The Best Automatic Soap Dispenser For The Kitchen

Banish Smelly Soap Drips Forever

the-best-automatic-soap-dispenser-for-the-kitchen[Updated 1 June 2020]I’ve been waiting for years for this, being able to write a review of what I consider to be the best automatic soap dispenser for the kitchen – or anywhere else for that matter. In fact, it’s been a revelation finding one that worked.

Let me just preface this glowing almost loving applause of automatic soap dispensers by saying how much I totally loathe liquid soap drips and cleaning them up.

They are smelly, slimy repugnant dregs and okay, I’ve just got a thing about them.

All our cheap plastic soap containers are pump action and they sit in sauces to catch the inevitable drips but someone has to clean them out and that someone’s flesh crawls every time, meaning they don’t get done often enough which makes the whole revolting process even worse. Ugh, just ugh!

Now sensor operated hands-free soap dispensers have been around for a while and (being gadgets crazy) several years ago I well remember buying the best automatic soap dispenser I could afford at the time. For about a week though I’d won the lottery, In fact, I ordered two more and then within another week, the first one started to drip.

I cleaned it, was using the recommended liquid soap in it, pleaded with it. It still dripped so back it went to be promptly replaced – the other two were working fine. To cut it short within a month of use each hands-free soap pump was still working like a dream and delivering a perfect squirt of soap on request, but also dripping a slimy mess so back they all went another brilliant idea which didn’t work out.

I gave up on the luxury of a soap dispenser with a sensor and got the saucers back out until back in the summer last year, my sister ignored all my warnings of dripping disappointments to come, and got one. No, I didn’t hope it would fail, not at all – but I did fully expect it to.

Fay bought the Simplehuman soap dispenser for the kitchen area to match her Simplehuman trash can and another smaller model for the bathroom – she likes matching sets and usually buys Kitchenaid accessories but the trash can is magic so I get why and refrained from the obvious Simplehuman for simple human jokes, just.

no-touch-liquid-soap-dispenserAfter three or four months with no sign of dripping or the spontaneous ejaculation of soap I couldn’t wait any longer and bought exactly the same model, the Simplehuman Sensor Pump with Soap Sample/Lotion Dispenser (13 Ounce Capacity) over two months ago now.

Old habits die hard and even having seen it with my own eyes, before buying I read a whole bunch of reviews and then even more reviews.

It looks as though Simplehuman censored soap dispensers had the same problem on their previous models too – and they still get the odd one returned where the valve doesn’t shut off properly, but on the whole, reviews are good and it looks like they’ve got it sussed.

I’ve waited a few weeks before daring to hope it would keep working and post this, and happily, it has so the time has come to get another for the bathroom – and recommend it to anyone who hates cleaning up soap slime as much as I do!

Must You Use The Simplehuman Soap Refill?

The branded soap Simplehuman make is obviously recommended by them and being so pleased to lose the slime problem, I’ll happily buy it.

simplehuman-soap-refill-215x300The Anti-Bac Soap Refill pictured here is actually very nice soap with a pleasant fragrance, it doesn’t dry your hands out and lasts and incredibly long time because the dispensed soap is a measured dollop, in fact, I’d say overall the soap works out at roughly the same cost overall. There’s also fragrance-free available at the same price.

Humans never like doing what’s suggested do they – it seems some folks have successfully experimented adding a little water to everyday budget soap to thin it and then it’s fine.

Incidentally, I’m not recommending you do that – no, not me, it would get thinned too much and drip…

What Do I Like

It looks sleek which it is and high tech, which it isn’t. The soap is dispensed quickly with no mess and no fuss – and no drips either. There are other several other makers and models of touchless hand soap dispenser on the market but I don’t know anything about them and there are few reviews, other than for the Sloan wall mount soap dispensers.

The wall mount models save space and are popular, but you really need a wall real close to the sink which I don’t have.

Any Room For Improvement?

Well if they tackled the issue of only using their branded soap, no, though I guess they could make a wall mounted version as well. The main thoughts I’ve got are that one revolting cleaning chore is finally gone forever and I couldn’t be more pleased.

Is It The Best Automatic Soap Dispenser For The Kitchen?

Having only tried this and another brand a long time ago, there’s no comparison in how well they work – and I’d be on very dodgy legal grounds pronouncing it the best automatic soap dispenser in the whole wide world when there are far more expensive options which may well be better!

However, this one is awesome and it works – I’m more than happy to recommend Simplehuman products anyway, they are high quality at a good price. The bottom line I guess is whether they work or not and these sure do.

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