Silicone Spatulas Heat Resistant And Colorful

Heat Resistant Colorful Silicone Spatulas

[Updated 1 June 2020]As you can see I managed to break yet another spatula this week and while searching around online to replace it, found these, cheap silicone spatulas heat resistant and colorful – all priced at well under $10.

And no, there was absolutely not any unreasonable or inappropriate use of the now tossed out spatula, just a little gentle downward pressure on some delicious maple syrup glazed bacon frying in the pan.

In fact, the darn thing had no excuses at all, it just broke and sent tiny fatty drops spraying everywhere including over me as it snapped – grrr.

* Note to self – buy an apron or stop wearing white when cooking!

Finding the best silicone spatula for the least amount of money became a bit of a game, plus I want something to last and not break at the first hint of pressure being applied – my husband still believes I must do something evil with them and is never slow to remind me of my new muscles from using Kettlebells, a laugh a minute sometimes, my husband.

Deals Are The Diamond Finds

I won’t try and talk this selection of heat resistant spatulas up or down, they are simply very useful to anyone who happens to be looking for one – and because they are part of the add-on program, very inexpensive for the quality you get – these are the hidden gems of Amazon!

Add-on items like these spatulas offer us some really cool bargains on everyday things and if you’re online buying other products, it really is clever to pick up anything you need at a knockdown price.

I do love bright lime green kitchen accessories and these are no exception – I’ve ordered the multi-colored set though, or the whole kitchen is going to look like a forest.

Good quality, heat resistant and very cheap for a set – a lot more durable looking than the crappy one that broke – I’ll post an update when I’ve used them for a month or so.

Norpro Last Drop Spatula

Do you use expensive beauty products? Or maybe you use products like Manuka honey which is really expensive to leave even a scraping in the bottom of the jar.

Well if you want to reach down into pots and effectively clean out the good stuff, a Norpro last drop spatula is exactly what you need. Actually, I already have these and think everyone should know about them, so here they are.

These are probably one of the most invaluable and understated little prodders in the kitchen drawer and I wouldn’t be without several of them.

They can be used for any number of jobs around the kitchen – note the spoon/spatula at one end and the scraper at the other, trust me, nothing is unreachable with one of these. Great for crafts, crab and lobster and (wait for it) cleaning out the dog Kong!

Yes, I have a separate one for the doggie stuff – honest.

Incidentally, if you get one for yourself to use in the kitchen and your partner is one of those people who like making or fixing things, you may as well order two while you’re at it – it will be taken away to the garage or workshop anyway, so plan ahead.

Perfect Pancake Flipper

The last item which caught my eye and got added to the order is this pancake flipper from Joie. With such a wide surface area this looks like a great fried egg flipper as well as using it for pancakes or crepes, besides which it looks cute.

So darn cute in fact I’ve ordered two extra ready for Christmas stockings.

Joie makes a great range of kitchen products and one of the best is the Joie microwave omelet maker – another reliable well received a seasonal gift and great for taking a hot lunch to work.

And I’ve now got enough spatulas in order to last for a few years – I hope!