The Orka Oil Mister Has Hot Competition

The Orka Oil Mister Or Misto?

orka oil misterIf like me you use or want to use a cooking oil spray bottle to spritz rather than glug, you’ll discover looking around for the best oil mister is a minefield of differing opinions. I’ve sworn by the Orka Oil Mister (made by Maestro) for years, but a recent kitchen mishap has forced a replacement!

What happened? I put it on a hob whose knob must have gotten caught up and moved when I leaned against it.

The smell of melting plastic mixed with smoking oil took a while to clear through and it set every fire alarm in the house off. You live and learn – and by the way, the Orka Spray Mister is not glass!

To be honest only the reality of 120 calories per tablespoon of olive oil motivated me to an oil sprayer for cooking in the first place – the difference in how much you use is stark.

That one tablespoon carefully, parsimoniously drizzled over vegetables is enough to last a week when using a mister, and you don’t struggle to cover everything either.

best rated oil mister

Do You Still Drizzle?

There are of course disadvantages. If you use an oil mister for cooking and you aren’t careful where you spray, you’ll need to be very careful in cleaning up because if you don’t, you know what’s going to happen right?

You or someone else is going to end up sitting down hard on their best feature, or worse break a hip – so you have been warned.

Actually one of the reasons it pays to get a quality cooking oil spray bottle in the first place, is that most of the oil ends up in the pan and not in a fine elusive cloud circling around the kitchen, with you chasing after it with a cloth and soap – it’s one of the reasons I finally got an Orka (you go read the reviews of some of the others…)

Yep, done that, bought a really cheap alternative and discovered that some cheaper oil misters overdo the misting bit and basically vaporize the oil – cleaning up anything pretty much vaporizes my temper too.

The Orka Oil Mister has probably got the edge on how fine the mist is and it did perform consistently well, clogging up infrequently with a variety of different oils – it does show that tendency if your kitchen or cold room is cold enough for the oil to become cloudy and thicken. But as they all do this it pays to keep oil you want on a daily basis at room temperature ready to use.

The pump depends on air pressure you build up by pumping (no!). All these oil spritzer mister bottles perform slightly differently and in the Orka Oil Mister there isn’t a massive amount of spare space for air, which means you do have to pump frequently to maintain the pressure – but for an even fine spray its a small price to pay.

It looks sleek and smart – fooled me when I bought it as I did think it was glass and must wear my reading owlies online! I can’t really fault the Orka in any way as I had mine for several years before melting it and never thought of looking for something else – however, there is a potentially better option.

misto brushed aluminum olive oil sprayerAnd The Best Rated Oil Mister Is…

Having looked at most of them, I bought the best rated oil mister overall,which is a Misto. The Misto has outdone all the others on both price and performance which came as a bit of a surprise – it is the top selling most reviewed oil mister on Amazon so I went with the crowd – you can compare prices here.

A second reason I decided on the Misto Brushed Aluminum Olive Oil Sprayer, is because if there’s one thing brushed aluminum does well it’s hide oily smears which the Orka visibly didn’t. But if you prefer a color match to your kitchen and other accessories, there are quite a few pretty options to choose from including a delicious tomato red.

Performance wise to be utterly honest there’s not a huge amount in it. Maybe the spray is a little lighter and finer than the Orka but other than that, the Misto is just a very good cooking oil sprayer which goes where you want it to and not everywhere else, plus they cost so little, you’ll save the price of the extra oil used by drizzling in less than a month – or less if you use cooking oils as much as I do.

best misto twin packAll this brings me onto my last bit of wisdom. If you do use an oil sprayer for cooking, consider having a second one for infused oils or use it to hold alternative oil for cooking – Misto make a twin pack which is good value for money, though I’ve only found it in the brushed aluminum finish.

I use sunflower, grapeseed or canola a lot too, so it saves a lot of emptying and refilling, which is wasteful as well as time consuming.

For me, picking from these two came down to price in the end. The Orka Oil Mister does the job very well, but the popular choice and less expensive is the Misto – a pleasant surprise to find such good quality in a low priced kitchen gadget, so overall the Misto is what I’d recommend to you.

Finding Out More About Cooking Oils

And (almost) finally, if you want to find out much more about the many different oils and cooking with them, I found a site called which has all you’ll ever need to know and more about which oil to use for what, and how to eat more natural unprocessed food – a really helpful site and well worth a visit.

Cooking with oil and knowing which oil to fry with or roast with is a hotly debated subject, shrouded in smoke! In fact the rules are simple and more about cooking temperature than anything else. You can find good solid information on when to use olive oil in cooking and which is the best oil to fry with – these post cover most popular cooking oils, when to use then and what is the smoking point of each.

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