Granulated Onion vs. Onion Powder: Are They The Same?

What’s not to love about a little zing to your mashed potato? What can complement it more than onions? Moreover, granulated onion vs onion powder may make our cooking a lot easier. It also helps to keep the fresh onions’ taste intact. Although, they have a distinct taste, and it’s all too easy to get confused about when to utilize which.

What are the distinctions between onion granules and onion powder?

The size and texture of particles and amount of flavor onion granules and onion powder impart to a dish are the primary distinctions between them. They both may be utilized interchangeably. The quantity utilized, on the other hand, is not the same.

In a nutshell, here are the distinctions between granulated and powdered onions. If you’d like to learn more about the distinctions in further detail, please continue reading.

A Simple Comparison Between Onion Granules and Onion Powder

How can two onion granules make such a huge difference, you might be wondering. Yes! Because of their flavor addition, particle size, use of quantity, texture, and many more factors. It also contains a slew of features that allow you to distinguish between the two most common cooking ingredients. Take a look at their comparison.

Granulated Onion Powdered Onion
Particles are bigger as compared to powder, coarse The particle size is so small that it resembles dust
Doesn’t enhance the texture of the dish Adds texture to a dish
You will require a large amount to add flavor A little is enough to add a lot of flavors
Granulated onion provide a weak flavor The powdered opinion provides a strong flavor
Freshly chopped onions are used to make granules Dehydrated onions are used to make powder

Granulated Onion vs. Onion Powder: A Face-off

We all desire the pungent taste, no matter what we’re making for lunch. Adding a little onion powder to your dish will give it an oniony flavor. While granulated onions are used to replicate the flavor of freshly cut onions. Granules may be used in any recipes which need onion and so maybe substituted witdih them.

Other than flavor, the major distinctions between granulated onion and powdered onion are as follows. grilled cheese is not the same as toasted cheese. 

It’s not as simple as adding any of the two to your meal, I assure you. The characteristics that distinguish them are listed below. 



The availability of granulated and powdered onions is determined by location and nation! Because not all nations require granulated and powdered onions in their recipes. However, onion powder and granules are usually thought of as kitchen essentials!

The most frequently requested of the two is onion powder. They can be found in all department stores and on the internet. Different onion powders are available depending on their type. You should ensure that you get the one that is appropriate for your needs.

The demand for onion granules is low, but they are nevertheless accessible. Many individuals at home use a grinder to produce them. The onion is simply ground after it has been dehydrated. Granules made at home are comparable in texture to those sold in stores.


That’s correct! They do not come at the same price. 

Onion granules and powder differ in price by a few dollars. Onion powder and granules are unlike any other spice. They’re a viable substitute for onion in any recipe. As a result, they are subjected to numerous requirements in the market.

The manufacturing process for onion granules and onion powders is quite different. Dehydrated onions are crushed into fine flowing particles and used to make onion powder. Many anticaking agents/additives are included due to the hygroscopic nature of powders.

While onion granules are produced from dehydrated onions. There are no additional chemicals added to it. Furthermore, the particles aren’t as finely crushed.

The price of onion powder ranges from 8.40 to 12.81 US Dollars, on average. Granulated onion costs an average of 12.81 US Dollars, in contrast to onion powder, which is around 8.40 US Dollars. Per gram, the price of gold bullion is higher. That’s because a 10% premium was added to the metal content of these bars as compared to those produced in previous years.

Types Of Onion

If you work in the culinary world, you’re undoubtedly familiar with onions and how to utilize them. But don’t worry if that’s not the case. There are a lot of different varieties, and knowing which one to use will take some trial and error.

If you like to integrate onions into all of your meals, other than desserts [of course], there’s some good news for you! There is considerable variation in onion powder from one onion to the next.

A standard onion is used to create onion powders. The different onions include 

  • Spring Onion
  • Vidalia Onion
  • Yellow Onion

Every onion has a distinct flavor profile to our meals. The action of the onion powder is not all that different. Sweet and delicate is the flavor of your dish if you use onion powder. Onion powder from Vidalia onions, on the other hand, includes a fresh and sweet taste to your meal. Yellow onion powder is renowned for being smooth and delicious.

You can avail of onion powders in a variety of flavors, but onion granules are generally produced from white onions. As a result, they have little variation.

Size of the particle

As you may recall, onion powders and granules have different qualities. Onion powders are smoother than onion granules and contain a finer grind.

The onion granule’s particle size, on the other hand, is greater than that of the onion powder. Because onion dust has been finely ground to a powder-like form.

While onion granules are crushed coarsely. The particle size is not like dust. Rather, particles are bigger and unevenly ground. When cooking, the size of onion powder and granules has a significant impact. Smaller particles dissolve rapidly. The tastes, as well as their degree of concentration, are determined by the particle size.

The major distinction between onion granules and onion powder is the particle size. The only way to tell the two apart is based on their particle size!

You can now relax!

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