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Advice On The Best Deep Fryers For Home Use

deep-fryers-home-use[Updated 1 June 2020]If you’ve landed here looking for advice on the best deep fryer for home use and the safety issues associated with deep frying food, then do read on – I’ve been right there standing in your shoes. I won’t be telling you what to buy but I will tell you the pros and cons of what’s out there right now, what’s selling well and what a whole diverse group of people is using.

Making the decision to get a deep fryer for use at home was a big one for me. I had a run in with a kettle full of boiling water – my fault entirely – but the kettle definitely won!

As you can imagine it made me (and still does) very cautious with anything which has the potential to burn – and these deep fat fryers surely can do that.

In fact, you’ll find some sound safety tips on using deep fat fryers on the Butterball turkey fryer post so go ahead and read that too – common sense in safety wins out every time.

However, frankly as with the kettle, had I been thinking not daydreaming, it wouldn’t have happened in the first place – and ditto just about every accident in the kitchen anywhere – including with fryers, so we took the plunge and got one, but only after a heck of a lot of reading and asking questions.

Regular reader will know I’m a teacher and often call on colleagues to find out what they use, especially the food technology team who really do know their onions from their shallots and how to cook them.

Mostly what’s in this post has come directly from them and is solid information, other comments and opinions are from people who have and use the product – plus some truly boring reading of reviews!

Cuisinart CDF-100 Compact 1.1-Liter Deep Fryer, Brushed Stainless Steel

Having just said typically reviews are from colleagues, this one for the Cuisinart CDF-100 Compact 1.1-Liter Deep Fryer in brushed stainless steel is from my sister, who believe it or not read this post in draft form (which didn’t include this Cuisinart originally), she was looking for a compact deep fryer rather than a bigger family sized one.

Cuisinart-Compact-Deep-Fryer-300x217Like me, she already has a Masterbuilt Butterball for whole chickens and it will take up to a 14lb turkey, but it’s big alright and takes time to heat up for small batches like lunch for two. Fay liked the look of it, liked the reviews and went and bought it anyway! So here are her thoughts;

Very easy to use and clean, this Cuisinart Compact Fryer is robustly engineered and feels solid in use. It takes a maximum of 1 liter of oil and will happily fry up to about 3/4lb of food depending on what you have in mind – breaded mushrooms are bulky at 3/4lb for example and better fried in two batches.

There is a super safety addition in the form of an electric magnetic cord fixing as the Apple notebooks use – some users complain it falls off if you move the fryer (well what on earth are you doing moving a fryer full of boiling oil) this safety feature is provided for those who don’t obey instructions and will probably prevent an accident – it stops it snagging on the cord if you do move it, then slopping boiling oil everywhere.

It reaches a maximum temperature of 375F which if it genuinely gets there, is hot enough for most food types – and this one does. The lid is always an important safety feature and this one fits well – tight up against the top and basket thus no oil leaking out or splashing as your food fries.

Downside: The Cuisinart is small – it’s designed to be and leaves a small footprint on the counter which is a definite plus. But if you want to cook for a big family or dinner party you will need to do it in batches and keep the cooked food hot in the oven.

Highly recommended as a great buy compact deep fryer for use at home.


T-fal FR7008002

T-fal-Ultimate-EZ-Clean-Deep-Fryer-300x300This model the T-fal Ultimate EZ Clean 3.3-Litre Deep Fryer is much bigger than the Cuisinart and can take a generous 3 liters of oil, though the reviewer has never needed to fill to the max and reports when cooking, oil has never come close to the top or looked remotely like splashing over.

He bought it mainly because it has a neat oil storage system beneath it which doubles as a clever drainage system for oil changes – do remember the capacity of the oil chamber is bigger than the storage pot, not great design forethought and one or two people report draining oil everywhere – Beware.

Other than that a really good all-round family-sized deep fat fryer which has some good features like dishwasher safe parts (though I’d advise hand washing if you want it to last) and is safe to use.


DeLonghi D677UX 2-1/5-Pound-Capacity Deep Fryer

DeLonghi-D677-Deep-Fryer-298x300A colleague drew attention to this because she bought one and sent it back. I would never knock a product and of course, this could have been a one-off manufacturing defect…

Advertised as having a cool to touch exterior, she couldn’t get the interior hot enough to fry properly, in fact, she couldn’t coax the oil above 355 degrees and made a rude face when asked how the heat recovered after adding food. If you know different, let me know?


Presto 06006 Kitchen Kettle Multi-Cooker/Steamer

Now, this is popular with a lot of people – word spreads in a school staff room and all sorts of staff including admin came to tell me about it.

Presto-06006-Kitchen-Kettle-Multi-Cooker-Steamer-300x243The Presto Kitchen Kettle Multi-Cooker/Steamer is a hot favorite and apparently, it really is all singing and all dancing for versatility and safety.

They report cooking everything from breaded crab-cakes to tempura prawns and it apparently makes awesome fat chunky fries.

The fryers design is round, not rectangular which is economical with space. The basket is manually lowered into the hot fat or boiling water and when cooking is done it snaps onto the edge of the cooker/fryer for easy draining.

As with the Cuisinart above, this one also has a magnetic break off the electric cord to keep the appliance from jerking or tipping when the cord is pulled on by accident –

Can I just repeat, why would you move it with boiling oil inside that could slop over – my advice is let it cool then move it and shut small children out of the kitchen or into a bouncy chair from which there is no escape, before heating oil up.

You can cook pretty much anything in it and apparently it doubles up nicely as a wok – I can see how that would work.

You can fry enough food in one batch to feed four hungry people or six who watch their weight – not my words I swear! Not one of about eleven people had a bad word to say about this Presto and it got the thumbs up 5-star rating from everyone who approached me.


Presto 05420 FryDaddy Deep Fryer

Another hit with folks, this time from food technology, is the Presto 05420 Presto 05420 FryDaddy Electric Deep Fryer which from they get a 5-star rating for popcorn and fries.

Best Deep Fryers Home Use - Presto-05420-FryDaddy-Deep-Fryer-300x220This one differs in there is no basket to lower or clean, the food gets put right in the pot and is removed using a special scoop which is provided. There is a safety thermostatic cut-out as well as good temperature and pre-heating control.

All the interior is coated with non-stick which is a blessing and it’s the only downfall after a year or two of use because the non-stick surface begins to come off at which point the pan is no good anymore.

In truth with heat stretching and contracting the metal and its non-stick coat, it’s a wonder this model lasts as long and for the price, you can replace three of these for the cost of a more professional larger fryer.

And that about concludes all the best deep fryers home use reviews, as more come up, they’ll get added.

However, these are the models currently being used by regular folk and not one reported any issues with fires, but they have reported alarming breakouts of delicious home cooked fries! Look, if you’re still worried, why not have a read of this government advice on deep fryer use and safety – it’s a pdf so you can download and keep it.

Clearly, there are many more brands and models than included here and there are some basics to look for, like a well-fitting lid – I like one that lifts right off and isn’t attached, but that’s a personal thing. You also want a good filter that doesn’t need cleaning each time you use it and which cuts the hot fat smell down.

The link just below will take you to a list of the best selling deep fryers at Amazon today, where you can compare prices and features, it may include some of those above but will also vary, depending on what’s popular.

Hopefully, you’ve found some useful hints and tips here, but if you still have questions drop them below or on the contact page and I’ll be right back to you.

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