Easy Homemade Dog Treats

Easy Homemade Dog Treats From Bake-A-Bone

[Updated 1 June 2020]Being adventurous with gadgets in the kitchen and a dog lover meant it was inevitable I’d look for a way to make tasty, easy homemade dog treats – and at the time with two retired greyhounds who were hell-bent on making up for a lost time in the treat department, it seemed like a good buy.

Easy-Homemade-Dog-TreatsWe, dog lovers, are passionate about our pets, who are one of the family and we get enormous almost immeasurable pleasure in giving our pets treats and toys – I know, but I’ll never apologize for it either. However, buying dog treats and biscuits for two big dogs was taking a bunch of money which, to be honest, was getting out of control.

These Lil’ gadgets must have been based on pop cake makers, the only difference is a dog bone shaped baking pan, other than that they are the same product – so not much new technology to go wrong and like pop cake bakers, you can safely let unsupervised older kids use them – I mean next room unsupervised by the way, not out for the day come-back-to-smoking-rubble unsupervised okay?

In case you were thinking this takes a lot of time, it doesn’t and you can whip up several batches from one mix making it pretty efficient – dogs will be irresistibly drawn to the kitchen!

There aren’t many home bone dog biscuit bakers on the market – two plus a dog treat dehydrator, which if you have a food dehydrator anyway, is superfluous for obvious reasons!

The two in question are the Bake A Bone (just love the name…) pictured above right, which is the one I have.

There is another, more suited perhaps to smaller dogs – you can bake homemade cat treats in it too. Called the Dog Treat Maker and made by BBB,  the appliance itself bakes four different sized and shaped dog biscuits, two medium plus two small ones. It also has a sort of decorating kit for home-baked dog snacks – you can ice these you know!

Dog-Treat-Maker-Decorating-KitThe Dog Treat Maker & Decorating Kit conveniently includes several different shaped biscuit cutters for good measure – the major gripe with this model seems to be the size of the finished product – much smaller it seems than folk was expecting. My idea was to get some bags of the biscuit treat mix in for use when too busy to make up my own, plus a recipe book to try different treat recipes when there was a bit of time. This has worked out really well, not least because the dogs both loved the Sizzling Bacon and Triple Peanut Butter Mix from Bake-A-Bone, mostly though I or the kids use a recipe.

The mixes don’t work out cheap per bone, but you can make each batch go several bones further by adding one cup of oats and one cup of whole wheat flour (two cups of oats if your pet is gluten sensitive). I add one beaten egg and about a tablespoon of extra water or stock – but homemade stock – there’s too much salt in commercially made products. It stretches the mix several bones further – I often add a spoon of cooked finely chopped bacon bits if available.

Easy To Use Easy To Clean

There really isn’t a lot to say about the appliance itself other than its very simple to use and works great. The treats bake in minutes, though they don’t come out really crunchy. Generally, I make a batch and then pop them in the halogen oven to bake really crisp.

The biscuits have never stuck, but I always wipe lightly with oil then dust with flour so I’d be surprised if they did. The treat makers cooking surface has lasted well and shown little if any signs of wear – and believe me it has seen some mammoth bone baking sessions. To be honest, most times I acquire something like this on a semi-impulse it leads to disappointment in a cheaply made product and a swift return, but absolutely not this time.

The recipes I use most come from The Ultimate Dog Treat Cookbook by Liz Palika and I’m very happy to recommend it.

Another recipe book which includes funky shaped cookie cutters for those who want to oven bake from scratch makes an excellent gift for a dog-loving friend – and their best friend of course! Called You Bake ‘em Dog Biscuits by Janine Adams, there are some great recipes and ideas here.

Dogs and cats with allergies are usually very restricted in what they can have, gluten is a common ingredient banished from their diet. When you make your own pet treats, any forbidden ingredients can be left out or swopped and you are sure of exactly what you are giving your best friend. For example dogs with wheat, sensitivity can usually have spelt flour and oats – if allergic to beef, use chicken stock or water.

Easy Homemade Dog Treats Make Great Gifts

Sadly now after decades of always having two dogs, we’re left with one – you’d think production would fall, wouldn’t you?

Nope, these go down so well at school fundraisers and other good causes where the kids need to take something to sell, the machine is rarely on the shelf for long and even better, I only have to supervise. Of course, there’s also a resident tester pictured right, to act as quality control!

It’s funny how when you look at your group of immediate close friends, how many have the same interests, like-minded people must be drawn to each other by some mysterious compass reading. Other than that I cannot account for why almost every friend has a pet – nor why we instinctively include those pets when exchanging gifts in the holiday season.

Buying Christmas presents for pets is big business but I prefer a more personal touch and make them – healthy homemade dog treats packaged up in festive paper are always very well received. Making up a big batch of biscuits can easily be done in an evening, including the wrapping and ribbons for several parcels.

Makeup Bags For Fund-Raisers

For gifts and good causes, variety packs go down well and usually sell out quickly – no competition, everyone else brought cupcakes! Make up the mix for several flavors and bake the whole lot, different sizes too. If using a base recipe, it’s easy to add different tastes so you can make up variety of bags for gifts or fundraisers.

For dog lovers, fresh easy homemade dog treats that can be more or less made to order, to your own recipe, are a great idea and very economic – provided you leave the ready mix bags alone or pad them out with oats, etc. The Bake-A-Bone is well made and does the job intended very well, getting 5 stars from me anyway.


Want recipes and more ideas? I love the Cesar’s Way site – so try this link for more dog treat ideas.

If you have any questions or have a dog biscuit maker recipe you’d care to share, drop a comment below and I’ll get back to you with a day, usually faster.

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