My Must Have Kitchen Gadgets List – What Would Be On Yours?

Which Must Have Kitchen Gadgets Are On Your List?

must have kitchen gadget essentialsThe funny thing with kitchen accessories and gadgets is how many of them do the same job in a different way, I mean how many ways are there to slice a tomato? Yep, plenty!

The trick with equipping your kitchen particularly when space is tight, is of course finding which is the most efficient and easiest to use, those that clean up fast – essential in my book and finally which you can easily fit into a cupboard because I swear with some stand mixers you need an extension building to house all the bits.

Because I’m interested in cooking and gadgets of all sorts, a book on British Victorian faming and another on Victorian era cooking found their way into my Christmas stocking and they make totally fascinating reading – totally in love with the earliest egg incubator, these people were really ingenious problem solvers – yet they didn’t have much to work or cook with in terms of materials.

The first ‘home deli slicer’ was a simple wooden frame which had a sort of manual push-pull blade fitted in the frame – there was a lot of effort needed to operate them, but they worked!

Only the most successful of these designs made it through those years here or in the UK, meaning a lot of the better and most essential gadgets for the kitchen are just as important to us now – modernized a bit naturally!

Reading about how necessity really was the mother of their inventions got me thinking about which kitchen gadgets are the most essential and which I could do without. I don’t mean like the Victorians did or historians who go live like that for a year have to do, but here today in everyday use – which would cause the most hair to be pulled out if they weren’t available?

That seems like a simple enough exercise to do in your head until you put a limit of 10 on the number of kitchen gadgets and accessories you can have – then it absolutely isn’t! So if I was going to be a castaway (with a modern kitchen) which 10 would go to the dessert island?

This exercise is easier if you are currently under a blanket of snow and have no power – you start to think in survival mode then! It will also keep you occupied for a while and help you (almost) forget just how darned cold you are.

My Must Have Kitchen Gadgets List

  • Bread Machine
  • Kettle
  • Potato Peeler
  • Can opener
  • Very good knife
  • Secura Halogen Oven
  • Ceramic Fry Pan
  • Large Silicone Muffin Mold
  • Food Thermometer – can do without a timer with one of these!
  • Kitchen Mandoline Slicer with several blades

There are so many left off there, like a whisk, scales, juicer etc, but those you can manage without – something to peel fruit and veggies with, you can’t.

For me, probably Kitchen Mandolines are the most versatile tool, I mean they julienne, slice, grate and some have spiral curly veg blades too – ideally you’d always have a protective glove on, but ten items? Something had to go! If you want to read more about using a mandoline slicer to save prep time – just click the link to read the post which covers safety as well.

Followed by the ceramic fry pan which doubles as a saucepan for most things, and the bread machine – without that I’d be a very grumpy person indeed and the family wouldn’t be any too happy either.

Originally I had poultry scissors on the list, then realized that meant doing without my Secura Halogen Oven which is utterly unthinkable, and with a mandoline to hand the most delicious potato gratin is a breeze. In fact most things get cooked in the halogen oven these days so leaving it was was a huge oversight.

We Hate Store Bought Bread!

By the way if you’re still eating tasteless bread, you really should go have a look at the post on bread machines, they are possible the best invention ever because not only do you get great tasting bread, you get to save moolah too.

Our ancestors had it tough just to get things done, the laundry used to take all day! It sure makes you think about how lucky we are to have such a wide array of labor savers and time efficient tools, though I guess few of us have all day to wash clothes!

Posted by Meggy
February 12, 2014