Make Your Day Special With This Nutella Bread Recipe

Nutella bread

This is a delicious treat that’s also great for breakfast or dessert. The nutella bread is so delicious. It only takes 30 minutes to make and you’ll love eating this bread with hazelnuts, chocolate chip cookie dough spread on top! You can find the recipe and prepare this bread so everyone in your family will be happy. This nutella bread will be ready in no time just like our organic bread recipe and sourdough Flatbread

The Nutella hazelnut spread is a popular chocolate-hazelnut flavor that’s been around for some years, but only in the last few months, it has it become an all inclusive cookie/brownie mix with cheesecake flavors too. It’s no wonder why this decadent treat will be tasty.

In our recipe we use the regular dough available at any grocery store near you – making sure there are plenty of chopped up nuts added to make eating more enjoyable.

One good thing about these doughs is that they can be made in different variations. You can make your nutella bread to be savory or sweet with just one stroke of the brush! This bread is beautiful on paper (or plate) and tastes delicious too-a perfect breakfast for any morning appetite readiness.

Shaping The Nutella Bread

After you have doubled the size of your dough, roll it into a large rectangle (16×14 inch) and spread with Nutella. We used my pastry mat to help me get perfect rolls every time! It also has measurements on one side so that there’s no guessing when its done – just follow those lines until they meet up at 16X20 inches or whatever width suits YOUR needs best. These tools are really helpful if want great results without much effort from yourself

Then take your rolling pin and roll up the bread jelly-style. Taking a sharp knife, cut down its lengthwise into two pieces of dough while twisted together at each end so they don’t come loose during baking process! Place this delicious treat into an oiled pan; it’ll be ready to hit 350 degrees oven walloped out in 45 minutes – 1 hour depending on how big you make them (which we recommend because even though these are small little loaves that should really only take 30 minutes).

How To Make Delicious Nutella Bread

The Ingredients

  • milk
  • Sugar
  • Yeast
  • low heat melted butter
  • 1 cup of flour 
  • 2 eggs
  • Hazelnut bread spread
  • Salt


  • You’ll need fresh yeast for this recipe, but if you don’t have any on hand just use 2 teaspoons of active dry instead. The sugar will help activate the candida that’s been sitting in your cupboard since before Christmas!
  • Once activated mix together with lukewarm milk until it starts bubbling around edges then incorporate egg whites and melted butter before transferring onto floured surface where all ingredients should be combined thoroughly by hand until dough has pulled away from sides enough so no pieces are huge or small anymore-about 10 minutes total time including resting period at room temperature after doubling size.
  • To make this delicious, chocolate-covered staple of your childhood dreams you will need: flour; butter (for greasing); Nutella or other spreadable hazelnut paste. Start by rolling out the dough until it’s about 15×12 inches (40×30 cm). 
  • Spread some nutella evenly over one side leaving a clean 1/2 inch border around all edges free so they don’t brown before cooking time!
  • Then carefully roll up each section from bottom edge outward towards center crease then cut off any excess pieces with a sharp knife ready for the next step.
  • You need to brush the bread with whisked eggs and bake for about 15 minutes till it turns brown.

Tips On How To Keep Your Nutella Bread Moist

If you want a nice, moist bread toking on the go then look no further than this recipe. When making your dough be sure not overproof it and keep an eye out for any cracks or bubbles in between coats that could signify underhydration; when using whole grain flour make certain there’s enough variety present so as not too have an overpowering taste from one type of grains but rather balance everything together nicely with fruit flavors like citrus fruits which will greatly improve its moisture retention capacity! Once all these steps have been completed don’t forget—cool completely before slicing into that delicious smelling slice everyone loves.

Proofing dough is an important part of making your favorite baked goods. It allows for the yeast, sugar and water mixture to do its job which in turn makes a protein molecule chain reaction that creates gluten through mechanisms not too different from what happens when manual workers lift weights or athletes stretch before games: they build muscle!

The longer you leave it sit out without covering up (or putting something over), the more liquids will evaporate into vapor state throughout any dry parts within this very moist environment .

More Tips

  • To ensure that your baked goods are perfectly sized, measure flour using one of two methods. For best accuracy you should use a kitchen scale to weigh amounts and then divide by ten since this will give more accurate measurements than just eyeballing it in terms of cups or tablespoons alone.
  • Kneading bread is a time-consuming process, but with the help of your stand mixer and dough hook attachment or even just using hand tools like spoons you can get it done in no time!

To create a variation, you can use the following:

  • Nutella bread is a popular breakfast or dessert choice, but have you ever thought about how to make it more filling? There are many ways that will keep your taste buds excited.
  • If adding chocolate chips into the mix isn’t enough for ya’, try dusting all sides with cinnamon-sugar before popping them in an oven heated at 350 degrees Fahrenheit (176 °C). 
  • For something different trade out hazelnuts for almonds so they too get dusted with some tasty spices like nutmeg and clove powder then top off when done baking.
  • Infused with the flavors of Nutella, coffee is an amazing drink to enjoy on its own or as part of this recipe.
  • Add 1-2 tablespoons for Espresso into your favorite chocolate spread and Experience the tastiness.


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