Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaners – Should You Bother?

Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaners – Are They Any Good?

cordless handheld vacuum cleanersAt the moment this is a rhetorical question and not one I’ve fully answered myself, but I’m thinking hard about the value and use of cordless handheld vacuum cleaners because we’ve decided it’s the right time to get another dog. You can see the lateral thinking here!

Quite apart from the excitement of his arrival shortly – we don’t yet know precisely when, there’s dog beds, coats, car beds and food to consider, plus with two in the house and eight potentially muddy paws rather than four, cleaning up after them is going to be extra work!

Rather than just ponder it I thought it might help me and other folks thinking about cordless handheld vacuum cleaners, if I put my thoughts (so far) in writing.

Going for a handheld vacuum which is cordless rather than fixed flex has advantages sure, but disadvantages too – and the first is how long you can vacuum for each recharge of the battery.

What I like About Cordless Vacs

The freedom to go room to room without bothering about where the lead is, without getting it trapped under the door/bookcase/bed or falling over it, never mind the plugging in and unplugging, is the main benefit. Actually, if you think about it it’s the only benefit – so is the convenience worth the cost?

They aren’t too heavy, but because of the battery they are heavier than a wired handheld which is a big consideration if you were buying for an elderly loved one who has arthritis in their hands and wrists, which has to be balanced against the pain of plugging in and unplugging – some things in life are always going to be a compromise.

Certainly if you’re looking at upright cordless vacuum cleaners then there is a benefit as they are lighter than a wired vacuum, easier to push around and make the stairs a whole lot less effort. My sister got one for her mom-in-law last Christmas and it has been a big success, but she couldn’t hold and use a handheld easily at all.

What ‘s Lacking

Because you rely on the battery, cleaning time is going to be restricted to between 30 and sixty minutes depending on which model you buy, the more expensive models have a bigger battery, last longer and are heavier to use – compromise again!

The answer of course is to consider an upright handheld vac which breaks down and converts into a handheld like some steam cleaners do, but as with the steamers, you have to pay a lot more for the convenience. I guess you’re getting two cleaners in one – but at that price I’d want and expect the same performance as a wired cleaner.

It is worth saying that not all these home cleaning appliances work as a smaller version. My handheld steamer though not cordless, is one of the best buys I’ve ever made and it gets used more or less daily. For sanitizing cooking areas, bathrooms, kids and dog toys – a good blast takes all the dog pong out of the dog bed as well. But I’m not sure the vac is in the same class for usefulness.

The Verdict? Err – Not In Yet!

These are the most relevant points to consider as far as I can tell, but I’m going to do a bit more thinking. Reading cordless vacuum cleaners reviews may not be the greatest morning’s entertainment, but find a bad product which folk don’t like and they can be very funny indeed!

To be perfectly honest, and even before getting stuck into some reviews, I don’t feel so inclined to pick up my credit card on these simply because a small powerful corded but handheld vacuum is looking like a much better bet for pet fur and bits of dog biscuit, plus other things we won’t go into right now – I’m about to cook dinner.

An upright cordless which converts into a handheld cordless vac is a better product, but not really what I’m looking for, so overall the jury remains out and is considering all her options. If and when I get one, I’ll wait a bit and see how it goes then post a link to a review – so watch this space.

But right now, we’re all soppy and excited!