Hound Chaos With Dog Food Storage Bins

dog food storage bins

He Ate Through The Dog Food Storage Bins! Bringing another new rescued dog into our home has been an absolute delight, however it’s also forced us to completely reappraise how we do things in the kitchen area and includes new un-chewable dog food storage bins. It seems we have in our family a very cute […]

How To Organize The Refrigerator And Stop Wasting Food

magnetic fridge organizer

More Organizing Ideas For The Kitchen Quite how to organize the refrigerator has always escaped me, other than to keep different ‘types’ of food on different shelves – and actually that wasn’t the real problem. Shoving more in and pushing older bits to the back was my worst habit and to be honest, I’d slip […]

Dog Food Canisters And Containers

dog food canisters

Solve Your Dog Food Chaos Forever! As a pack leader to two greyhounds the one thing I’ve finally gotten around to is upgrading the dry dog food storage situation, which was pretty dire with half used crumpled sacks in different flavors flinging out bits absolutely everywhere each time a sack was opened. As a result […]

Kitchen Organization Ideas And Small Kitchen Solutions

small kitchen solutions and storage ideas

Looking For Kitchen Organization Ideas & Storage Solutions? Of all the places you need plenty of storage space and cupboard capacity, it’s the kitchen. Small kitchen storage solutions and kitchen organization ideas have become ever more sought after as we cram more and more into the busiest room in the home. Not everyone reading this […]

Fold Flat Colander Offers Up Cupboard Space

fold flat colander

Fold Flat Colanders Really Do Give You More Space You might think there’s little to post or write about the humble fold flat colander, but if like me you’re someone who’s desperate to combat their chaotic kitchen and save precious cupboard space, these ‘now you see it – now you don’t’ colanders are a spectacular […]

Kitchen Canisters Sets

Kitchen Canisters By Nancy Green

The Best Kitchen Canisters Sets Actually if I’m being totally truthful, none of this would have happened but for a friend asking which kitchen canisters sets would make a perfect wedding gift. Having spent a week clearing kitchen cupboards and boosting trade at the hand-me-up, with breaks in between to pick and dry more tomatoes, […]