Simplehuman Soap Dispenser Still Dispensing Soap

The Simplehuman Soap Dispenser Is A Winner!

simplehuman soap dispenserLooking for an automatic soap dispenser that works? Well I’m absolutely delighted to report that now more than six months on, the Simplehuman Soap Dispenser is still dispensing soap to order and has not shown any signs of willfully shooting soap out as soon as one’s back is turned, like a slippery poltergeist you can never catch in the act.

Finally I think we’ve got us a winner!

That might sound like an overenthusiastic accolade right? Wrong! Cleaning up liquid soap drips is and always has been my least favorite household job. Cleaning up after the dog whatever she’s done is a pleasure compared to soap drips that have been there a few days – I just hate it.

So as you’d expect, when automatic soap dispensers first came onto the market we were at the front of the line. With kids and dogs one thing you do all day long is wash your hands – and leave a darned soap drip or two every time.

My specialism is teaching computer science including programming and sensors, so you really would think I’d have known there would be some teething problems with the motion control part!

The issue hasn’t been getting sensors which are good enough, there’s plenty of them, just look in your car. The trick has been in manufacturing sensors good enough to work for more than a month and cheap enough to allow products like the Simplehuman soap dispenser to be affordable to us, the consumer.

There’s always been these accurate $300 automatic soap dispensers available, but not a big queue to buy them. Expensive automatic motion sensitive soap dispensers have been available for years, but not in the price bracket households are willing to pay – now they are, and the one from Simplehuman really works well.

sensor soap dispensers beat  slimeCarrying on from above, this is our second adventure into trying sensor controlled soap, the first being an experiment which at first thrilled me with the prospect of no more soapy mess to clean up, then disappointed beyond belief when it developed bad habits.

It was shooting soap out everywhere, and even when the room was empty leaving slimy evidence of a total lack of control -back it went! An back we went to slime trails, but at least they got made by humans.

Back then I was desperate enough to take a replacement in the hope it was a one off faulty model but exactly the same happened at around the same time, which meant a fault that wasn’t anything like sorted out.

It wasn’t just us, as the idea caught on and more people bought them, so did the number or reviews – many of them very funny, they too had a slippery ghost in the house!

Anyway, if you’re looking to avoid smelly soap puddles and want to know if any of these work, yes they sure do! Of all the gadgets bought last year, this may have been the one which took away the most loathed task, for which I’m eternally grateful.

Want to read more? Checkout the Simplehuman Soap Dispenser review, the link there takes you to the post and a more fulsome factual discussion. Well okay, it probably reads more like an over the top love letter, but that’s because the product works, and one of my real dislikes in the daily grind of life has finally gone.

What you can take from today’s post is that after six months pretty constant use, it still works as well as the day it arrived and I’m now a convinced fan of Simplehuman products – their garbage can is awesome too, but that’s for another unromantic post, where Gadgets For The Kitchen gets down and grubby with the garbage for you.

For now, happy cooking, cleaning and hand washing to all of you!