Secura 798dh Infrared Turbo Oven Review

Secura 798dh Infrared Turbo Oven Review

Model: 798dh
Review Author: Meggy Harley

Review Date: May 15, 2013

Rating: Secura 798dh Infrared Turbo Oven Review RatingSecura 798dh Infrared Turbo Oven Review RatingSecura 798dh Infrared Turbo Oven Review RatingSecura 798dh Infrared Turbo Oven Review RatingSecura 798dh Infrared Turbo Oven Review Rating (4.8 / 5)

Summary: The Secura 798dh Infrared Turbo Halogen Oven offers added security with the attached lid, plus an extension ring – making it the safest and most flexible halogen ovens on the market.

Secura 798dh Features:

  • Hinged Arm Extension Device
  • Detachable Power Cord
  • Double safety power switch
  • New Design With Digital & Fan Speed Control
  • Thaws Out Frozen Foods In Minutes
  • Close To Microwave Speed With Cooking Speed
  • Low Fat Cooking – No fat or oil needed
  • Power Saving – Cooks With 80% Less Energy Than Standard Ovens
  • Standard Stainless Steel Accessories: Tong, Dual Rack, Low Rack, Extender Ring
  • Self cleaning
  • Shipping Weight: 23 lbs Rating: 1350W

Safest In Use – Secura 798dh Infrared Turbo Oven

hinged lid halogen ovenMy Secura 798dh Infrared Turbo Oven was originally bought to support a critical mass situation at Christmas – basically we didn’t have enough main oven capacity, even with the rotisserie oven being used and this halogen oven kindly provided it.

The entire family plus relatives of another branch of the family – Australians with big appetites I’d been told – were descending on us for Christmas lunch. If I could find something to cook it in.

Only the forecast of bitterly cold weather with heavy snow possible, stopped my husband from deciding to use the outdoor barbecue, but stop him it did, so a workable solution had to be found. Now plenty of these fishbowl shaped halogen ovens come through on the shopping channels, but having never been tempted to experiment, it meant some fast research then a leap in the dark.

Secura Halogen Oven Hinged Lid Model

The main selling point of the Secura Halogen Oven hinged lid model is obviously the attached lid. Now having watched a few videos with people gingerly maneuvering the sizzling hot glass off the oven to remove food, this was one juggling act to be avoided – in fact almost enough to put us off entirely, until my husband found found the better design.

Very imposing looking when we first met, the bowl itself is made of French ARCOPAL tempered glass. Designed to withstand very high temperatures without shattering, it also allows you to watch food while it cooks, and it won’t discolor even after several years of constant use – this is true, still crystal clear without even any scratches.

These little appliances are incredibly versatile and can roast, bake, grill, broil and basically do anything any oven can, only faster and in my view, largely better. If you would like to know more about how halogen ovens work generally, then don’t forget to read the post What Is A Halogen Oven as well.

hinged lid halogen ovensFeed Em’ Faster – And For Less!

Have you heard about just how fast these ovens cook? Well it’s certainly true of the Secura 798dh.

With a 1350W powered oven plus a very strong fan, mostly meals are cooked in two thirds of the time, however do take note that if the oven is full causing air to circulate less freely, maybe three quarters of the time.

You’ll notice electricity use drop quite a bit if you use one as much as we do. Halogen ovens cook at at least 75% of the electricity used by a main oven, so you really can put it on for just one small pie.

Cooks With ZERO added Fat

As with all halogen ovens – and one reason they are so popular -you don’t have to add fat to food, not even a smear, making this one of the healthiest cooking options available.

Roasted potatoes are crispy on the outside and fluffy inside, all with no fat. But when doing roasted Mediterranean style vegetables, its nice to drizzle a little oil over them for flavor – the point is, you don’t have to.

Manufacturers Like To Boast

Self Cleaning is the claim, so is it true? No, not entirely. You are provided with a wash setting, which in reality means after cooking has finished you can put hot water and detergent into the bowl and set it off for 10 minutes or so – but you still have to empty and rinse it manually.

Secura 798dh Digital ControlThough most manufacturers seem to have hung onto knobs and dials for controls, the new Secura Turbo oven has a digital control pad.

While not exactly revolutionary, the flat digital read-out is very simple to use, easy to read and makes the lid hassle free to clean.

Knowing the heat these ovens kick out it has crossed my mind the digital function might succumb to it, but so far after 1000 hours of use, it seems just fine.

Halogen Oven Accessories

There is a full set of accessories with this model, at the moment anyway. If you need extras then they can be bought separately either as a set or as you require.

How Long Does The Bulb Last?

Rated as good for 3000 hours, the original bulb is still working at roughly the 1000 hour mark. Even if they do go, halogen oven bulbs are cheap enough and easy enough to fit. In fact it’s a good idea to get and keep a spare to hand. When it does go, it won’t be just as you finish cooking!

Would I Recommend This Model To My Friends?

Absolutely, with no reservations at all and I already have. They also made two elderly relatives very happy bunnies, when given as Christmas gifts last year.

Want to know more? The link below will take you to Amazon where you can check Halogen Oven prices and read the reviews for youself.

secura hinged lid halogen oven

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