Silicone Baking Sheets

Silicone Baking Sheet Really Does Replace Parchment!

silicone baking sheetDo you do a lot of baking and cake making?

Do you still fiddle and fuss lining pans with parchment?

If the answer is yes to both questions, then you have just got to take a look at a silicone baking sheet – they replace the delicate pain-in-the-you-know-what parchment I’ve been using and cursing for years!

Silicone was introduced into our cooking utensils in the 1980 and it was like letting sunlight into the kitchen a pure liberation of color. We went as crazy for it then as we do now and bought spatulas in fuchsia pink and Tango orange for the first time, best of all the funky cake and cupcake molds.

How Did I Miss These?

I’m still trying to figure how come these silicone baking mats have been passed up and ignored (by me that is) for so long. I’ve seen them but not really figured in their value – I’d have got them in a heartbeat if I’d known – anything to avoid the delicate and frustrating task of picking bits of flaking disintegrating baking parchment off the base of delicate pastry. Baking parchment is strong enough – until you expose it to heat.

Freezer, refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher safe, silicone baking sheets are also non-stick, non-staining, cold and heat resistant to extreme temperatures – what more can you ask?

If you stop and think about it, silicone is a manufacturers dream and allows them to design and make some brilliant new modern tools like flexible chopping boards, fun jelly and cupcake molds – the list is pretty long. There are now several specialist silicone manufacturers taking advantage of silicone in this way and making a variety of these thin and wonderfully flexible pan liners in a whole range of sizes.

Of course you can use them to line a baking tray for cookies, bread, pies, or a roast meal, but there are several more kitchen prep jobs they help speed along – rolling out pastry, fantastic for kneading bread dough, brilliant with cookies, just don’t try cutting on them – kids will be kids and won’t realize!

conimar kitchen pastry matSilicone Pastry Mats Make Great Gifts

The Conimar Non-Stick Silicone Pastry Mat is the gift I received from a friend. And I love using it so much I’ll be giving these to friends as seasonal and birthday gifts this year myself – this is an inexpensive but excellent gift for anyone who is a keen cook.

Absolutely nothing sticks to this mat, its a dream to use – and I can see how it really helps having measurements presented in such a simple yet useful way – once you’ve used one to roll pastry out on, I promise you’ll be hooked!

Made in the US,  the Conimar 24in Pastry Mat is large by comparison to many at 18” x 24”, giving you plenty of room to work with. You can knead dough and roll out cookie dough and pastry without ever running out of non-stick working space. I don’t think the measurements will be useful to a seasoned cook – but for a new and inexperienced cook, they can help a lot. The Conimar has plenty of competition so shop around.

silicone baking sheet setSilicone Baking Sheet Sets

This Silicone Baking Liners 3-Pack By MIU was bought to line baking trays and pan’s with – there are probably more than 100 different silicone baking mats to choose from, some come on a roll so you can cut to personal size.

Since getting a specific set to bake with, I reckon I’ve saved at least an hour in cutting, folding, greasing and then fitting paper parchment to pans.

You don’t need oil or cooking sprays helping out with endless calorie war – and because these are reusable hundreds of times, you save money on rolls of parchment paper too.

You can also buy silicone oven liners which sure cuts down time spent doing the worst job in the kitchen. I can’t vouch for these personally yet, we use the halogen oven for mostly everything except big family gatherings. But do you know, I might well buy one before the winter seasonal family parties get going.

If you’ve got one in your oven, be kind and drop a comment below – let me know how they go would you? I worry about the lack of a raised edge meaning grease etc just flows off the sides and makes it a bit pointless.

I often feel quite sad when an old way of doing things has been surpassed by new technology or materials, but do you know what – I’m absolutely delighted to kiss my rolls of fiddly flaky baking parchments and heavy wood pastry board a fond farewell.