Sourdough Bread Recipe With Olives And Rosemary

Sourdough Bread Recipe With Olives And Rosemary

sourdough bread recipe with olives and rosemarySecond in the sourdough recipe series, if you want a loaf that celebrates summer with you then this is it. The fragrant aroma of rosemary and olives will fill your kitchen, and while this sourdough bread recipe with olives and rosemary bakes, you can prepare an outdoor lunch.

Very easy to make once you have the starter, it’s delicious served with salads, cheeses and Mediterranean style meals.

For anyone still looking for the perfect bread for mopping up the juices from roasted sweet red peppers with tomato and garlic – you’ve found it!

Truly a marriage of flavors from heaven, we love this bread at the weekend with salad style meals, and I know anyone who loves artisan bread is going to really adore this golden loaf, punctuated by juicy olives.

If you don’t have a starter, click here for the recipe – you’ll need to wait a week or so for it to be ready though.

Sourdough Sponge – make at least 12 hours in advance

  • 2 ½ fl oz Sourdough Starter
  • 4 tbsp Water
  • 3 ½ oz bread Flour

Combine the starter with the water and flour, stir gently but well and leave in a warm place overnight – 12 hours at least for the best results


  • 1 tsp chopped fresh rosemary
  • 2 tbsp olive oil (infused with the rosemary)
  • 5 tbsp water
  • 6 ½ oz bread flour
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 ½ tsp yeast
  • 4 tbsp coarsely chopped olives quartered is enough
  • 1 tbsp cornmeal to finish

Egg Wash – Optional

  • 1 egg beaten
  • 2 tsp water

* Important – 20 Minutes Before Baking!

  • Take the rosemary and oil and combine in a dish big enough to contain hot oil. Place in the microwave and heat for about 1 ½ minutes. You want the oil very hot and the rosemary just beginning to sizzle. You can use the stovetop if you wish – heat the oil slowly though.
  • Now leave the mix for the rosemary to infuse the oil thoroughly – around twenty minutes should do.
  • Remove the rosemary and discard, strain the oil if you want to – I don’t bother – and allow the rosemary infused oil to cool to lukewarm at most so you can add it to the loaf mix in a minute.

serve with salad

Method For Rosemary Olive Sourdough Bread

  • When the oil is cool enough, put the sourdough starter with all the ingredients except the olives, into the bread tin in the order suggested by your bread machine guide – basically put the yeast in first and then keep the yeast and sugar apart with the flour.
  • You need the dough setting which may or may not have an ‘add fruit’ beeper. Set for dough and press start – you need to be watchful and add more liquid or flour as necessary. Either wait for the ‘add fruit beeper’ and add the olives or wait about twenty minutes then add the olives – this step is important and should avoid the chopped olives being, err… pulverized!
  • When the dough cycle is ended, remove the dough and punch it down on a lightly floured board and allow it to rest for a few minutes – I always use a silicone baking or pastry mat for this to avoid adding too much extra flour.
  • Sprinkle cornmeal on a baking sheet, shape the dough into a round and place on the prepared sheet or alternatively sprinkle cornmeal into a 1lb baking tin or as I use, a ceramic bowl, and place into the center of that. Of course you can split up the dough at this stage and make rolls if you like.
  • Now cover and let rise again for one hour.
  • If using the wash, combine and brush over the surface at the top of the bread.
  • Make two or three slashes in the top of the bread or individual rolls with a sharp knife and put in a pre-heated oven (190C or 375F). Bake until the top is golden brown – allow 40 to 50 minutes.

Serving Suggestion: This bread is really something lightly toasted and then lightly spritzed with garlic infused olive oil and served with salad- if you’ve not tried it, give it a shot.

Enjoy and share both the recipe and a loaf with friends. Have an awesome weekend.