Hound Chaos With Dog Food Storage Bins

He Ate Through The Dog Food Storage Bins!

dog food storage binsBringing another new rescued dog into our home has been an absolute delight, however it’s also forced us to completely reappraise how we do things in the kitchen area and includes new un-chewable dog food storage bins.

It seems we have in our family a very cute counter surfer, bin rummager and unstoppable explorer of anything smelling remotely like food.

Right now our new friend is a two year old greyhound boy who is still at racing weight meaning all his ribs are clearly on show and he’s permanently hungry.

As soon as he puts on enough weight to at least cover his first two or three ribs, I’ll bet he stops looking for food all the time and would never have chewed through the top quality dog food storage bins I got about a year ago.

But he has, and in a matter of minutes – so until then urgent improvements were needed!

Keep him out of the kitchen I can hear you all saying – well, yes – but easier said than done unless you have eyes in the back of your head or shut the dog away – something I just don’t believe in doing particularly with a young dog who spent pretty much his whole life up till now shut in a kennel.

Having never been out of a kennel before, this pup is now reveling in using his brain. He can already open doors, not just pushing them open but using the handles if you please and he’s worked out how to do the same with the refrigerator, now stuck shut with duct tape.

The kitchen cupboards are easy meat and I really should have taken a picture of the clever and artistic bread flour patterns he left on the floor… all through the house!

The door to the utility room has never had a lock on it and having gotten into the kitchen, well the plastic canisters were history – luckily the canisters were almost empty so he really didn’t get much of a reward for his neat tooth-work, but we had to swop to something a lot stronger.

As I went through the process already, it seemed sense to use my own post on choosing dog food canisters to find something stronger. This time we’ve opted for a set of metal canisters rather than plastic, let’s see if he can get his snags through those – I’ll sure be posting a screamer if he does!