The Best Apple Peeler Really Rocks

The Best Apple Peeler? Honest, It’s Not A Toy!

the-best-apple-peeler[Updated 1 June 2020]I know, it doesn’t look like anything that belongs in a kitchen, but this really is the best apple peeler I’ve ever used, and at the price, everyone should get one especially if it encourages them to eat more fruit.

Rare is the day when anything which looks and feels like a child’s toy finds its way into my kitchen cupboards, but this Starfrit Pro-Apple Peeler isn’t just a pretty face, it peels an apple with the precision of a barber giving a wet shave – and it wastes virtually none of the fruit.

It’s funny how this sort of thing gets passed around and begins to catch on. My mom saw one at her friends and ordered one, then brought it triumphantly over to show me.

It took three minutes and I got on to Amazon and ordered one for us and one for my sister – you have to be convinced to get one for my fussy sister – she’s now as besotted as I am by the way.

I’m not going to be able to wax lyrical on this one for long – it’s a plastic apple peeler machine at the end of the day – you plonk the apples on and a spring-loaded arm with the blade on it rests on the apple, you turn the wheel and watch the peel fall off. Simples!

And that really is the beauty of these Starfrit Apple Peelers – they are so simple and easy a child can safely use one as soon as they get old enough to recognize not to touch the blade.

The thought did occur that it might not last very long, I bought a potato chipper made by Startfrit which broke the second time out. I can’t speak to the longevity of these yet, only time and a lot more apples will tell, but they don’t feel as flimsy as they look and the suckered feet hold the apple peeler securely in place – just dampen them a little first and press down firmly.

By the way, when you’ve finished peeling all those juicy apples, try this totally irresistibly delicious recipe for apple cinnamon wedges, a much healthier TV snack than most and every bit as moreish as they look.

Starfrit Apple Peeler Blades are available as spares, though after 100 plus apple mine is showing no signs of needing them yet and is still peeling as tightly as ever.

Electric Apple Peelers By Starfrit

apple-peeler-electric-214x300They also make an electric version pictured right, which I haven’t used or seen used.

However, it boasts the ability to peel potatoes too, which the apple peeler can’t cope with – not if you want a potato left… or maybe mine are just odd shapes, they sure are when the Starfrit apple peeler has finished with them.

This one also looks like a peeler, not a child’s winch.

Having used the apple peeler for a while, I do love it and will be buying a couple more as gifts for close friends. On offer as I write this at under $18 if you’re on the hunt for the best apple peeler you can get without spending a lot, the Starfrit is a lot more professional in action than it’s colorful appearance conveys and I’d recommend giving it a try. was started with the goal of being your go-to kitchen gadget resource. In addition to sharing up-to-date buying guides, product reviews, and how-to articles, we look to share healthy food recipes as well as tips for cleaning and maintenance, gift ideas, and many other useful ideas to decorate your kitchen with minimum effort and price.

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