Fruit Drinks Recipes For Hot Afternoons

Stay Cool With These Luscious Fruit Drinks Recipes

fruit drinks recipesDoes nature scream strawberry crush to you when you see this picture? If not the heat has finally gotten to my head – either way it had me running for fruit drinks recipes faster than the heat’s climbing.

On a melting hot day, (the sort that has you humming Bobby Goldsboro) there is nothing like an iced drink or iced fruit treat to cool things right down and wandering around the garden very early this morning, I got a real need for something very iced and very strawberry flavored.

As ever, the Internet has some wonderful recipes shared by bloggers – some boozy some not. During the heat of the day alcohol is best left out, and for kids obviously – but you’ll find options on both.

On the grounds I’m no more than evaporation in waiting, this is going to be a very short but hopefully sweet post with a few pointers to the heavenly chilled moments awaiting you…. and me.

These are two of my favorite ‘go to’ sites to have a read – I always find something new to try and get inspired by the recipes I find.

You’ll find a great selection of fruit drinks recipes here at What really got my attention was Michelle’s Sparkling Strawberry Lemonade – it just sings out when you see it and you can almost smell that special tantalizing strawberry aroma.

Another must try is the Watermelon-Lime and Honeydew, cool sounding and very sophisticated with a little rum when the sun goes down – a lot if not all of these can be made in advance and chilled down even further for an evening party, how cool to serve these on the beach at sunset?

Alcoholic and icy is the name of the game over at where you’ll find recipes showing a skilled blending of flavors – we all loved the Ginger Beer Cider Cocktail when I served it with baby ribs (coated in maple syrup before cooking), plus cheesy chips on the side and slaw. The slightly acidic and sour blend with a peppery fizz at the end was a perfect foil to the sweetly succulent ribs.

Now I’m hot and hungry!

Diabetic Issues?

make your own fruit popsDiabetes isn’t an issue with ice pops made from fruit. It isn’t difficult if you have an iced fruit treat maker like the Fro-Frutti or the Yonanas. Simply freeze lumps of fruit – overnight is best, but so long as they get really well frozen.

You can find out more about frozen fruit treat makers and read the Yonanas review here. I can honestly say it’s transformed my husbands options for ‘sweet treats’ and helped him cope with a more or less zero sugar diet.

Put them through the machine in whatever combination you fancy – we love anything with mango and mango with raspberries makes this a slightly sharp and sweet combination.

Note! Chill the bowl receiving the iced fruit mix or in these temperatures it starts to melt before you can move.

Now fill ice pop molds with the mixture and return to the freezer for an hour – less if you really can’t wait. Serve and enjoy – kitchen paper is a good plan for kids, lots of kitchen paper.

You can find another healthy ice pop recipe for kids here, which used chunks of fresh fruit and is topped up with the liquid of your choice. Do you see the after dark rum combinations here?

Just one final point. If you make iced pops for the kids, and some with a good splash of rum for adults, you might want to label them… Now where’s that sun lounger.