Small Kitchen Gifts For Friends

Small Kitchen Gifts – A Few Ideas

small kitchen giftsChoosing gifts with a cooking theme is usually more a question of  finding small kitchen gifts with a bit of class – you know, ones that don’t look like they came out of a Christmas cracker!

Well there’s a lot of great gadgets for the kitchen that make perfect small gifts for keen cooks right here on the site – but scattered about like snowflakes in the wind – so this kinda pulls them together.

If something interests you the links will take you to the relevant post right here on the site, not to an e-commerce site.

A Quiet But Timely Word About The Animals!

Let me be right up front here on the subject of animal themed kitchen timers – they are variable in whether they work or not. If you’re happy to get and return a few until you find a cow that actually moos, well that’s fine – but you have been warned!

Looking For Fun Kitchen Gadgets?

For Fun Kitchen Gadgets and themes, Fred n Friends products are well know for their humorous twist and one prezzie from their range has proved so popular when I gave it to a friend for her water bottle, it spread around our whole staff room, several people use them now.

The Wine’O cool bag for wine is one cool cooler and for sure, it’s going to find its way into one or two more Christmas stockings this year.

silicone kitchen pastry matA kitchen accessory you may not have thought of – how about a  Silicone Baking Sheet or pastry mat?

These are awesome to folk who hate peeling parchment off cakes and cookies, and the silicone dough and pastry mats make rolling pastry or kneading dough much easier – it simply won’t stick to the mat.

If I had to pick five of the most useful kitchen gadgets for a list, the pastry mat and at least one silicone pan liner would be on it. Silicone oven liners aren’t the most romantic of presents, but if your friend hates cleaning as much as I do…

Slicing And Curling!

We all have to peel, chop and slice so if your gift is for a practical person, the Paderno veggie spiral maker will be welcomed in anyone’s kitchen – it’s here on the post about the best mandoline slicer. Kitchen mandolines do make great gifts, but I’d caution against giving one to an inexperienced cook  – the blades are terribly sharp.

the best apple peelerIf you have a friend who does a lot of cooking and preserving, jams that sort of thing, take a look at this magic and funky apple peeler – it makes a lovely gift.

Really easy to use and strangely addictive once you start, even kids are keen to get in on the action – and once you use what I think is the best apple peeler on the market, you’ll know why.

Kitchen Storage Canisters – Always Welcome

Kitchen canisters and canister sets come in all shapes and sizes, from bold ceramic designs with intense colors through to inexpensive large jars, with quite a few retro containers for the 70’s look.

For The Passionate Bread Baker

the best bread machine for home useBread machines have come a long way in the last twenty years and now turn out perfect loaves every time. You might think that they are expensive – but they really aren’t and you can get one for under $50. If a friend is a keen cook but doesn’t have a bread machine, this is a gift that will delight them for years to come, so go have a read of The Best Bread Machine for Home Use and treat someone special today.

Still on the subject of bread, if the gift is for a friend who bakes bread, an invaluable gadgets is a Bread Slicer Guide. Until finding one at an auction by accident I didn’t know they existed, now we wouldn’t be without one.

Evenly cut slices and normal shaped sandwiches have been a breeze, plus the whole loaf gets used without leaving a wasteful wedge. One little word of caution, some of these work better than others!

Single Serve Coffee Machines Make Hot Gifts

Breville Gourmet Single-Serve Coffeemaker with Iced-Beverage FunctionLoved by a whole lot of people for a whole lot of different reasons, these make absolutely the perfect gift for swinging singles, students, home workers who don’t want to leave their ‘office’, teachers whose colleagues also love it… and anyone who loves a freshly brewed cup of coffee, but doesn’t need the whole jug.

I got one as a gift and just love the coffee that comes out of it. Rich, no bitterness and ready in minutes – one of my personal favorite gifts and one I’d replace in a heartbeat if it died on me – yep this one I really love.

Actually being totally honest, I have two, one at home in my office and one at work. They are different makes and both make exceptional coffee, so if you think this might be the one, checkout what I think are the top single serve coffee maker machines and why.

Counting Calories?

One indispensable kitchen gadget for those trying to keep themselves in trim is a cooking oil spritzer. Do you know how many calories are in a tablespoon of olive oil? Well, 120 is how many, and by using an oil sprayer for cooking you can cut that to about 5 per spray – well worth doing! Go read the post, these are worth their weight in gold and make super useful little gifts for those embarking on a diet.

Sushi Making Kits

sushi chef sushi making kitNow Home Sushi Making Kits are a great gift and if a friend hadn’t given me one as a birthday gift I would never have had the pleasure of making my own sushi – which we’ve carried on doing.

The problem for those of us uninitiated into making sushi from a young age, is we don’t have a clue about the fusion of flavors coming from the sauces – and you can so easily get it horribly wrong.

With a kit, it’s all done for you, of course the fresh ingredients you buy for yourself. If the gift is for a keen cook and they haven’t made sushi before, they will love one of these.

Probably my all time stock small kitchen gadget gift is the Tea Duckie – details on the Fun Kitchen Gadgets page.

Care For Some Tea Duckie?

Tea Duckie Tea InfuserThis is such a lovely idea – inexpensive, cute and it works really well, bobbing around on the surface as your tea brews underneath.

Anyone who drinks fruit tea, green tea – or any kind of tea, will adore Tea Duckie – a great ‘token’ gift which will mean a lot to the recipient – perfect for kid’s to give a teacher.

I used to get caught out frequently with colleagues who are also friends, I work in a big school and there are quite a lot of them! With a lot going on, I can never remember to check whose birthday is when, so in desperation a few gifts like this went in my locker, with some cards and now it’s easy to pluck something out and make a friends day better. You can find it in Fun Kitchen Gadgets.

The next idea was given as a gift from my brother, whose wife bought one and loved it, so got one for me.

So, my final offering of awesome small kitchen gifts for friends, or just to say ‘thank you’, is the Garlic Peeler Rolling Tube made by Zac. These really are magic – I wouldn’t buy one for myself because of the price for what I saw as a bit of cheap and crappy plastic – but don’t you be a fool like me, checkout the post and my advice is to get one for yourself as well!

Kitchen Storage Solutions Can Be Funky

flat fold colanderIf you have a friend who struggles for space in their kitchen, then how about some funky hooks to hang pots from, they come in some really cool designs and give a professional finish to kitchens – or how about these magic fold flat colanders or collapsible mixing bowls?

They are made in either plastic or silicone and come in a range of different sizes. Look at Joseph Joseph or Squish for inspiration and vivid colors  – click the link to read the post.

Still Stuck?

There’s a round up of what’s hot and what’s not in the kitchen gadget niche on the site, so if you haven’t found anything to ring your bells yet, go check on what other reckon are the best selling kitchen gifts – these are the hot sellers of last year on one post and some are still rising.

I hope you found something that solves you quest, but even if you haven’t found exactly the right small kitchen gift from this selection, with a bit of luck one of these has inspired some ideas.

If you’ve got any questions or ideas of other small kitchen gifts which are perfect for friends or just to say ‘thank you’, then I’d love to hear from you – just drop a comment below.