Good Wedding Gift Ideas For The Kitchen

Looking For Good Wedding Gift Ideas?

good wedding gift ideasAll across Gadgets For The Kitchen there are some really good wedding gift ideas used and reviewed, so this post aims to bring them together and link back to the pages so they are easier to find.

When you’re just starting out as a couple, unless one of you has already set up home on your own there won’t be much in the way of gadgets for the kitchen or appliances beyond basics, so good wedding gift ideas can either be very practical or offer the happy couple a touch of luxury.

Many couples depend heavily on donations of second hand donations from family, plus of course the useful wedding gifts hopefully coming their way, to set up a working kitchen.

Traditionally couples about to be married have a list of good wedding gift ideas for everyone to pick a gift from – though if you ask them, a lot of couples do this more for the convenience of others rather than for themselves and would often prefer a lovely surprise.

But what to do if the presents on the list have all gone – or the remaining choices are too expensive?

Firstly you can look at cutlery sets and dinnerware options, these are always on wedding gift lists and often guests buy one or two pieces from an expensive set. The same goes for knives. A set of kitchen knives can run into thousands of dollars, but these sets can be bought one knife at a time.

Knife blocks are also a much appreciated gift and most good knife sets have a specific block for them – safe and neat they are probably the best way to store knives when not in use. Home kitchen mandoline slicers have got a lot of advantages over knives for slicing vegetables and cheese, though a protective glove is always good to include with a gift this sharp.

Kitchen gadgets are always welcome in a newly set up home and young couples love to entertain their friends, so one idea is to look at gifts like sushi making sets which are ideal for sushi beginners and they make a great talking point. Fondue sets fall into the same category – fun dinner party accessories which make great wedding presents.

How about making up your own wedding gift basket from a number of less expensive fun kitchen gadgets? Items like a kitchen timer, hand blender, silicone pastry mat or oven liner, and a set of measuring spoons – put into a basket these make great gifts from a group of work colleagues.

There’s been a massive revival in making your own bread and home bread machines are incredibly popular, fun to use and make the most heavenly tasting bread, this is one gift most young couples would love to be given as a gift.

Useful & Practical Wedding Gifts

vacuum sealers for foodOne cheap but superbly useful item I wouldn’t be without, is a vacuum sealer for food.

In the long run you can save a lot of money – and using one will put weeks on food stored in your fridge, months on frozen goods. We also found there is a lot of time to be saved by cooking enough for two meals and freezing one down for later in the month.

Meals really do keep in much better condition like this and heat back with all of the flavor still there and no yucky taste of the freezer infiltrating your dinner. Not the most romantic of gifts its true, but I’ve seen them asked for on several wedding gift lists. There’s a post right here on this site where you can read more about Vacuum Sealers For Food – just click the link.

Yonanas Healthy Treat Maker

yonanas frozen treat makerAn inexpensive yet very useful gadget is a frozen treat maker which turns frozen fruit into delicious healthy treats which are low in fat, low in sugar and a great way to get kids eating fruit.

On the whole young people have a better approach to food and sticking to a largely healthy diet. More of us are trying to cut sugar and salt as well as eat more fruit and vegetables – difficult to do if your taste is for burgers, fries and sweet things. Of all the gimmicks and gadgets I’ve tried Yonanas Frozen Treat Makers are one of the best buys ever and a delicious way to pack in the fruit. Go read the post on them and get some sinful ideas of thing you can do with iced Malibu and chocolate chips!

Actually these make excellent gifts for people suffering with diabetes too – this little machine literally rescued my husband Al from depression. Dealing with the insulin was easy compared to the sugar cravings and lack of the desserts which he so loved, and are now totally out of bounds.

Ice cream makers all call for a lot of sugar in recipes, did you know this is partly to keep the mix moving properly – sugar provides bulk believe it or not. Remove the bulk or sugar – and ice cream won’t turn or freeze, other than into a sold mass you need to drill into!

So, unless you have the drill plugged in…another solution is needed for anyone with diabetic issues and these fit the bill perfectly.

Snow Cone Machines For Icy Adult Drinks

snow cone ice makersDefinitely not just for kids! Always fun to have on a hot day at any age, you can make some pretty adult drinks with an ice shaver snow cone machine, not quite in the Margaritaville class, these inexpensive snow makers turn out a mean margarita and a to-die-for strawberry daiquiris – they don’t cost as much either!

Saucepans may seem a boring gift both to give and receive, but a good set of pans is normally only on the wish list of most youngsters because they cost so much. Good pans will last a lifetime and the giver is thought of more or less every time they are used.

As mentioned above, checkout the post and consider a set of silicone baking sheets or a non-stick dough and pastry mat – these are always very welcome as  gifts for any occasion – no more baking parchment and these last for years to be used over and over again (I really rate these).

Kitchen Storage Canister Sets – Always Welcome

tramontina kitchen canisters setsKitchen canisters and canister sets come in all shapes and sizes, from bold ceramic designs with intense colors through to inexpensive large jars, with quite a few retro containers for the 70’s look.

We gave the set of beautiful stainless steel canisters pictured right, to my husbands nephew and fiancee – they were on her list and very expensive, but we all need to store coffee, flour and 100 other food items, another set went to a special friend for some invaluable help with the kids.

There’s a recent post on kitchen canisters, so if you like the idea click the link to find the best kitchen canisters sets for a wedding present. Honestly, some of the ceramic canister sets are such beautiful vivid colors, you’ll want a set too.

Automatic Soap Dispensers

Automatic Soap DispensersIf your gift is to be practical then these take a bit of beating in an ultra modern kitchen or bathroom.If you hate cleaning slimy yuck up from the normal pump action bottles, then these are simply the best!

I’ve added a review of automatic soap dispensers to the site because we finally found one that worked for more than a month – at the time of updating this (12/07/14) the soap dispenser has been joined by a second and I can report both have been dispensing soap for almost a year without developing any of the previous bad habits!

Not an expensive or decorative gift, we all have to wash our hands – this is ideal for a couple setting up home and there are some top of the range luxury models to choose from.

Fast Food From Deep Fryers

I know there is a lot of chatter about deep fryers and safety, but the truth is they are as safe as the person using them is prepared to be – in other words follow the basic safety rules and there won’t be a problem.You can read reviews on the best fryers for home use here and get some good hints and tips on what’s a good buy and what’s not.

These make excellent wedding gifts and provide fast delicious meals for hardworking youngsters falling through the door – there’s often a lot of extra sorting out, including work on the house to do, so access to a quick meal via a fryer is perfect.

Frying whole chickens or a turkey takes a larger appliance to cope, but if you know your friends would love one, there’s also a review on the Masterbuilt Butterball Fryer here – it’s been on the bestsellers list for a long time now so worth a look.

Healthy Cooking With Less Power

When you are newly weds, usually there are only two of you and putting on the main oven or grill is expensive for what amounts to a small quantity of food. Indoor griddles offer a great way to cook steaks, burgers, panini – a whole host of other delicious meals as well. The Cuisinart 5 1 Griddler is on three best selling lists at Amazon plus the wish list so these are very popular and make a lovely wedding present.

Health conscious couples will love a countertop rotisserie oven, which produces meat and poultry with almost all the fat rendered out. Home rotisserie ovens have some great features including self basting, meaning food always remains moist and succulent but without the fat.

These ovens make reasonably priced wedding gifts with way more intrinsic value in a kitchen sparsely furnished with other cooking appliances.

digital touchpad rotisseriesModern home rotisseries are deliberately very compact in design so they fit into smaller kitchens or apartments easily. If you feel safer with the brands you know try George Foreman and the post on Cuisinart’s Vertical Touchpad Rotisserie (pictured right) or the top selling rotisserie oven, the Ronco Showtime.

Other kitchen gadgets that make great wedding gifts are slow cookers, hand blenders, coffee machines, stand mixers and bread machines. Juicers are a great gift – click to read more about the best juicers for home use here.

Phew, one of those should do it.

And Finally…

Useful Wedding Gifts Need To Be Good Quality

There are three basic rules which, when adhered to with kitchen gadgets, give you a better chance of getting a useful gadget that works properly and gives years of reliable service.

Rule 1.  Probably the most important is firstly to make sure the gift is good quality. Cheap plastic even expensive cheap plastic doesn’t always cope, never mind make it to the happy couples’ first anniversary party – when the going gets tough plastic melts or breaks. That said, items like a sushi roller which don’t get very hot or cold and start out well made, should be fine.

Rule 2.  Secondly, be clear the gadget or utensil does what it was designed to do and is safe to use. Gadgets for the kitchen which do one thing very well are a personal preference because they seem to be so much more efficient than any multi-tasking do-it-all that in fact, doesn’t!

Rule 3.  Difficulty cleaning a gadget will stops people using it, period. Sound advice is to avoid anything that doesn’t pull apart at the business end to go under the tap – and mostly I like them to be dishwasher safe as well. If it can’t be quickly cleaned it won’t be used, period.

Beyond that and especially for young couples who only have the basic tools or utensils, any gadgets for the kitchen which offer a little luxury or help to cook a great meal, will be very gratefully received.