The Bunn Single Serve Coffee Maker – Pros And Cons

the best single serve coffee maker

Is Bunn The Best Single Serve Coffee Maker? Now single serve coffee makers are by their nature more personal than the family brewer, at least mine are – I have two – one at work and the Bunn Single Serve Coffee Maker which Santa kindly delivered a few cold months ago for my home office. […]

Healthy Gift Ideas For Diabetics

healthy gift ideas for diabetics

Healthy Gift Ideas For Diabetics & Diabetic Friendly Snacks I know a thing or two about healthy gift ideas for diabetics and the diabetic friendly snacks that are safe. Living with an insulin dependent husband has honed both cooking and gift giving skills to a high level, I mean who do you think always gets […]

Most Popular Kitchen Utensils Gadgets and Gifts

Your Choice Of Popular Kitchen Utensils & Gadgets It’s a perfect time to take a look at which kitchen utensils gadgets and cooking gifts have been the most popular with readers over the last few months. This eclectic mix of gadgets for the kitchen and cooking utensils are the most purchased by our keen cooking […]

Useful Kitchen Gadget Gifts For Diabetic Friends

Healthy Gift Ideas Diabetics Will Love When a close friend or family member is diagnosed with diabetes, a whole lot of changes have to happen more or less at once, and the transition can be traumatic especially in terms of diet. Diabetics and those who care for them have to make some seismic changes in […]

Kitchen Canisters Sets

Kitchen Canisters By Nancy Green

The Best Kitchen Canisters Sets Actually if I’m being totally truthful, none of this would have happened but for a friend asking which kitchen canisters sets would make a perfect wedding gift. Having spent a week clearing kitchen cupboards and boosting trade at the hand-me-up, with breaks in between to pick and dry more tomatoes, […]

Set It Forget It Rotisserie Ovens

george foreman rotisserie oven baby george

Set It & Forget It Rotisserie Ovens If you found your way here looking for advice on the best set it forget it rotisserie ovens, you’ll find plenty of information here to get you started, and to give you some idea of which models to consider first. We adore rotisserie cooked meats and years ago […]

Small Kitchen Gifts For Friends

libbey colors margarita glass set

Small Kitchen Gifts – A Few Ideas Choosing gifts with a cooking theme is usually more a question of  finding small kitchen gifts with a bit of class – you know, ones that don’t look like they came out of a Christmas cracker! Well there’s a lot of great gadgets for the kitchen that make […]

West Bend Egg Muffin Toaster Morning Marvel

egg and toasted muffin breakfast

West Bend Egg & Muffin Toaster Marvel Go to work on an egg is a fairly old but very wise saying and in this house with a diabetic to consider, eggs plus carbohydrate in one form or another are a good option two or three times a week. That’s only part of why we invested […]

Cuisinart 5 1 Griddler

cuisinart 5 1 indoor griddle

The Cuisinart 5 1 Griddler Combo Waffle Maker One of the best buys for cooking burgers, steaks, chops and hot panini rolls, the Cuisinart 5 1 Griddler Combo is a winner in our house and it gets used a heck of a lot. Waffle maker removable plates makes it very versatile as a cooker and […]

Silicone Baking Sheets

siliconecooking sheets

Silicone Baking Sheet Really Does Replace Parchment! Do you do a lot of baking and cake making? Do you still fiddle and fuss lining pans with parchment? If the answer is yes to both questions, then you have just got to take a look at a silicone baking sheet – they replace the delicate pain-in-the-you-know-what […]