How Good Are Halogen Ovens Really?

Sure, Halogen Ovens Cook But Are They Really Worth Bothering With?

how good are halogen ovensI’ve had a recent flurry of questions from folks asking about halogen ovens. Which is the best halogen oven, how good are halogen ovens to cook with, which model do I currently have or recommend – and basically are halogen ovens worth the space they take up on the counter or not.

Coincidentally the fat free style of cooking used with halogen oven cooking has been very much in vogue here for the last few weeks as a battle with some unwanted bulges became necessary!

Any ideas or diets for losing weight loss seems to get passed around faster than flu, yet this one understated and seemingly invisible cooking gadget removes the need to add any fat to cooking – not even to chips.

Making the decision to tone up slack muscles and lose a few pounds isn’t easy for a foodie, especially when the weather stops you walking and running for weeks on end. Turning indoors for ideas I ended up with the smallest available Kettlebells, and cooking without fat or sugar for a few weeks – which is where the cooking in a halogen oven comes into it.

If you’re in a hurry and just want your halogen oven questions answered plus the pro’s and con’s of cooking with one, then hit the link there – you can skip the gory details of exercise as well…

We all ate well (though I admit to smaller portions) but the pounds did melt off, just by putting the frying pan away and cooking fancy roast potatoes without fat. Oh, and having less of them, which is easier when your muscles are still on fire from a meeting with the Kettlebells!

Halogen ovens have been around for years and after a lowly start on shopping channels, have progressed through being given away as the consolation prize on game shows to where they are now, which is popular with those of us who have one.

I absolutely agree with you, the big round glass bowls do look more like a fish bowl than an oven, but I can say truthfully hand on heart that a substantial number of friends and callers at the house have seen it in action, and got themselves one within the week. Why? They cook brilliantly and save on energy bills is why.

How often do you put the oven on for anything up to an hour, to roast a chicken? Here we cook with chicken on average once a week – and a lot of that time we roast it. It used to frustrate me waiting for the oven to heat up, never mind the cost, but over time it trickles into your head that for small items, you’re heating a large space for little return.

And The Best Halogen Oven Is?

the best halogen ovenI’ve got a Secura Halogen Oven by the way, and if you click the link you’ll find a full review including why I think it’s the best halogen oven on the market, and also the easiest to use.

I know we used to fry chicken and a whole lot else, but there’s no getting away from the fat issues and yes, we still have fried chicken, but only once a month or so.

Mainly where I’d fry in the past now it gets whatever marinade or breadcrumb coating I’ve made before being tossed into the halogen. Other than turning once, you get much the same result – less the fat oozing out when you drain it! And checkout the french bread garlic toast pictured here, you can cook virtually anything in these, and boy does it all crisp up well.

Cooking with halogen ovens isn’t a diet on its own, but it presents you with a healthy fat free option on cooking more or less anything you can think of without adding anything to it – I know it sounds odd, but that’s how they cook best, hot, fast and fat free.

The jeans fit like a dream again and to my own surprise, I’m still using the mini-weights every day. But a lot of the thanks also go to cooking and eating carefully without adding fat or sugar and for that, top prize to the futuristic glass bowl that fancies itself as a cooker!

So How Good Are Halogen Ovens?

Not wanting to sound like a politician who can’t ever give a straight answer –  very good indeed and yes, they are worth the counter space!

If you haven’t already realized, I’m a complete halogen oven convert and can’t imagine being in the kitchen without one. To me this is one of about four kitchen gadgets I wouldn’t want to be without and I’d replace them in a trice, they are kitchen assistants of the finest quality, only not paid by the hour and if you use oven gloves they don’t bite back either.

Halogen Oven Recipes

secura halogen oven sticky lemon chicken recipeThese are quite few and far between on the Internet, though there are plenty of good recipe books available specific to cooking with  halogen ovens.

One thing I cook in it regularly is sticky lemon chicken, so if you’ve already taken the plunge and got the oven but find you’re stuck for recipes, try that for starters – kids love it and it works great cold at parties too.

Hopefully between the post discussing which is the best halogen oven, advantages and disadvantages of using them and the Secura Turbo Oven Review, most of your questions will be taken care of.

But if there’s anything else I can help with, or you have a specific cooking question, just drop a comment below or hit the contact button and I’ll get back to you with a day or less when possible.

P.S. There’s more on my muscles meeting with the kettlebells and how to go about some easy toning exercises without leaving the kitchen – even toning your own chicken wings while you cook the legs…

Posted by Meggy
March 03, 2014