Cleaning The Dog Bed With Steam

Fed Up Cleaning The Dog Bed? Try Steam!

cleaning the dog bedWhen you have a dog, cleaning the dog bed is part of the daily routine particularly if you want to reduce any doggy odors as much as possible, and the smell of damp dog is the worst – so finding the best way to clean dog beds is utterly essential!

Added to which most dogs prefer a clean smelling bed – at least all of ours have without exception. Change their beds to clean sweet smelling duvets, give the pads a blast of fresh hot steam and we get the sofas to ourselves again – until the dog beds gets stale, with bits of biscuit and other unmentionables hidden between the folds, then we’ve got serious competition for the sofas again.

Obviously how you clean it depend a lot on the type of bed or beds you have, but the one thing that does for most of them is a hand held steam cleaner – I know how much time I’ve saved over the last few years by using steam to sanitize the dogs foam pads and mattresses every week, without the hassle of washing – and worse – drying them.

With a new dog, as you’d expect another bed has now presented itself for my attentions, complete with an expensive foam pad which looks like it holds a lot of water if you have to wash it.

The pads are quite thick foam and the steamer needs to have enough oompf and pressure for the steam to get through it – best to do it thoroughly from both sides to be sure of killing any nasty’s (and the eggs of any nasty’s) and to kill any bacteria present in the pad or bedding.

The link just below takes you to an old post reviewing popular handheld steamers – you might be surprised at which one gets the best rating from those who use them.

Steaming your pet’s bed with a good quality steamer, means choosing one which will build up sufficient steam to create the pressure needed to push through mattresses and soft furnishings, without it mimicking a pressure washer – something you really don’t want – in fact the best handheld steamers produce steam so hot it really is almost dry.

That said, there will be a little residual dampness and you do need to make sure you air and dry bedding as thoroughly as if you were going to lie on it – half an hour in the sun or any warm place and it should be just fine.

Great For Carpet Stains Too

Handheld steamers are also perfect for those annoying dark stains on carpets – you don’t necessarily know what they are, but you can take a fair guess… I’ve been using my steamer to get rid of these for a long while now and the carpets are just fine thank you! If you’ve got the same unfortunate err… ‘blobs’, then you might find this post on cleaning carpet stains with steam helpful.

cleaning the dog bed with steam

I’ll confess we don’t buy or use expensive dog beds. Too many have been chewed and shredded in a matter of hours, so instead the dogs have a good solid plastic bed lined with a foam pad and topped with a folded duvet. You can buy a mattress topper very cheaply and cut several dog bed pads out of it for a few dollars, better than buying one dog bed pad for the same price, especially if it gets pulled to bits…

The foam pad gets wrapped in a waterproof cot mattress protector, topped off with a duvet and in winter a nice snug blanket. I admit when it gets really cold outside and even though the thermostat says the rooms are warm, we usually wake up with a greyhound between us.

Now we’ll all have to shove up and make room for her boyfriend!