Guaranteed Food Free Phone With The Lug Beanie Chair

Guaranteed Food Free Phone With The Lug Beanie Chair

lug-beanie-chair-[Updated 1 June 2020]Have you seen these unbelievably simple iPod and mobile phone holders yet?  Absolutely perfect in the kitchen, garden or bathroom or anywhere you want to safely prop up a phone, the Lug Beanie chair is a cute purse sized bean bag which holds mobiles and iPods safely upright – at a pinch these double as small tablet bean bag holders, depending on the size of the tablet.

So how the heck did tablet bean bag holders get into a blog about gadgets for the kitchen? These weren’t the result of a kitchen gadgets hunting session at all. To cut a long story about reward systems in schools the kids get tickets for excellent work which get entered into a draw – the more tickets the better the chances of winning.

Runner-up prizes are somewhat less in value and I was asked to find a variety of cheap cheerful and useful items kids would like to get. It doesn’t have to be educational, but useful at least.

Well, they’ve all got mobile phones so that seemed a good place to start, and it was. Now, these are really popular I’ve discovered, certainly my kids now want one so I’ve gone and ordered one each, mine in the grass green above plus one for the dog. She doesn’t have a mobile but will steal someone’s Beanie Chair unless she has one of her own!

Use As Small Tablet Bean Bag Holders

tablet-bean-bag-holdersThere is nowhere safe in my kitchen to put down the phone, iPod or tablet, which is a pain because recipes are easy to read and follow on a tablet and if like me you spend a lot of time secreted away cooking, you want the phone handy. Ditto soaking in the bath talking to friends.

It’s inevitable that as soon as the hands get into flour and water, the phone rings, that’ll be the phone in your back pocket of jeans which after Christmas often fit a little too well in my case anyway.

By the time you’ve answered it you and everything you touched is covered in very sticky off the white goo. Still, could have been goose fat…

I lost a really expensive mobile which didn’t so much slip as take a running jump out of my hands and into a bowl of partially skinned tomatoes submerged by boiling water – there are some things you don’t try to save!

Yet another slid out of greasy hands a couple of years ago and smashed to bits on the floor – they don’t all bounce it seems. Ironically if I’d ventured into the world of kitchen comfort mats at that time, it might have survived the drop.

Since the last one got killed in the kitchen I’ve had the mobile propped up in an empty plant pot, not very chic and it has scratched the phone, though kept it away from tomatoes.

Completely by accident, I’ve just found a really cheap, washable, cute solution and I thought you might like it too.

Prices Vary So Take Care

By the way, they vary in price from about $8 to $14 depending on color and the seller. I bought from Lug, but otherwise keep an eye on the price because you can pay more for the same product in the same color, from a different seller.

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