Healthy Fun Snacks For Kids

Cool Ideas To Get Them Eating More Fruit

healthy-fun-snacks-for-kids-2[Updated 1 June 2020]One of the questions I get a lot of emails about is how to get kids eating more fruit and other healthy snacks, which is something I used to struggle with – making them ‘fun’ snacks was the issue.

Actually, with some cheap popsicle molds and an inexpensive frozen treat maker, healthy fun snacks for kids are easier both to make and to sell to them than you think.

Steering youngsters off ice cream and onto something a bit less loaded with sugar was the worst and on hot summer days, easier to give in – let’s be honest a piece of chilled or even frozen fruit isn’t what they’ve been conditioned by commercials on TV to eat.

And as for eating plain raw fruit – “Eww” was a common response, accompanied by the wrinkled nose only kids can do properly.

It was probably – actually almost certainly my fault for not snacking on bits of fruit enough when they were little and not persisting long enough when introducing new flavors, again easier to give up and try again later – only it isn’t!

There are a plethora of ideas and suggestions for healthy eating for kids on parenting sites, all about how you should go about doing this from baby through toddler. But go looking for help when you didn’t do it and now have to make changes because they haven’t grown out of it, well, there’s not much advice and none that worked for me.

Only at a friend’s barbeque did the solution jump up and hit us – frozen fruit in a more palatable form and served like ice cream. The hosts had a Yonanas Treat Maker (click the link to read the post) and were busy with a chill box full of frozen fruit which was being relentlessly processed through and out the bottom as creamy fruit ice.

And do you know what? Kids were queuing up for it then going back for more. Hubby and I watched with all the cynical disbelief that comes with knowing your own kids until they did the same – at that instant it was game over!

These Are Also Great Diabetic Snacks

Never mind the kids, my husband’s diabetic and this is a dream come true for low sugar desserts. I can’t remember but I think one of us got on mobile and ordered one whilst teeth were still skinning a succulent rib. Truly these fruit treat makers changing his whole mindset, he hadn’t been on insulin very long and was not enjoying a no sugar diet one bit, I’d go so far as to say he was depressed.

Using an iced treat maker, making fruit pops and being inventive with the snow machine has made a pivotal difference to the way he’s coping with no sticky sweet cakes or ice cream. Alongside diabetic jams and specially made cookies, this has made a real difference to a sugar fasting foodie. You can read more about diabetic jams and cookies here on a post about healthy diabetic gifts for foodies.

Popsicles For Picky Eaters

healthy-frozen-food-snacksHealthy frozen food snacks like this get even the pickiest eater wanting more and the kids don’t even mention ice cream now.

In fact, with my kids, having frozen ices like this has extended their taste buds, fruit salad as a dessert doesn’t get most of it picked out and left anymore – which is a mind-boggling step forward.

Having seen these frozen fruit ice pops made with just sliced fruit and lemonade in a magazine I had a go at a homemade version, which after experimenting a bit, has been a huge hit.

There are some tips to make them work better than they otherwise might though, so keep these in mind as you stuff the molds.

  • Give kids a plate or towel, the small the child the bigger the towel…
  • Keep the chunks about the size of half a medium strawberry as shown
  • Bigger is better, small pieces tend to fall out and off as the popsicle is being eaten, hence the advice above.
  • Good advice is not to use diet lemonade – as soon as they came out and started to warm they collapsed – sugar is needed to give the freezing process some oomph.
  • Home squeezed cloudy lemonade works great as a filler around fruit as does fresh coconut milk if you can get it – try it with just orange segments, it really is divine. For adults add a little Malibu or other liqueur you like.

How To Make Fruit Popsicles

Right now it’s so cold outside that nothing much is moving that doesn’t have to, so are these as popular in winter as summer? Yep, no fall off in requests for iced fruit treats, though the popsicles don’t taste as good with winter bought fruit, if you know what I mean.

If you have a baby or toddler you might find this free guide to good eating habits for kids worth a read, lots of good advice which if I’d followed all those years ago…

But the best advice I can offer you for kids of any age and folk suffering from diabetes is to go read the post and reviews on Yonanas Frozen Treat Makers, there are several models to choose from and other brands as well. When it came to getting kids eating fruit these were an awesome and unexpected solution, which also sorted out one unhappy diabetic cravings too. Result!

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