Quick Easy Toning For Foodies Like Me

When The Jeans Get Tight…

[Updated 1 June 2020]If you’ve come expecting kitchen gadgets or recipes, I’ve gone off-piste a bit today – but still connected to food or the unfortunate effects of too much.

Quick Easy Diet Toning Exercises for Foodies

The winter season with Thanksgiving and Christmas has kept my kitchen gadgets busy and everyone happily fed. However all this hospitality involves cooking and eating which has definitely resulted in a loosening of those once honed upper arms plus an uncomfortable tightening around the waistband of my jeans – some quick easy toning regime had to be found before things got out of hand.

If it were just a few pounds from extra calories well, a few days or even weeks cutting back would be enough, but there’s no denying it muscles need toning too – and no way is a sleeveless summer top revealing these arms (plus horrid little wings) until they’ve been worked on.

Weight and diets are not my strong point and for someone who loves gadgets, I’m clueless about weight loss equipment. Lucky genes and a very active lifestyle plus mostly healthy eating have kept the weight pretty steady for years, seeing the huge amount of options in home exercise paraphernalia was a real shock, I couldn’t even figure out what some of it did.

Foodies Workout Gym Exercise EquipmentA bigger shock was how much money they all cost, space they took up, and the amount of time involved in the recommended program – where the heck do you start? Have you got hours and a barn? Me neither – but eventually I did stumble across something which doesn’t cost a fortune, doesn’t need much time or space and I can exercise in the bedroom or any room I choose.

These quick toning workouts are easy to do, they can be done using special DVD’s or to your choice of upbeat music and most important of all, this has worked. Yep, the jeans already fit again which is fast – only two weeks since the beginning and why I wanted to share with readers who like me are foodies and may also have this post-Christmas predicament.

So what is this small magic flabby muscle fighter? Nothing new, I’d seen them before but never ever thought of using them myself. Kettlebells are my weapon of choice and they are incredibly easy to use.

Now, I’m a complete beginner so I don’t intend to try giving information out about exercises for beginners, nor even any recommendations on DVD’s as I’ve only bought one and that was a gift for my daughter to go with her Kettlebells – bought because mine kept vanishing!

I found all the information needed to get started plus some great advice and ideas at kettlebellexerciseswomen.com  & bestkettlebellworkouts.com– I don’t know the owner at all, but the blog is obviously written by an enthusiast who gives out a lot of really good information got from personally using them  – I know from writing this blog that you can’t just wing it with any sort of gadget or kit, not and keep people reading anyway.

How to Swing a KettlebellThese are easy to use but to get the best effect on burning calories and toning slack muscles you need to follow routines devised by experienced people. My daughter is into circuit training and Kickboxing so from the same site I got a DVD of kickboxing kettlebell exercises for women, which she loves. Me? I’d do myself a nasty injury even thinking about it!

So if like me you’ve rather let things go south in the muscle department, and you’re looking for a quick easy toning system to use at home in a limited time frame which will tone you quickly, these Kettlebells really do the business, my arms and legs look just that bit more shapely and I’m not imagining it.

You can set out to lose weight with these and a vigorous routine of half an hour can burn 200 calories – it burns your darned muscles as well. Does the title say Quick Easy Toning? I lied, it’s quick okay? :-)

What I like about them most is they can be used anywhere even in the kitchen and I feel quite virtuous watching dinner cook, whilst giving the flab a run for its money at the same time. I also think with muscles still on fire, the portion control is more effective too – a reminder not putting fat on is a whole lot easier than taking it off again!

Am I dieting?

No, absolutely not – and I couldn’t give up warm fresh home-baked bread unless life itself depended on it. Cooking in a halogen oven needs no oil to brown anything so that helps, and meat roasted in the home rotisserie has given most of the fat up to the drip tray – one look is enough proof!

With a regular toning regime I can actually stick with, just cutting out all the extras that creep in over the holiday season and slightly smaller portions, plus using the Yonanas frozen fruit ice maker for dessert or having fresh fruit is proving enough to get back in shape.

Now, with all this talk about food, what shall we have for dinner tonight?

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