Handheld Steamers For Cleaning

Handheld Steamers – Once You Start You Can’t Stop!

handheld steamers for cleaningIt’s true you know, once you start dirt busting with them, handheld steamers for cleaning are incredibly hard to put down and the first time I used one I was at it for hours. Even the plants got it.

Don’t do like me – my hand and arm ached for days, handheld steamers vary in weight and my Bissell leans towards the more solid variety. But boy do they clean!

If you’re wanting to know how useful these little handheld steam cleaners really are, then read on and let me sing their praises – using one has completely changed the way I clean and it’s changed the way the whole house smells too, especially in the dog’s bed and other favored dog sun bathing spots around the house.

I can’t describe the clean smell because it isn’t perfumed in any way, just clean. I guess a bit like the steam in your iron smells fresh, so does everything you use a hand held steamer on.

Speed of Handheld Steamers

Talking of speed, if you’re short of time and landed here looking for handheld steam cleaner reviews click the link to go see what hot and what’s not (they all get hot, but some get hotter than others!).

Now, I’ve already got a big steamer and it’s great for big floor areas – anything big and it’s worth getting out – and there’s the catch. The big steamers take time to dig out, assemble, fill, heat up – and the same in reverse when you put them away, not to mention the space they take up.

Contrast that with something you can set up, fill and be steaming in under 5 minutes. Yes you are limited to 6 or 7 fluid oz of water but these small hand steamers produce really hot dry steam, meaning a little goes a long way.

It also means that you don’t leave big puddles or drips wherever you’ve cleaned, less wiping up you see!

Got creases in your blouse, shirt or jacket? Got time to get out the big steamer? Of course you haven’t, but in less time than it takes to boil a kettle, the steamer is good to go and will smooth creases away in seconds, deodorizing as it goes.

What Else Will Deodorize And Sanitize In Seconds?

handheld steamer for cleaningCleaning isn’t my favorite pastime, but I don’t mind using the steamer. From the kid’s toys through to toilet bowls and everything in between, a few blasts and all germs, dust mites and odors are gone.

In theory this lasts for a week but personally I don’t trust that, it really depends what you want bacteria free. Kitchen counters always get a blast before a cooking session and usually afterwards if meat or poultry got used.

For me the fresh smell after I’ve blasted the drapes, rugs and soft furnishings is worth twice the time and effort put into it.

Give duvets and blankets that smell fresh smell between washes – less than 5 minutes with a good hot steamer. Stains on the carpet or rugs? I now try steam before anything else and it hasn’t failed yet – read more here about steaming stains out of carpets and find out exactly what I do.

Eating in the car (especially with kids in the back)always leaves a stale food smell and the kids get ratty when we drive home with the windows down (they sure hated that polar vortex…) No need to freeze, just put the steamer over the seats and carpet areas the next day and you won’t know anyone dined there at all.

The biggest difference though is in the lack of any whiff of dog. If you have a dog you’ll know how they like a clean bed too. Yep, they muss it all up and wipe their muzzles all over it – but then they want it clean again, well mine does anyway.

Give her a clean bed and we get the sofa, smelly bed and this greyhound prefers the sofa – I don’t blame her either Weekly washes weren’t enough to keep her beds smelling fresh and I swear I spent more time keeping her bedding clean than ours. In this area handheld steamers are unbeatable, just 2 minutes on each bed or where she lays and it’s pong free again.

If you want another persons perspective, I’ve tracked down this article on cleaning upholstery and carpets with steam, so do go have a read – sorry about the ads, its not my site.

Give Your Houseplants A Spa Steamer Treatment!

No, I’m not kidding, honestly and as pictured above this works brilliantly. Make sure to be far enough away so the steam is cool when it hits the plant – your arm length should be fine – and steam away. Orchids adore it as do other exotics and it means you don’t have to spray them separately, just steam as you clean.

They Take Ages To Cool For Refilling!

bissell handheld steam cleanerActually they don’t and you can cheat if you are careful – I’m not advising this though.

I drape a towel over the top of the steamer and then using a very good oven glove, very slowly loosen the top just enough to allow steam to escape gradually – then I walk away for a minute and let the pressure all go before carefully taking the top off.

Now these dirt busters get really hot, so you are taking a risk. That said I’ve never had a problem or come close to a problem.

I also use hot – not boiling – water to refill. I know they say not to but it seems safer to me to add hot water into a hot tank, rather than icy cold, plus it saves a minute or two and you can be back steaming in about five minutes total.

The first time you use one you may get carried away and keep steaming and cleaning everything in sight – this is normal even for housework haters, or so I’m told.

But it’s no lie that handheld steamers for cleaning are addictive and I find I’m the same after using one for several years now, every time it gets used more gets steamed cleaned than I’d set out to do.

If you’d like to know more about which brands do what, friends and colleagues chipped in with reviews on their own models to help write this review post on the best handheld steam cleaners – you’ll find a fairly good selection which includes the popular Bissell handheld steam cleaner – It’s the model I’ve got myself and is pictured above in a freshly steam cleaned armchair.

Newer models than mine have a pale mint green top not red, bit other than that they are identical.

Got a handheld steam cleaner? Please do let me know how yours performs, so we can all help each other.

Posted by Meggy
March 08, 2014