Coconut Cream Substitute: The Best Alternatives!

Coconut cream is an essential component of numerous dishes, including curries and cream-based meals. Besides making the meal creamier, it also adds to the dish’s aroma and taste, enhancing its appeal even more. It’s versatile and may be used for both hearty and sweet cuisine. However, in this article, we will discuss a few of the coconut cream substitutes.

Coconut Cream Substitutes

Here’s a simple approach to replace coconut cream.

Heavy Cream 

When I run out of coconut cream, heavy cream is my preferred substitute. The truth is that it has the same texture. It’s just that along with the aroma of coconut, the distinct taste is also missing. It does make the food creamier, particularly curries and other cream-based dishes.

Be cautious while choosing the grocery store. This is because some stores might give you whipped cream instead. It’s quite distinct from whipped cream. Whipped cream is more on the solid side and less watery than its powdered counterpart. It’s only suitable for desserts as a topping, not for savory foods. I usually go with Nestle’s All-Purpose Cream or make my own from scratch using whole milk.

Because it’s simple to replace heavy cream with, I like to use it as a coconut cream substitute. You may use 1 cup of heavy cream in place of 1 cup of coconut cream, for example. There’s no way around it: this dish tastes the same as coconut cream.

Evaporated Milk

Evaporated milk is another product that you may get on the market. The major distinction between evaporated milk and ordinary milk is that the evaporated milk goes through a process of removing a substantial amount of liquid while retaining more milk proteins. That’s why it’s thicker than other milk. It’s also sweeter, so I usually do this when baking desserts. 

If you prefer it concentrated and sweet, consider using condensed milk. I prefer evaporated milk because it is less sweet and creamier than cow’s milk. Because it’s not overly sweet, I like using evaporated milk of Nestle. It’s great for preparing oatmeal, porridge toppings, and bread pudding. The syrup is a little too sweet, so you might like to lower the sugar content.

Over 1 cup of cocoa cream, use half a cup of evaporated milk. That’s because evaporated milk is slightly thicker and sweeter than cocoa cream. You don’t need to use as much as most people think to enhance the flavor and sweetness of the dessert. However, if you want it to be sweeter, add another ¼ cup but don’t substitute the 1:1 ratio.

Whole Milk as coconut cream substitute

No worries if you just have whole milk in the fridge when all else fails. It’s not as hard to make work as you’d think. Milk is fantastic with both sweet and savory dishes. It’s the most adaptable and versatile option on our list.

For example, when making curries, I occasionally use milk because I’m stuck with what I’ve got. However, keep in mind that if the milk is not thick, the curry sauce might be too runny. To get rid of the runny consistency, I add 2 teaspoons of flour and 1 cup of milk to thicken it up. Now, when I feel like being a jerk, I just think about my grandmother’s perfume.

You can use a cup of whole milk to replace a cup of coconut cream, plus flour in your recipes. This is similar to making evaporated milk in a pan. You may use it to make stews and soups more creamy, as well as baked dishes that require coconut cream.

Low Fat Yogurt as coconut cream substitute

Low-fat yogurt is one of the healthiest options available. I used to believe that yogurt was only suitable for desserts or breakfast bowls. But I was mistaken. It’s also excellent for dishes like curries and lamb stews, as well as salty or spicy options such as cheese fondue or fish tortillas. 

I ended up putting it to good use with the majority of my meals since it used to make the dish more delicious and creamy. To thicken the sauce, try using plain yogurt instead of sweetened varieties. It’s a natural thickener that replaces cornstarch or other thickening chemicals.

I suggest using a half cup of yogurt rather than a whole cup of coconut cream since yogurt is fuller in the body than coconut cream. It makes it easy to cook a huge saucepan of curry. This may be used for 2 pounds of meat curry having vegetables in it, producing the finest result possible, especially in terms of consistency.


Almond Milk

We can’t finish the list without discussing a good plant-based coconut cream substitute, which is a must-have in any vegan’s or health-conscious person’s pantry. If you don’t have coconut cream, almond milk is the safest option or any other nut-based milk. You may easily prepare your at-home version with almonds, and water using a blender. It’s straightforward to do.

However, for practical reasons, I strongly advise using Silk Organic Almond Milk. It’s critical to go for organic kinds so you don’t ingest any chemicals. Almond milk is becoming more popular among people who can’t eat dairy products because of allergies or dietary restrictions. This is a wonderful choice for sweet foods as well as savory meals.

Because almond milk is thinner in texture than coconut cream, I recommend using the same method as whole milk. In a saucepan, combine 2 teaspoons of flour and a cup of almond milk.

You may also make a paste of butter and flour, then put some almond milk to it. Allow it to cook until it’s thicker than the original form. To use a cup of almond milk in place of a cup of coconut cream, mix the two and then heat until thick.

Rice Milk

Last but not least, rice milk may be a suitable coconut cream substitute. Now, rice milk has a distinct flavor from almond milk in many shops. For most individuals, it’s often more difficult to maintain a healthy and balanced diet than ever before. This is especially true in this generation when people are looking into their diets more closely.

You may make your eco-friendly milk at home, too. To create milk, you’ll only need cooked rice, fruits or nuts, water, and a blender. It’s a more environmentally friendly alternative to store-bought Nutella, and it tastes much better. You can choose either to make it sweeter or thicker than the commercial variety. If you don’t have time to prepare your rice milk, go with the ready-made variety.

For replacing a cup of coconut cream, simply put a cup of rice milk in place of your usual milk. You can use rice milk in place of cow’s milk in both savory and sweet preparations. I use it to make bread pudding, rice puddings, cookies, and other baked items that incorporate coconut cream. It’s good for you and simple to prepare.

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