dehydrated food storage and other such mundane tasks like cleaning the food dehydrator wasn’t exactly my first waking thought. However, it was such a beautiful early summer morning here, a stroll through the vegetable patch was irresistible and […]