Kitchen Cooking Gadgets

Prep Done? Now The Kitchen Cooking Gadgets Take Over

Kitchen cooking gadgets take over when the peeling, slicing and chopping is done and its time to get creative with pots and pans.

kitchen cooking gadgets There are plenty of great inexpensive kitchen gadgets to support your creative cooking endeavors by helping out in numerous little ways. The links take you to other posts on my site.

The gadgets below are only the ones commonly used in my own kitchen and to feature here or be recommended to you, they have to perform well.

Either they help with the cooking process in some way, or they save cleaning up time, clearing away and washing up after cooking is something I just totally hate doing.

Silicone Spill Savers

silicone spill stopper Pasta and milk used to be the two main culprits in my kitchen until I found these cheery Spill Stoppers.

What a brilliant idea, five stars to the designer of such a clever concept, because these work exactly as advertized and that alone is increasingly rare!

Gone are the days of mopping up milk, no more watching the pasta then getting distracted just as it foams and spits out over the top.

Most important advantage? No more stripping down the cooker to clean it up afterwards.

Lid Sid Pot Watchers

lid sidLid Sids are another smart silicone sidekick to your cooking and are pretty much self explanatory.

They control steam by holding your saucepan lids up enough to stop dripping and boiling over and being a simple concept, they work. If you’re looking for stocking fillers which are more than fluff and nonsense, Sid is a good buddy to have in your draw.

Keep in mind that Sid is a steam watcher, to stop milk shooting over the top, see the spill stoppers above.

Food Savers

food saversFor cold food or leftovers, you need to cover it and preferably with an airtight seal. Based on flowers, these keyword in here are a very pretty and very functional solution.

They come in several different flowers including Hibiscus and Lily Pad’s, plus they offer several sizes – and you can buy them as singles or as sets of three or four.

You can find all these on the Fun Kitchen Gadgets post.

Silicone Cooking Sheets & Pastry Mats

siliconecooking sheetsWhen it comes to baking in the main oven I’ve given up using parched paper since discovering silicone pan liners. I’ve also largely given up cleaning the oven because using a silicone oven saver, means I don’t have to.

These silicone baking sheets come in a huge variety of sizes and shapes including on a roll that you can cut to your own size. If I had to pick one thing that has saved some serious cleaning time – not to mention the delicate peeling of dry parchment off food, it would have to be these.

There’s also a great selection of silicone pastry mats, magic for kneading dough on or rolling your pastry out on, many of which have recipes and handy hints imprinted on them – a great gift for anyone who cooks.

Small & Unusual Cooking Appliances

cuisinart 5 1 griddlerLovers of griddle cooked food and Panini’s will surely want the Cuisinart 5 1 Griddler – well I do and I’m going to have one too! This model really is a six in one cooker with multi function plates that flip over to flat on the reverse side.

But what I really like are the snap in waffle plates you can buy for it, they have lovely deep pockets for perfect Belgian Waffles at the whizz of a whisk.

My buddy has the earlier model which she let me use to cook on, because I really love the look of it. Having used it, having eaten waffles made on it. as I said, I’m in love with this griddler!

Two other kitchen cooking gadgets that are not as mainstream as others were both impulse buys, yet are still out on the worktop and one or the other is used almost every day.

Halogen Ovens Are A Real Innovation

hinged lid halogen ovenMy first first is a hinged lid halogen oven made by Secura, which I bough on impulse having read a review on a UK site for a brand called Andrew James. There’s an in depth look at these great little appliances in the post ‘What Is A Halogen Oven‘.

Well it arrived, a large glass fishbowl which seemed to take up an extraordinary amount of space. In all honesty, couldn’t see me putting up with it cluttering up the kitchen.

Wow was I wrong – and I can say hand on heart not a day goes by without it being used for something.

Not suited to everyone, if a halogen oven can be made to work for you then they are worth their weight in savings and more. They also cook food superbly well and in less time than conventional ovens.The Secura-798dh-Infrared-Turbo-Oven has some really cool features including NO added FAT cooking – click on the link to read my full review.

Set It Forget It Rotisserie Ovens

set it forget it rotisserieIf you love rotisserie cooked meats and chicken, then one of the new home rotisseries may be just what you’re looking for.

As a family we love barbecues and hate the cold wet winter weather that forces us inside. However a set it and forget it rotisserie oven in the kitchen frees up time, plus it makes the former possible everyday, even during the latter!

These home models are nothing like big restaurant ones, they are amazingly petite.  So petite, I’ve now got two because the first one (Baby George Foreman) just wasn’t big enough for family meals – I have hungry kids! We got a Cuisinart Digital Touchpad Vertical (all singing and dancing). At least now we have a spare to take on vacation.

Fantastic Low Fat Family Food Every Time

They turn out fantastic low fat healthy food every time and there is something incredibly moist and moreish about rotisserie chicken – did you know rotisserie oven cooking is totally self-basting? Marinate or dry rub then onto the spit it goes and after you set the dial, job done, just be safety conscious and keep an eye on it.

One tip given to me that I now follow every time, is to add a marinade to fresh meat and poultry before freezing.
You can find my reviews and more about the advantages of digital touchpad rotisseries right here.

Vacuum Sealers For Food

vacuum sealers for foodI use a Vacuum Sealer For Food to keep anything liable to stay in the freezer more than a week or so. You can add weeks to the shelf life of your refrigerated fresh food and months to frozen food by using an inexpensive food vacuum sealer to remove the air.

By adding a marinade or herbs before freezing then vacuum sealing, you’ll get a great flavor without having to marinade overnight, just thaw and return to room temperature then cook.

By the way these food vacuum sealers and the bags are not for Sous Vide, they need special special seals which hold firm in the hot water bath.

Cheap & Cheerful Is Cool – As Long As They Work!

So as you can see, there are plenty of other gadgets for the kitchen that get my vote, including these cheap and cheerful microwave omelet makers – the more expensive Joie makes a good practical gift idea for a single person – or anyone on the go all day, who needs a light yet nourishing lunch.

Do check back now and again, cooking and kitchen cooking gadgets are always innovating and I try to get hold of the latest time saving products available – and of course, it’s always good to have visitors.

Any updates will be posted here and on Kitchen Gadget Gossip, the site blog. You might also like to check out the other pages – links are posted below.