Finding The Best Spiral Slicer For Vegetables

Find Your Perfect Spiral Slicer For Vegetables

spiral slicer for vegetables It’s funny how really useful kitchen gadgets catch on and let’s be honest, anything which even threatens to save prep time in the kitchen is a must have. However, with so many different styles to choose from, finding the perfect spiral slicer for vegetables has become more complex than it was when there were only three to pick from (in one style) design has moved on!

You know I said they caught on? Well there’s been a positive explosion in different makes and brands including the newish handheld spiral slicers whose popularity it seems, is sweeping the world.

I’ve been the happy owner of a Paderno spiral slicer for years now – so long in fact, even bleach won’t shift the juice stains anymore and bits of plastic are beginning to crack. It’s never crossed my mind not to replace it nor to look at any others, until I went online with my credit card in hand to buy a new one, and found myself immersed.

Being a nerdy geek, I’m obviously going to be just a teensy bit tempted to try a little handheld one instead of the Paderno Tri-Blade, and consequently the credit card went away while I had a good look at them – plus canvassed friends who use one, all of whom offered me a go with theirs. But first, lets have a quick look at general advantages and any disadvantages.

Using The Spiralizer for Vegetables – Pros And Cons


  • Very fast to get out and set up, certainly quicker than the Paderno or others like it.
  • Easy to clean – either hand wash or put in the dishwasher, most come with a little brush to help you get at any bits – a (new clean) toothbrush does the same job.
  • They produce good even curly spirals with little waste.


  • For most people, only one really and it’s the same with all of them, the blades are exquisitely sharp – they wouldn’t cut carrots and other hard vegetables otherwise, however you do need to exercise a bit of care. I tried using a mesh glove but it’s too clumsy, and the best solution to hold veg when the prongs don’t work particularly well, is definitely kitchen paper.

Spiralizers In Action

I took the opportunity offered and tried quite a few of these hand held spiral vegetable slicers and perhaps surprisingly they all feel slightly different, when they all look the same. Mostly they do what they’re intended to, though it’s only fair and honest to say some better than others.

Rather than denigrate any which fell short (mainly ones bought for a dollar and an unnamed brand), I’ve only highlighted those I’d consider buying and feel comfortable recommending to anyone else.

I’d also like to point out that this testing is wholly subjective and not entirely down to the slicer, it can also depend on the shape and size of that particular carrot, long and slim works way better than short and fat. To that end these were all tried with the same selection of veg and as near as possible the same size and shape.

The GEFU Vegetable Spiralizer

GEFU Spirelli Spiral Slicer greenPictured in lime green above – the GEFU Spiral Vegetable Slicer is one of the best I used and feels comfortable enough in your hands. It comes in several different colors including the always present black and silver.

The blades are comparatively well protected from unwary fingers, but you still need to take care when the vegetables get slippery as they inevitably do – a bit of kitchen paper to hold them with works better than the prongs provided, this is the same with all of those I tried by the way. The left over veggie bits can either be tossed out or tossed in the freezer ready for a winter soup or making stock.

It didn’t struggle with carrots until they got close to being too big to fit in the slicer, though it is much harder work to twist them! It wasn’t my final choice but I’d say most cooks will be very happy with it, as they will with the next one.

Native Spring Spiral Vegetable Slicer

Native Spring Spiral Vegetable SlicerThe Native Spring Spiral Vegetable Slicer comes in black or red as pictured and I do like this one very much. Again it performed well even with quite fat carrots, only refusing when they got just that bit too big – and I got the feeling if pushed then the blades would bend.

But if you stick to thinner veggies you’ll be delighted with how well the Native Spring works – I very nearly bought it, but liked the next one better for its funky design.

The Mastrad Deco Veggie-Slicer

For me, the Mastrad Deco Spiralizer stands out from the crowd in design because it really is different and it’s the one I’ve ordered – plus a new Pederno! Cheaper than the rest, easier to change blades and easier to wash make this a winner in my book – and it produces excellent spirals with very little effort or struggling. It still won’t take fat carrots though!

By the way there’s a review on the Paderno Tri Blade here if you’d like to know more – it’s on the same page as the kitchen mandolines – just scroll down a bit.

Mastrad Deco Veggie-Slicer

Why Do I Like This One?

For me, it’s the ultimate spiral slicer for vegetables and stands out because I feel in control of the vegetable itself. Sounds weird? Well, the design makes this more like sharpening a pencil than the others – it just feels right to me, in the same way using a mandoline slicer does because I’ve gotten hold of the veg.

Yes, I love lime green kitchen accessories and own up to it – but I wouldn’t choose a kitchen gadget for its color, performance first, pretty second.

You remember I said I’d gotten a new Paderno at the same time? Well a second disadvantage is for folks who grow a lot of vegetables and preserve for the winter. The brutal truth is you’ll give yourself an RSI of the whole arm if you tried processing the amount of zucchini I do with a handheld spiralizer, and that’s before you tackle the carrots!

Overall Verdict – Should You Bother?

The verdict is that for everyday use they work and work very well – really quick to deploy on the veg, clean and return to the draw in minutes with no fuss and that in itself is a time saver. Though there are obviously risks using spiral slicers, if you’re a careful cook and confident your wet hands won’t slip, then these are a brilliant idea and every keen cook should have one in their gadgets draw.