Make A Quick Breakfast With This Mini Pancakes Recipe

Mini Pancakes

Mini Pancakes are light, fluffy, and delicious! These quick-and-easy breakfast treats get their golden hue from a combination of vanilla extract & sugar. Top them off with crushed powdered sugared buttery goodness before diving into your favorite toppings like strawberries or bananas if you’re looking for something sweet while spicy links will give it an extra kick in both flavor AND temperature!. You can also serve up these babies sans extras since they taste perfect just by themselves too. Eat your favorite breakfast food in less than 5 minutes with these fluffy pancakes. Top them off any way you like— maple syrup, berries, and chocolate chips are just some of the possibilities!

These mini pancakes are the perfect size to serve up at your next dinner party or family gathering. This recipe makes about 24 servings, which can be easily doubled if you need an abundance of these delicious treats! Leftover cooked breakfast foods such as this tasty pancake delight should always stay fresh in the fridge for 2 full days under very cool conditions (35-40 degrees Fahrenheit). 

Benefits Of Pancakes

Gives you carbohydrate

It’s no secret that eating a plate of pancakes means getting plenty of carbs. That’s why we love ‘em, right? And since carbohydrates are your body’s preferred source of fuel, they also provide energy in the form needed by our tired muscles at day end. Serving size on buttermilk pancake has 38 grams total while whole wheat contains 30– so if you want more bang-for-your-buck with less weight then opt for mini pancakes.

It Gives You Iron

Iron is an important mineral that you need to consume every day. Whole wheat pancakes have about 3 milligrams of iron while buttermilk contains almost 2 mg/g – this makes them a great choice for those who want more than just starch in their diet! The energizing properties make it easily digestible and perfect before a workout or as part of your breakfast meal plan.

Gives You Calcium

You might not necessarily think of pancakes as a bone-building food, but they’re a surprisingly good source of calcium. A serving whole wheat pancake has about 250 milligrams while buttermilk has 180 which amounts to 18% on your daily needs! It also helps with nerve function and muscle activity – not only does this keep you strong all over but it’s helpful if someone in the family suffers from any type of heart problems too because now there’s even more reason why these delicious stacks should be carved into their breakfast menu every morning.

Tools To Make Mini Pancakes

The tools to have on hand for this recipe are a mixing bowl, fork or whisk, and measuring cups + spoons. The key ingredients in making pancakes are eggs which you will whip up with pancake batter using your blender (or food processor) before pouring it into the pan! I recommend investing some money into buying an electric one if possible because they’re easier than trying to do all of these steps by hand… But anything works well enough as long-term investments like spatulas can come back over time when purchased new equipment that might break during.


  • All-Purpose Flour – Very versatile flour perfect for making pancakes
  • whole milk in this recipe, but you can also use 2% or almond milk if preferred!
  • Butter – Salted or Unsalted both work great here too.
  • Baking Powder helps create a lighter and fluffier pancake flavor with its leavening properties when combined properly among other ingredients
  • White granulated sugar will help sweeten up your breakfast plate without adding unnecessary calories as brown does (but either works!).
  • Eggs are key not just because they’re delicious on their own.


You’ll be amazed at the taste of these tasty mini-pancakes! All you need are some basic ingredients, like flour and baking powder. The secret ingredient is a little bit more though: melted butter mixed with milk or yogurt will give your food that tangy flavor missing from store-bought versions without adding extra sugar into it too much so don’t worry if there’s a little leftover after cooking because we all know how good leftovers can taste when they’re done right!

In addition, we added eggs which help give rise while also providing protein & vitamins A&E.

Flip the pancake over and let cook for another minute or until the bottom is golden. Repeat with remaining batter; serve warm pancakes covered by a clean towel (to keep them hot) containing butter, syrup, and fruit of choice – we recommend blueberries!

Note: To get a nice golden top on your pancakes, don’t oil or butter the pan before cooking. If you have an older non-stick skillet that isn’t as good at retaining heat then lightly brush it with some vegetable/seed-based spray for better results!

Storing Mini Pancakes At Home

Store cooled pancakes in an airtight container or wrap them with paper towels to prevent sticking. Place them directly on top of each other so they don’t get stuck together and stack well before storing at room temperature for up 2-3 days; fridge if you’re going away for longer than that!

How To Preheat Mini Pancakes

The easiest way to heat your fridge or freezer is by reheating pancakes. If you have any that are still pretty Cold, just place them in a skillet for about 30 seconds on each side and they’re good! You can also use the microwave which takes 20 seconds total time depending on how many were originally stored at -25°F (–3 Celsius).

Add The Syrup

We all know that syrup is the perfect complement to your favorite pancake recipe, but did you also realize how much sugar it has? A single tablespoon of maple flavor contains 52 calories and 12 grams of pure sugars. If poured on top at an accident rate, meaning for just 1/4 cup total use throughout the cooking process; then this leads to 216 extra healthy firing ingredients being added automatically without even realizing! That’s bad news–as added artificial sweeteners have been linked directly towards obesity heart disease & Type 2 diabetes. Instead, try using fresh fruit which provides natural sweetness instead.

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