Sushi Chef Sushi Making Kit

Sushi Making Kit Makes Yummy Sushi Possible At Home

sushi chef sushi making kitHaving watched a food program where the presenter and guest delighted in eating raw fish, I swore sushi would never cross my fridge door, never mind land on my plate. I didn’t even know you could buy a Sushi Chef Sushi Making Kit (did you?).

Sure, I knew sushi was low fat, low calorie and very healthy eating, but raw fish? Eew.

Eat With Your Stomach Not Your Eyes!

Wow – was I wrong to turn up my nose. Of course not everyone in Japan likes and eats only fish (common sense should have told me that).

In fact the brilliantly good news for me was learning sushi is also served with cooked meat, chicken and vegetarian toppings including egg and mushroom.

Now that’s a sushi I can get stuck into.

Sushi Doesn’t Mean Raw Fish?

Being pretty uninformed on Japanese cuisine and in good company with many others, I believed Sushi actually meant raw fish which is not true at all – actually Sushi means a range of foods prepared using vinegared rice and the fillings or toppings as they are known, are usually presented as fish in the media, because it is the most well known.

There are several different ways sushi is served including the most familiar seaweed rolls, known as maki (which means rolls funnily enough), the seaweed is known as nori and it’s stuffed with the rice mixture then rolled using a sushi mat.

egg sushiNigiri Is Quite Easy To Make

Nigiri is commonly served as small hand molded clumps of rice with the topping smoothed on the top, sushi prepared like this is a more filling main meal as a rule.

For anyone dieting, I must say sushi is as filling and healthy a meal as anyone could wish for – great for diabetics too, but watch the sugar in the sauces.

Not tried this yet, but keep meaning to – Torfu. Torfu is used to make a pouch into which the toppings are stuffed (inari) and a popular party style sushi is called chirashi-zushi which translates into scattered sushi. It sounds easy-ish to have a go.

Sushi is prepared with both visual beauty and delicate fragrant flavors at the heart of it – appearance should be as appealing as flavor (OMG you should have seen the first attempt!!).

Overall taste depends on mixing and balancing elements from bitter to sweet plus sour to spicy in one dish. Easy enough for those brought up with the cuisine, but a bit more tricky otherwise.

The Sushi Chef Sushi Kit To The Rescue

sushi chef sushi making kitsIf all that balancing of tastes sounds a bit worrying, do what I did and get a Sushi Chef Sushi Kit (mine was a gift from a friend) the first time you do it – and here’s why…..

When I unpacked it and did a bit of reading, it dawned on me that most of the real flavor and therefore sushi skill if you like, is in blending the sauces to suit the meal. Doh! But basically there is no way could I have prepared such a great tasting meal from scratch first time, nor probably the twenty first time. How would I know which sauces to get?

A kit contains everything you need except the fresh toppings. So sushi rice, rice vinegar, nori, wasabi, soy, pickled ginger – all the extras you didn’t even know you needed if you’ve never made sushi before, plus the Sushi Chef kit comes ready to serve 12 people, meaning we had several goes at it before needing more supplies.

It might take a professional sushi chef 7 years to qualify, but we don’t have the time now do we! Kits really do make an incredibly skilled process doable at home with very tasty and pro looking results.

sushezi sushi made easyI Ditched The Sushi Rolling Mat

The most difficult part is making the rice, you can read more here on how to make sushi at home which covers the rice in depth. I also gave up trying to roll sushi with a mat – not just because they end up looking like rolled tortilla, mainly because the mats are so hard to get clean.

If the rolling part worries you, consider a Sushezi Sushi Made Easy  – click to read the post – which is a cute little gadget resembling a small submarine – really inexpensive, this little gem produces perfectly rolled sushi every time.

We’re still using the kits though I do now experiment, adding things like egg and mushrooms to the ingredients provided. I have now tried other kits and to be honest all of them have been pretty good, with Sushi Chef just having the edge – but hey it’s such an individual taste anyway and that is just my (and my other half’s) opinion.

Should you be one of the rare brave souls who still wants to go it alone, you’ll find some clear instructions to help you make sushi at home with no props if you click the link to good luck!

If on the other hand you like it easy and with guaranteed results, the link below offers a selection of different kits – all will give novices the edge.

sushi chef sushi making kit

If you do decide to have a go with a Sushi Chef Sushi Kit, or anything else you see and like, call back and let me know how it goes okay?

Review of The Sushi Chef Sushi Making Kit
by Review Author Meggy
May 08, 2013

Sushi Chef Sushi Making Kit 4.5 /5 stars