Useful Kitchen Gadget Gifts For Diabetic Friends

Healthy Gift Ideas Diabetics Will Love

useful kitchen gadget gifts for diabetic friendsWhen a close friend or family member is diagnosed with diabetes, a whole lot of changes have to happen more or less at once, and the transition can be traumatic especially in terms of diet.

Diabetics and those who care for them have to make some seismic changes in how they think about food as well as food preparation, because you have to cut sugar and salt and fat like a scythe going through a cornfield.

Tough regime to get used to at first, it does get easier and there are some kitchen gadgets which can help diabetics eat more of what they like safely – these really do make healthy gift ideas diabetics will love for several reasons, not least they produce low sugar delicious food.

I wasn’t clued up enough about diabetes to have connected the dots. Originally the advice about kitchen gadgets and appliances about to be repeated, came from an awesome diabetic specialist nurse who has helped us make the transition a lot less painful – could you resist this soft fluffy frozen fruit sorbet, garnished with fresh berries? Well with some gadgets and ideas, you don’t have to!

There’s another post here showcasing diabetic jams and other diabetic treats which don’t fall into the category of ‘gadgets’

One of the first suggestions she made was to stop buying deli cooked rotisserie cuts and instead, get a home rotisserie oven or fit a spit to the main oven and rotisserie roast our own.

set it forget it rotisserieDeli bought chicken rotisserie is inevitable loaded with sugar from the marinade, there’s also unhealthy levels of sugar and salt in commercial dry rubs, low fat though so one star for that!

You can make as many different marinades as your imagination allows, try substituting citrus juices like lime for salt – it does make acquiring a new palate that bit easier. Even meals like our favorite sticky chicken thighs which are awesome done in a rotisserie basket are not off the menu, provided the skin is removed before serving.

There’s a post on rotisseries and a review of the CuisinArt Vertical Digital Touchpad Rotisserie if you want to read more about them and get some recipe ideas too.

The next invaluable advice was to substitute ice cream with frozen fruit treats. There really isn’t a good sugar free or low sugar ice cream, mainly because it’s the sugar that gives ice cream its bulk and softness, without any sugar you’d need a drill to serve it. Of all the things mu husband missed until we got onto these, it was iced desserts in the summer – it pretty much stopped me eating them too, just couldn’t bring myself to do it in front of him.

yonanas frozen treat makerAs it happened we already had a Yonanas, bought after seeing one in operation at a barbeque. Our friends were determined their kids should eat more fruit and these treat makers are an awesome alternative to ice cream – you can read the Yonanas review here.

Some say you can get the same lovely creamy frozen dessert by freezing fruit then putting the icy chunks through a food processor – well all I can say, is you go ahead and try!

Now You’ve Cooked It, Keep It!

Finally, she suggested when I’d found the time to cook diabetic desserts – or sweet and sour chicken for example, it would pay off in time and dietary variety to cook in bulk at least enough for several meals and freeze them.

Well I’ve always made use of vacuum sealers for preserving food both in the fridge and freezer, so that’s another time saving idea which can also give dependent invalids and patients, some independence over meals if they can defrost and reheat a precooked meal when its wanted – parents evenings at school are one such occasion.

vacuum sealers for foodBecause we grow and preserve a lot of food, our vacuum sealer is a substantial beast – but the pistol style food sealer discussed here is easy to use and the bags are re-useable, worth knowing because they can be expensive.

Overall, they save a lot of cooking time and quite a bit of money on food which might otherwise get wasted.

Bread Machines For Home Baking

It isn’t only sugar that we should all watch, salt is as big an enemy of you and me as it is of folks with diabetes. We’ve always baked our own bread so didn’t need to make much of a change, but knowing that bread is one of the biggest sources of salt in a western diet means commercially baked bread has more than you need.

With a bread machine, you can regulate the salt and sugar, yes there is a chemical balance to be made, but it is surprising how much you can reduce both salt and sugar without compromising the loaf at all.

Interested? Go have a read of the post here on the best bread machine for home use where several are discussed in each price bracket – you may be surprised at how inexpensive and rewarding they really are.

Anti Fatigue Mats

anti fatigue floor matsThere is another item which my husband fell in love with immediately and that’s an anti fatigue mat.

I bought mine for the greenhouse where standing in the middle of winter for more than half an hour, is inviting frostbite. Mine’s a gel mat, his was got for the garage and workshop area where he stands, and his is a posh rubber mat, but an expensive one at that.

Suffering from diabetes has effected his feet and as with most, his circulation making standing on cold hard floors unpleasant – these anti fatigue mats for the kitchen and garage have solved that more or less entirely in that it offers him posture and foot support all day long.

They aren’t for everyone and they are relatively expensive compared to an ordinary kitchen rug, but if your loved one has problems standing for long because of diabetic issues, then for use they have been a star buy.

Buying Useful Kitchen Gadget Gifts For Diabetic Friends

If you’re thinking buying appliances as gifts isn’t very exciting, you’d be surprised at the pleasure they will bring. One thing families dealing with diabetes understand, is that you cook meals from scratch, no more casual take outs or deli cuts.

The bottom line is that if you want sugar free then you have to make it happen yourself – and I’ve found these three kitchen gadgets really have been worth their weight in gold.