Part Cook Food Before Barbecuing For Better Results

Do You Part Cook Food Before Barbecuing?

Part Cook Food Before BarbecuingLazy hazy fun afternoons with an outdoor barbecue are the best way to spend free time in the summer. At the beach or in the garden, charcoal grilled food can’t be beaten for flavor, especially if you marinade it overnight first and then part cook food before barbecuing – truly it works, so read on.

This year we’ve done things a bit differently and we won’t be going back to my husband’s old style of cooking raw food from scratch on a gas or charcoal grill. As it really has worked out so well, I’d like to share what we do with you – though I’m sure a lot of folks had this figured out already.

By part cooking chicken, ribs or chops first, then finishing on the grill for that smoked flavor, the results have been incredibly good – way better tasting meat which has kept that succulent tenderness we all love, plus that irreplaceable barbecued taste – and best of all you don’t have to burn the outside to get it cooked through inside.

I’ve known for years that pre cooking food for a barbecue makes sense for lots of reasons, but obviously not being in charge of barbecuing means you don’t get listened to…

We had a party early in the summer when the weather made it impossible to get the coals going early enough to cook all the food in enough time to feed everyone who was expected – this finally forced his hand and reluctantly he handed over the tucker.

Various cuts of meat, chicken and sausages went into the countertop oven, under the grill and into the rotisserie in a desperate attempt to look more in command of feeding everyone than we were. It worked like a dream and pretty much saved the day, by the time the food was part cooked the sun was out, the coals were hot and husband had a smile restored – along with his grilling fork and apron.

lazy hazy summer afternoons

Having found such an easy way to save enough time to enjoy our own party (and cook better tasting food), husband is now pretending it was his idea all along and we’ve done a lot more outdoor cooking than ever, lighting up at least twice a week now. Because where before food just took too long to cook, now it can be three quarters done while the coals heat up and feeding a hungry family twenty minutes after that.

By using different marinades and making use of different herbs, garlic, wine and citrus fruits, you can have a different meal every night of the summer, and all much healthier than store bought, which always have too much salt or sugar – and often too much of both.
If there’s one tip for better barbecues it’s to part cook the food first – try it, and you’ll see.