The Bunn Single Serve Coffee Maker – Pros And Cons

Is Bunn The Best Single Serve Coffee Maker?

the-best-single-serve-coffee-maker[Updated 1 June 2020]Now single serve coffee makers are by their nature more personal than the family brewer, at least mine is – I have two – one at work and the Bunn Single Serve Coffee Maker which Santa kindly delivered a few cold months ago for my home office. By the way, he uses it too.

Either way, whether you’ve already decided you want one and are on a quest to find the best single serve coffee maker available, or whether you are still on the fence and unsure of the advantages and disadvantages of single cup coffee brewers over standard machines – good ones aren’t cheap – you should find enough information here to help.

Before writing a glowing review of the Bunn Single Serve Coffee Maker, I got colleagues with different makers and models to let me try their machine, it seemed only right to test out a few others first.

Quite a lot of us try to limit our coffee intake, so it’s doubly important that when we do have a coffee, it tastes as near perfect as possible, preferably with little or no effort.

bunn-single-serve-coffee-maker-300x285Getting a really good cup of coffee in very little time is an art form, one I have to say not all single cup coffee makers have mastered and just how bitter some machines can make even a good coffee, was a real eye-opener.

Be minded that what I see as strengths like the lack of a water reservoir in the Bunn, you might list as a disadvantage because you want one. As you can see, the Bunn is a simple design with basic features, it just makes extraordinarily good coffee.

You may have guessed I simply adore the coffee coming out the Bunn, I think the water gets hotter and the brew is much stronger and better for it, so for that, I’m happy to overlook one or two design flaws in use.

There’s also a quick run over Cuisinart SS700 coffee makers at the bottom of the post for comparison, and you’ll also find what’s on my wish list. Coffee is a subject a lot of us are passionate about and there’s some great information about the different types of coffee beans at Peets – this guy really knows his stuff – if you get a good coffee maker you’ve gotta get great coffee too.

Bunn My Café Coffee Maker Review

If you’re looking for a single serve coffee brewer which makes gorgeous coffee then the Bunn will delight you, truly it makes one of the best cups of coffee ever with absolutely no bitterness, and does it for every cup.

Simple to use and clever in the design of a drawer system to present your choice of beverage to the water, you can use K-Cups, ground coffee, soft pods and it also accepts tea or coffee bags. And get this, because you can also get plain boiled water, hot chocolate is also on the drinks menu. In fact, if you only have room in your office for a coffee machine or a kettle, this one cup service machine will do the job of both.

Less than half the size of the single cup Cuisinart I keep at work, this Bunn takes up little counter space because there is no reservoir to bulk out the machine, you add what water you need a per cup and are quite safe knowing your drink won’t overflow. The Bunn is super-fast to boil and brew so must have an incredibly efficient heating element.

If you want a second cup, it will be ready almost before you are. The inside chamber is stainless steel so easy clean and totally safe, with no aluminum or plastic to add to the coffee flavor. The warranty by the way, is a generous 24 months.

The Bunn My Café isn’t the quietest in use but isn’t overly noisy either and unless you looking for complete silence it won’t intrude into your space first thing in the morning, but it will always present you with a delicious cup of coffee.

Disadvantages include the fact it is so petite. You are limited to the size of the mug you can get onto the drip tray which obviously restricts how much coffee you get in one hit. The largest mug you can use is just over 4 ¾ inches high, though you can go to 6 ¼ inches if you remove the drip tray and if I want to fill a thermos mug it takes two goes with a small jug. But do you know, the taste of the coffee is worth it and one solution is a short but very fat mug!

Make sure you read the instructions and follow the easy cleaning routines carefully, others who haven’t end up with watery coffee after a couple of months until they cleaned the machine through – a good tip is to use Apple Cider or White Wine Vinegar for cleaning if you want to avoid any vinegar aftertaste.

There is no fancy digital pre-sets on this Bunn My Cafe Coffee Maker, but it does do a pre-wet of the grounds on either regular or pulse mode. Pulse mode is my preferred method to brew coffee with this machine as it seems the delay in brewing gives up a stronger richer drink.

Would I Recommend This To A Friend?

Yes, it makes utterly delicious coffee every time, is easy to clean and has so far proved dead reliable, but because it could have been an inch or two taller to accommodate bigger mugs it gets a star rating of 4.6, not 5.

4.6 / 5 stars

Single Brew Coffee Makers – Are You Still On The Fence?

Cuisinart-SS-700-Single-Serve-Brewing-System-253x300Cuisinart SS700 coffee makers are sleek well-made machines with more features like a water tank, pre-heat and cup size options, with the advantage of being able to get thermos mugs on it for a commute brew. It also has an auto-off feature which we rely on way too much.

Hot water only is available for other beverages like tea and chocolate so again if you only have room for one appliance in a small office or kitchen, this will do two jobs, however, the footprint is bigger than the Bunn My Café by enough to make a difference in a tight slot.

There are quite a few negative reviews on the Cuisinart SS700, mainly centered on and around the motor running to pump water with nothing happening, which in itself isn’t the end, but if it keeps happening the pump will fail even if the motor doesn’t!

A good clean with cider vinegar and the judicious use of cocktail sticks to poke in and up bits that can get blocked have always put the machine right again for three thirsty teachers – however, there is a 3-year warranty and some recognition on the manufacturers part that there are flaws.

The important part of coffee for me is the taste and the Cuisinart does produce a lovely hot cup of coffee, but if a direct comparison of these two single brew coffee makers is made on taste, then the Bunn has it for richness and depth. Why? I really don’t know. I’ve tried the Cuisinart on all the cup size settings to try and get that elusive tang without bitterness, but I can’t and that’s that.

If the Cuisinart broke tomorrow, what would I replace it with?

Breville-Gourmet-Single-Serve-Coffeemaker-with-Iced-Beverage-Function-253x300Glad you asked that!

For work where there’s up to five of us using it periodically, I’ve got my eye on this Breville BKC700XL Gourmet Single-Serve Coffeemaker with comes with an iced drink feature and a not so cool price tag feature!

A colleague has one which I was allowed (under supervision) to use, in my view this is one of the best single serve coffee maker machines on the market, and when it comes on offer I’ll be on it like a wildfire. Whisper quiet and very fast, the coffee tastes awesome and a close run to the Bunn.

Currently the Cuisinart is on offer, so right now today with a massive 60% discount it represents terrific value for money, but personally having tasted coffee from the Breville, there’s no contest.

I hope you found the above discussion has helped you in this very important quest! Like I said, finding the best single serve coffee maker to suit you is a personal thing so take your time, read plenty of reviews and just avoid anything which says ‘bitter’! was started with the goal of being your go-to kitchen gadget resource. In addition to sharing up-to-date buying guides, product reviews, and how-to articles, we look to share healthy food recipes as well as tips for cleaning and maintenance, gift ideas, and many other useful ideas to decorate your kitchen with minimum effort and price.

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