Dog Food Canisters And Containers

Solve Your Dog Food Chaos Forever!

dog food canistersAs a pack leader to two greyhounds the one thing I’ve finally gotten around to is upgrading the dry dog food storage situation, which was pretty dire with half used crumpled sacks in different flavors flinging out bits absolutely everywhere each time a sack was opened.

As a result of a bit of reading, I now know quite a bit more about what’s available and finding the right dog food canisters to keep their kibble fresh, dry and importantly, contained in one place.

Even for anatomically thin dogs it’s surprising how much dog food they hack through in a month and how much of our living space storing dry dog food was taking up.

We love variety of flavor in our diet don’t we? Well so do they, which is just lovely until you look at the multitude of sacks you’ve had delivered and then the reality of where to put it all hits home.  I’m lucky in having a small utility area (converted from an outside toilet I reckon), it isn’t very big but does take some of the kitchen overspill.

However, leaving paper sacks of food on the floor rather than in proper airtight storage canisters for dog food or at least in a sealed food bin is going to attract pests, we had trouble with ants in the summer and intended to deal with it then, but as ever, didn’t! Not to mention how many times someone tripped up every time they ventured in there, so finally getting organized in the dog food department has been quite a revelation in ease of movement.

How long does dry dog food last?

I think most folk are agreed that an airtight bin is the best way to store dry dog food – cat kibble too for that matter – it will last longer and keep in better condition, which means buying a bag reduced in price because it’s close to date is okay, it won’t deteriorate if you keep it sealed. The ones I’ve tried have all lasted about two months past the ‘best before’ date, at which point it seems to start crumbling, depending of course on the brand.

A Word Or Two On Choosing Your Dog Food Storage Containers

  • dry dog food storageThere are some really great options and mostly inexpensive, though for the more decorative dog food canister you’ll usually pay a little more.
  • Not matter how big or small your beloved pooch is, get your pet food canisters one size up from what you think you’ll need, any unused space provides somewhere to keep treats and dog biscuits as well, with smelly treats airtight is really good.
  • Unless your best friend is an out and out thief, don’t get something that locks up too tight, trust me you’ll break every nail on your fingers trying to open or close it – you don’t need burglar proof unless your beloved pet goes in for unsupervised and totally unauthorized midnight feasts!

Regarding thieving hounds, we once had a greyhound called Psycho (…honestly!) chew his way through plastic bins to steal food and yes, we had fed him!

For these determined foodies, try a metal dog food container, old Psych’s knew he was beat when he saw it come into the house! He chewed big holes through every pocket I’d ever put treats into including jeans, stripped sheets off the bed and brought them down for washing… shame about the teeth holes! Truly a lovely old dog!

Really Short Of Space? Try Stackable Pet Food Storage

Square works better for stacking and for packing on the floor in nooks and crannies under the stairs etc. If you go for plain airtight plastic, get the clear or almost transparent ones so you can see what’s in which. Some of these are especially made with access to the food inside canisters lower down without moving the ones stacked on top.

The selection picked out for you below are the most popular or most practical and best value for money, so let’s get in there!

simplehuman dog food containerSimplehuman Dog Food Containers

Hound and pest proof, these canisters from Simplehuman are sleek, stylish and designed to take up very little space – they make use of height rather than floor space. Robustly made, no worries about moving them, there are wheels on the back.

They were recommended to me by a friend and I do love the way they look and work, if only one single canister was needed I’d have gone for the large one of three sizes like a shot.

But when you need to buy three, these work out too expensive and anyway, they look too nice to be hidden out of sight in a utility come dark cupboard.  As mentioned these come in three different sizes to suit most dogs needs and include a scoop which is stored inside the lid.

Simplehuman didn’t get dumped entirely, I bought a sensor operated soap dispenser at the same time and wish I’d done it ages ago, anyway back to dog food containers!

IRIS Combo Box Set

IRS Dog Food Storage Combo KitBig enough to take a large sack plus biscuits on the top and at an affordable price, this was the solution I chose and am delighted with. IRIS dog food containers come in several different sizes in themselves or in this set and having bought two I can honestly say that for the first time in a long while, the sacks of food are neatly stored away, no more bits are getting flung out and the yucky meaty fishy smell has gone from my utility area – result.

Though not particularly pretty to look at they aren’t bad and come in several different bright colors. Airtight and ant proof plus easy to open and close were my criteria and these are really very good for the price. They also come with a matching scoop – just what you always wanted!

As with most of these bigger containers, manufacturers have considered the weight and included wheels, these not being anything like as neat and discreet as the Simplehuman range, but hey, they work.

Downsides? They don’t seem to make the combo sets in different sizes, it’s the set pictured or look at something else.

Gamma2 Dog Food Canisters

dog food container from gamma2My sister has two of these, the small on for treats and the medium for kibble. Airtight and smell-proof, they are neat to look at and incredibly hardwearing, easily washing out with soapy water.

However, she has one smaller dog and more storage space so can prefer stylish over practical, which pretty much mirrors our personalities! Do I sound bitter?

If you’re looking for a treat box then this looks good on the counter and there are several others with a more designer look for smaller quantities of food, but as you go larger style seems to slip away.

Two Others To Look At

*  Buddeez 12-1/2-Gallon Roll-Away Pet Food dispenser with scoop

*  Bergan Smart Storage

Both the above are popular and represent good value, so go ahead and check them out. They were both recommended to me by different doggie owning colleagues – you don’t want the brand of trash can one friend uses and keep in his kitchen do you? No, thought not!

As with all products like this, there are plenty to choose from and you won’t be stuck for choice on size, shape or color. The link below takes you to what’s currently selling well on Amazon and a large variety of what’s on offer.

dog food canisters

I hope you found a hint or two to help with the tricky subject of buying dog food canisters, but if you’ve got any questions, just drop a comment below or click on the contact page – mostly I’ll get back to you in a day.