Microwave Omelet Maker

From A Microwave Omelet Maker – Fast, Fragrant And Fluffy!

microwave omelet makerIf you’ve had a bad taste left in your mouth from microwaved omelets – but love the fast convenience of a healthy meal in minutes, then read on, because after a lot of hit and miss purchases, I reckon I’ve got these things nailed!

Let me say I’m with you on the plastic aroma that you can’t wash away, but my microwave omelet maker serves up golden, fluffy, fragrant home-cooked microwaved omelets within minutes and not a whiff of anything, but what there should be.

My choice of filling, or have them plain – then chuck the container in your dishwasher, lunch is served! Divine with fresh crusty home baked bread. Yum.

Sounds too good to be true?  Then read on!

This was a popular post when it was published and still gets a lot of folks reading it now, but it continues to surprises me that the Joie Omelet Maker turned out to be one of the best selling items from the site in 2013, with not a single return. If you’ve never seen or used these before, you are missing a healthy fast food lunch that can be so many different combinations, packed lunches and picnics are no longer the old headache and scramble in the fridge. Just add beaten eggs, seasoning and microwave.

joie omelet makerHaving just bought my second Joie omelet maker (plus two more for Christmas gifts – I’m really starting early this year…) it seems the right thing to share what these are plus what you can put in them – variety is the spice of life after all.

Silicone Microwavable Omelet Makers Don’t Taste Of Plastic

With the cheaper options, some reviewers on Amazon do complain of a plastic taste – you know the yucky new kettle taste I mean? Well I’ve experienced that once, with what I thought was a bargain in the local store for $1 or something.

Never again – nuff’ said? Spend a little more, go for omelets made in silicone products and you won’t have to rinse you mouth out, just enjoy the omelet.

The only other thing to mention is your microwave oven’s power – the only way you’ll get a horrid rubber texture is by overcooking and thinking you’ve followed the manufacturers instructions. Go to 80% power if that happens, or reduce the cook time.

My favorite is the most expensive at around $27. Okay, I concede the omelet probably doesn’t taste millions better than a $7 product, but it is just so nice to use and eat from. We take ours in the camper van for long weekends away. Yep, always find a site with access to power!

The Joie Microwave Omelet in a Pot, looks and feels like real quality in your hands – so if you’re looking for a very thoughtful gift which works and will give pleasure, this qualifies. Ideal for singles and is perfect for older folks too – very easy to hold and use.

This funky kitchen gadget is made from ceramic and it seals well – no spill so far anyway. Very hygienic – just cook and eat either from the delightful pot or plate it up. There is no taste of anything except very fluffy omelets.

silicone omelet makerWith my Joie, normally a two egg omelette is more than enough, especially when other ingredients are added. I add two teaspoons of grated cheese and hey presto – I have a tasty cheesy meal – try adding half a teaspoon of chutney before cooking – yum.

The more usual plastic or silicone microwave omelet makers work brilliantly well in their own right and I have several of these silicone Sunflower BPA Free Omelet Makers shown here in lime green.

Why several? Because they’re so popular for winter lunches at work and my husband forgets to bring it home again – no clean pan, no fresh piping hot omelet for lunch, so three solves that problem!

If you meant why lime green, I’ve got a lot of lime green kitchen accessories,  just in love with the color I guess, so fresh and spring like. One word of warning – do watch your microwave oven power settings – check and adjust because if you don’t you can theoretically melt one of these.

Lekue Omelette Maker

Lekue Microwave Omelet MakerThe other microwave omelet maker worth having is this one by Lekue. Looking like kissable lips, I got one really as a comparison with the other two and because it kind of jumps out at you – I don’t think it comes in anything but Lekue’s signature red.

Performance wise it does what it promises and turns out perfect fluffy omelets in about 2 minutes – a bit longer if you are adding onions and peppers. The advice with this omelet maker is for the veggies to go in first and cook, then add the eggs and cook for another 2 minutes, which makes perfect sense and it’s true, I have to keep any vegetable additions chopped quite small in the Joie if they are to cook enough.

Some reviewers of the Lekue Omelette Maker have had rubbery smells and texture – if that happens adjust the time and/or the power, basically you’ve overcooked it!

Hearty Meal Needed?

Spanish omelet is a full meal on its own and one I usually cook in the pan for all of us, however you can easily replicate it in miniature. Just add chopped cooked bacon or ham and a few mushroom pieces – a few small bits of salad potatoes too.

For a quick and tasty summer dinner or lunch, add your choice of herbs and make as above (without the potato) chill well.

Now chop into bite sized bits then mix with cooked chilled wild rice and chopped tomatoes for a delicious health lunch – great with ham or chicken cuts if you need a larger meal. I use it in this way for my Sushi dishes which are all without the fish! Just make sushi rolls as you usually do – I use this Sushezi sushi roller, and add the chopped or sliced omelet to your filling.

Alternatively as shown at the top, cool and add your choice of filling – cream cheese works well with salad and is superb with salmon…now roll and using a sharp knife, cut into bite sized mini egg rolls. Serve with a potato salad, or saute baby potatoes with freshly ground salt and a little butter.

Progressive International Omelet Maker

progressive international omelet makerThese are all round good value, particularly as a trial run for anyone using the microwave to make an omelet for the first time.

I like the Progressive International Omelet Maker which, at under $7, is a good way to go.

Easy to use, a four egg capacity allows the cook a bit of slopping room on the way to the microwave, without the slippery spillage – which is also why these make such practical gifts for college students too!

Verdict On Useability

There are a fair number of gadgets for the kitchen that don’t work – but these do. For fast healthy food, a microwave omelet maker does take a bit of beating, and I’m an old cynic who loves her frying pan – but these days only to make fancy deep Spanish omelet not for a quick hot lunch.

In conclusion, you don’t need to spend more than a few dollars to get a great microwave omelet maker, just make sure it is certified as safe and odor free and if it isn’t, send it back! If you want something nice and durable to take to work and eat out of, or for a gift, then the Joie is a joy to use (sorry) and won’t spill egg in the car or your bag – just remember to chop the veg up small!

If you have one of these – or have any questions, just drop your comment in the box below and I’ll get back to you – within a day and often faster.