Which Is The Best Oil For Deep Frying

the best oil for deep frying

And The Best Oil For Deep Frying Is? Today I want to tackle the question of the best oil for deep frying, not least because since posting on cooking with olive oil, you’ve let me know how much bad information there is out there – plenty of good as well but picking it out is […]

Olive Oil In Cooking – When To Use It And When Not To

uses for olive oil in cooking

When Is Olive Oil In Cooking Safe? There’s a lot of confusion and worry generally about how and when to use olive oil in cooking and when you should use an alternative like canola or grapeseed. Some of these worries are about health and the negative impact of overheating olive oil. Other concerns are about […]

The Best Bread Bags For Homemade Bread

Best Manufacturers Reusable Bread Storage Bag

And The Best Bread Bags For Homemade Bread Are? There’s some quite heated debates on how to keep homemade bread fresh, both how to store it and then if bags are your choice, which are the best bread bags for homemade bread – yep, there’s quite a few options! Delaying the inexorably oncoming staleness even […]

When And How To Plant Garlic

growing garlic from cloves

Grow Great Garlic At Home This Year It’s that time of year when if you intend on growing garlic from cloves, they have to go in the ground. In fact when and how to plant garlic can be confusing as there are two windows of opportunity with which is best rather depending on where you […]

How Good Are Halogen Ovens Really?

how good are halogen ovens

Sure, Halogen Ovens Cook But Are They Really Worth Bothering With? I’ve had a recent flurry of questions from folks asking about halogen ovens. Which is the best halogen oven, how good are halogen ovens to cook with, which model do I currently have or recommend – and basically are halogen ovens worth the space […]

Healthy Fun Snacks For Kids

healthy fun snacks for kids

Cool Ideas To Get Them Eating More Fruit One of the questions I get a lot of emails about is how to get kids eating more fruit and other healthy snacks, which is something I used to struggle with – making them ‘fun’ snacks was the issue. Actually with some cheap popsicle molds and an […]

Steam Juicer – Your Questions Answered

steam juicer questions answered

Considering A Steam Juicer? Your Questions Answered Making or extracting fruit and vegetable juice using a steam juicer is a traditional and very efficient method, with several advantages for a particular set of people. For those who want to make a lot of jelly, juice or wine or have decided to bottle and store their […]

Are Silicone Baking Mats Safe?

are silicone baking mats safe

Are Silicone Baking Mats Safe To Use? One question keeps on coming up in your emails, and that’s folk asking about using silicone in the kitchen, they rightly want to know about the fibre glass content and basically are silicone baking mats safe to use. Silica is widely used in making glass and is commonly […]

How To Make Sushi At Home

how to make sushi at home

How To Make Sushi At Home It’s only fair to say right at the start that if this post fully answered how to make sushi at home, I could turn it into a cookery book and get published. There are three day starter courses that don’t cover anything like everything – cooking the rice is […]

What Is A Food Dehydrator

what is a food dehydrator

So What Is A Food Dehydrator Exactly – And What Can It Do For Me? I’m often asked about the best methods to preserve food when you have a glut, and questions around what is a food dehydrator or which is the best food dehydrator for a family, come up a lot. Comparatively rare in […]