Digital Touchpad Rotisseries

Introducing The Delights Of Digital Touchpad Rotisseries

digital touchpad rotisseriesIf you’ve found yourself here looking for advice on digital touchpad rotisseries then you’ll find plenty to ponder over. We got interested in home rotisseries for several reasons including cutting fat, salt and most of all sugar.

One piece of advice a diabetic nurse gave my husband was to buy a home rotisserie oven or fix a rotisserie spit up rather than buy deli cooked meats, he was also told to banish salt which pleased him no end as you can imagine!

The week before I got off my best feature and did something about it, we’d had yet another outdoor Barbie wrecked by the weather and this last affair was a total washout. Forecast possibly light showers, we actually got a thunderstorm from the depths of hell.

Thinking as I write this, I should have seen the warning signs. No self respecting greyhound leaves barbecued chicken unguarded unless it’s ill – or hates the rain. Dogs low fat low salt chicken tandoori stylesense the change in air pressure I think and she probably heard it long before we even saw the clouds.

Still, it was funny watching people grab what was important (mainly their drinks and food) and run. My husband’s Aunt Syble wouldn’t normally run for a bus – wow you should have seen her go, she rivaled the dog who utterly detesting rain, had wisely headed for the house ten minutes before mayhem broke out.

I’m still not sure if Celia manipulated the rotisserie issue – she was one of those running. Either way, an invite to lunch at her place showcased the most delicious totally melt-in-the-mouth lamb I’d ever eaten.

As I said, we were already thinking about which one to buy, rather than whether we should or not – my now insulin dependent diabetic husband was seriously warned off deli rotisserie cuts as they are loaded with sugar.

Sold – to the sodden woman with a now very rusty barbecue and sugar intolerant husband.

The George Foreman Baby George Rotisserie

george foreman rotisserie oven baby georgeI chose a George Foreman Baby George which we still have and use. If you’re on the lookout for something that really is compact and won’t take up precious space, this is the boy.

For us, once we got a taste for home cooked low fat rotisserie meals on demand, we needed something bigger, taller rather than wider.

I love the Baby George for the amazingly crispy skin produced on chicken, but it just doesn’t do a big enough bird for two hungry people, two starving kids and a greedy little greyhound.

Some Home Rotisserie Ovens Are Big!

This time round the Ronco Platinum was a front runner until I started to figure where it would fit – and realized it wouldn’t. After a lot of looking, humming and hawing, I finally settled for the digital controls and sleek modern looks of the Cuisinart Vertical Digi Control Model.

You want to make sure a rotisserie oven allows you to control the temperature, which not all of them do, some are on or off and that’s it – which is the second weakness of Baby George, absolutely no control.

digital touchpad rotisseriesDid you know they did these in a vertical design? I hadn’t a clue until roaming around Amazon pondering the options – and there are a lot of options!

Home rotisserie ovens have really taken off, there’s almost twice as much choice now and something in every budget range, though obviously as the price reduces, so does the quality and usually the accessories included in the box.

My Cuisinart has a beautiful buffed stainless steel finish which was a plus. White goods do discolor in heat, (well, mine do) so stainless steel is a positive plus in a cooker. It feels robust not flimsy and in use, has proved that some good design thinking has gone into producing this model.

Something To Sing About – The Cuisinart Is Easy Clean Too!

The Cuisinart is really well constructed to clean easily and the casing is just wiped with a damp cloth. Easy Clean? Oh yeah! It comes with enough accessories to start you off and for most people, enough accessories period. By the way, the accessories go in the dishwasher, so can also be labeled easy clean!

Digital touchpad rotisseries don’t just come in these vertical models, there are plenty of others to choose from in the more standard boxy design – you might also like to read this post showcasing other set it forget it rotisserie ovens.

Set It Forget It Rotisserie Ovens

Being a fairly experienced cook I don’t make enough use of the pre-set options which make this and other models true set it forget it rotisserie ovens, which save you a lot of time.  But if you’re a newish cook, they are there to be used and will produce perfect results for you.  I always use an instant read digital thermometer in meat and poultry, which completely removes the ‘is it/isn’t it’ cooked worry, and would advise everyone to do the same.

Overall, a very deserving kitchen cooking gadget. It gets used every day, and will be replaced in a flash if and when it stops working – I just couldn’t plan the weekly meals without a huge protest if rotisserie ribs or chicken isn’t on the menu.

I this has helped a little with your quest. Do go read more on rotisserie ovens here where you’ll find more buying tips too. If you have any questions then just drop them below and I’ll get back to you with a day.


  1. Jenny says

    Thanks for this, I’ve been looking at getting a rotisserie oven for a while now without taking the plunge. Like you, gotten fed up with the weather – had to gather up our bbq fast and go to the porch with it! Now I’m gonna go for it – do you have one you recommend?

    Anyway, thanks,


    • Meggy says

      Hey Jenny, great idea to back up the bbq! I have a Cuisinart digital touchpad rotisserie – but this is the most expensive model. A friend has the Kalorik which is smaller in capacity, but costs less. The only other one I’ve used is the Deni – again not as much capacity. These are all stainless steel in finish, so won’t discolor either. If you’ve got the budget, the Cuisinart is a standout. Hope this helps.